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Physics Fun

By Tagzerz. This video on YouTube has additional information in the subtitles.


  • Cheerios

    Very nice stuff. How was the disintegration/smash setup between the red & blue boxes?

  • MmAaXx


    krakatoa sucks :D

  • mookie

    Awsome work, very impressive!

  • greenboy

    Very nice indeed.

  • flagus

    Really awesome work. You used Blender 2.5? The renders are really great.

  • greenie

    That is amazing.
    Though the last shot was kinda sad. The red robot had so much personality.

  • xyz14

    First water simulation is the best looking water sim made in blender i`ve ever seen :D I also like the part with soft body cubes

  • torksu


    just wow! Looks great!

    Did you render the water scenes with Blender internal? I never seem to get such realism with the Blender internal renderengine :O

    tutorials please ;D

  • Vince

    I'm speechless!

  • Akta

    Fantastic work, this shows the Blender potential at its full power!

  • tntermini

    wow! Finally some high-end physics! Nice!

  • Mitch

    Very cool stuff. Blender and the community continue to amaze me.

  • johnj

    i wonder how much softwares can do that...
    anyway who did it has a lot of ideas!

  • http://[email protected] Satya Meka

    Very Cool..I love the smoke effects and other krakatoa like effects.

  • Jeremiah

    Tagzerz (Jeff Heustis) is a genious when it comes to the Blender physics (particles, water, cloth, etc). He has some other amazing videos in his channel.

  • Radialronnie

    U.N.B.E.L.I.E.V.A.B.L.E! Amazing work there 'Tagzerz'. I wish my pc was strong enough to do half of what you did there!

  • TiPi

    Tutorials needed ^^

  • txrx

    Superb work :)

  • BlendingBriGuy

    In the tech commentary it mentions keeping the render times to under three minutes. What is the trick to getting the non-grainy shadows, just rendering them to a separate layer and applying a uniform blur to that layer? When I increase my shadow samples enough to remove grain noise, the time goes way up.

  • iulian27

    that's amazing :D

  • Jonathan

    Tut please xD, I hate when I try to do water, I can't make it look real... outstanding work

  • Blengineer

    beautiful work, I love the little sphere robots.
    It's great to have this reference vid not only to demonstrate the power of Blender but also to inspire people to continue pushing the envelope.

    lol, the comment about the 38 GB of baked data, that's redonk.

    It sounds like you do really know what you are doing. You should consider doing some video tutorials or showing us where you got your skills.

  • tommy5

    Awesome! Glad to finally see great physics.

  • goldenacorn93

    Wow!!! That is the best physics i've ever seen in Blender!!! How can your computer handle rendering all that?! I can barely render a scene with a small patch of grass on it!

    *smashes processor* ><

  • craig jones

    I really hope this is used as reference for features when 2.6 comes out - very nice examples of the state of affairs in Blender now :)

  • bjornmose

    @ Cheerios
    "How was the disintegration/smash setup between the red & blue boxes?"
    IMHO that was a genius fake:
    Combining the soft body option .. 'Plas' reads tool tip 'permanent deform ' (which is in for a while -> 2.49anyting should do )
    with some particle magic added just in time.
    In that case, I love faking.

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