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  • txrx

    Well done indeed! :D


    Really excellent. Nice SFX ;)

  • matthew/mofx

    Amazing stuff. Love the behind the scenes making of also, would of hate to have matched all those frames though.

  • radiant

    Lots of updates lately im loving them.

    this clearly shows talent and originality

  • kram2301

    That's great!
    Really well done :D

  • spacetug


  • ralmon

    Amazing! Incredible! What's there to say? Awesome!

  • keong racun


  • TLOZ

    WOW O.o
    Very impressive!
    I can't find words to describe this ;)
    IT'S JUST A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !!!
    Go, Blender, Go!

    Great work ;)

  • Patrick

    Wow, you weren't kidding. o.O Day = made. Amazing!

  • temudjin

    Simply love it. Was just expecting to see a bit of Blender in the making off. Didn't think it was all made with Blender. Thanks for the links. Next step, I think, tutorials would be great ;)


  • MmAaXx

    wow.... really professional work!!

    well done!

  • mike pan

    Wow, A production that uses Blender AND 5D MkII. Where do I sign up?

  • Benni-chan

    wow, that was really mindblowing awesome!
    liked the making of

  • Nicknamz

    Amazin sfuff, omg!, they match all by hand o_O incredible.

  • 4museman

    Kudos!!! Insanely good work! NOTHING to rebuke.

  • MiikaH

    Just amazing! Without making of -video I'd have a hard time believing it was made in Blender. Very professional quality. *_*

  • Oscar

    Great work! Also, the making of was fantastic and informative!

  • deathguppie

    I'd love to see it now but apparently vimeo has cut off access to their videos for mobile users. I am using a Nexus. One that has flash player built in and still I'm cut off.


  • Dread Knight

    Pretty slick I must say :-)

  • Raub


  • Zainflameworker7

    mind blowing..........i'm simply speechless


    Wow ! Amazing effects ! Very well done. I wouldn't had guessed that the hands were also in CGI at some moments !

  • Chipovan

     ????????????? ????????? ???????, ? ??????? ?? ????????? ???????, ????????? ? ??????? ???????. ??? ??????: ?????? ??????!!!
    Unfortunatly shows only "?" in my browser on any codepage, but this is comment on native language of ad creators. Deistvitelno dobrotnaja reklama, v otlichii ot mogestva podelok, sdelannyx v dorogix paketax. Kak vsegda: talant reshaet!!!

  • Samuel Junior

    Very good. Congratulations!

  • NollieFlipX

    It's really good! And I'm seriously not just saying that because it uses Blender. It was very fun and creative. Congratulations for all the team involved o/

    NollieFlipX - Brasil o/

  • joeri67

    Thats how you do it. Very impressive. Cool story ( pun intended ).

    Nice camera by the way.

  • Thomas

    Awesome! Great concept! Well done!

  • DoubleZ

    Just... awesome :p

  • Brian Lockett

    That was awesome, dude! Not just awesome usage of Blender, but an awesome commercial altogether! Great job!

  • Matt Ebb

    Awesome work guys, very well done!

  • Sim Pern Chong

    Wow X 3

    Simply amazing

  • reyn

    I'm so proud of these guys! Way to go! Keep rocking!

  • iKlsR

    this was awesome... this made my night... its 10pm over here XD
    i love it, watched it several times... then downloaded it :D...

  • kroopson

    Superb quality. Nicely done.

  • Yadovit


    • danw


      • Bart Veldhuizen

        English please!

  • dusty

    Yup!!! Now that was incredible to watch!!!

    Well done!!

  • Rafster

    This is what I think the next Blender Open Movie should be . . . a live action short with all visual effects created in Blender.

    There is NO excuse anymore! It used to be that shooting in 35 mm film was too expensive, but now with the Canon HD cameras there is no excuse!

  • aljosa

    not nice........... professional!
    a nice project in deed.
    a biiiiig THANKS for the behind the scenes video.

  • jamez

    Amazing end result and a very well made making of to boot! These are the kinds of projects that gets Blender taken more seriously by the industry.

    I would love to know how much was composited in Blender, as there is just the one quick shot of the compositing tree in the making of clip. Does anyone know?

  • Darve

    Finally, i was waiting for such a professional use of blender. I always believed that blender its capable of advanced compositing and animation use in motion graphic. I have used blender before for small animation but never like this :). Great work guys, u have proved that u not need to spend 1000$ + for a good 3d animation package. For newbies out there: start using blender professionally, like this guys, leave the monkey alone :). Such work will make a huge impact on blender development. Movies are ok, but 3d software are generally used in motion graphics for vfx.

  • Middlefinger

    That just completely redefined what I thought was possible in Blender. That, was awesome.

  • meltingman

    Soooo Good, (can y speak french?) :-D.

    wooa c'est vrament un travail de qualité, le makinf off est très explicite . je remercie toute l'équipe de réalisation pour ce magnifique montage :-).

    thank's for the wonderfull making off :-).


  • Dillbob

    Wow thats awesome! Great job!

  • Alexander Zubkov

    Hi, everybody!

    Thank you very much for your comments! We even couldn't imagine that you'll like it so! Thank you!

    We will keep using Blender in such way, 'cause it is really great and flexible tool and the only real difference between it and commercial software for us is compatibility, integration with other software (with Vue, for example). We very hope this project will live and grow the way it goes for last four years (really big changes and growing).

    From us I can say that we are just started working on a couple of projects with a lot of CG in live action (yes, 5D Mark II :)) and the main 3D tool will be… Blender. So if this can be interesting for you, keep following the news. :)

    From all of ARt DDs

  • Moolah

    Very cool stuff! :) It's absolutely pleasant that it was made in Blender... not in Max, Maya and etc.

  • claas

    Very good work Alex!

  • jonmike

    Speechless. Beautiful. Clean work. ++ for the making of. Wish to make something like this one of these days.

  • dwayne

    In the words of Jake Sully - "outstanding". Awesome making of too. Wish I knew compositing at that level.

  • Dm7

    Now that's a fine stylized tai chi work of art! The patience and going with the flow with a firm assurance that all is good seem to be the strong theme here in the film and not only that, but behind the creating and composition stage, there too, the virtue of patience screams through!

    Every frame is worth the hard work for this wonderful, freshly clean masterpiece! Quite an effective commercial too. Not too strong or forced at all! Excellent!

  • Carl Erik

    WOW! Now THAT was cool.. :) Very smoothly done! Congratulations..


  • djallalnamri

    especially in hot summer days...

  • Colin Levy

    This is fantastic!

  • Zair

    It is pleasant to look at profissionalnuyu, well-coordinated work. Well done guys!
    I wanted to write in Russian, but your browser does not understand =)

  • Gryphon

    I'm compelled to comment, even though I have nothing to say... I guess I'm speechless. That was sick. Keep up the good work.

  • mrunion

    Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!
    Great! Great! Great!


  • lifeafter2am

    Amazing! I simply don't have any more words than that!!

  • namekuseijin

    so many "can't believe it was made in Blender. Very professional"...

    guess that can't be helped, since professional use of Blender is very rare among its myriads of hobbist use. Of course, not a limitation of Blender, just a consequence of putting a powerful tool available to anyone. Not everyone will buy Maya just to doodle around...

  • Whimsy Collective

    Great execution! Thank you for the behind the screen and breakdown of the shots and storyboard.

    @All I wish to see more companies that are using Blender 3d in their workflow or pipeline. Of course, professional production quality assured.

  • @Omar_Ramirez

    This did make my day! n_n

  • spyboot

    know's anyone the name of the song in the second vid?

  • Alexander Zubkov

    2 spybot: This is not the song. This music was written for this video by Valeria Galchenko.

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