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David Ward has created a new website,, a central e-learning experience for all of his Blender tutorials, including the Johnny Blender series.  Way to go, David!

Ward writes:

As Paul McCartney did with the Beatles, I'm branching off on my own to see how well I can make it. I'm open to suggestions for tutorials, but just know that there are still some things in Blender that even I don't know how to do :D

Make sure to check out his impressive portfolio website as well!


  • Gerbin

    wooww! this is very nice. great to see people work hard to share this to others. way to go david!

  • goblingal

    Is this site going to help out game developers or is just a fake front? People seem to miss these tuts the most.

  • Senshi

    I'm glad with the site and all, as more and new learning resources are always a good thing, but does this mean you're leaving the BlenderCookie team? =O

  • Marcus

    Nice effort, good layout, but does another tutorial site make sense when we have this database:


    I would prefer putting energy into one good sorted database than have several ones.

  • Iconoclast

    What Marcus said.

  • Auria

    I too think it's a bit weird to have Yet Another Tutorial Website (c). I guess there should be some central, more official website :/

  • OBI_Ron

    Personally I think more is better. You can find tuts for commercial apps all over the place, so having any number of resources for tuts doesn't detract at all.

  • Dave Ward

    thanks for the good response, guys :)

    @goblingal: the game engine is something i'd like to learn more about, myself. so i'll probably make tuts as i go, altho i'm not sure when i'll get to it :p

    @senshi: i'm still with the cookie, but i won't be one of the regular authors. i'll still post from time to time, depending on what they have for me to do.

    @the other guys, don't get me wrong, i'm not trying to become the all-wise, all-powerful wizard of blend. i just want to give people one more place to look.

  • Keith Sogge

    I for one wish you the best Dave. I've been a fan of your stuff since I first saw it on YouTube. You make it fun.

  • Marcus

    btw great paintings in the portfolio!

    For faster overview it would be nice to have little pictures to see the results of the tuts.

  • yoff

    A single place to find all David's tutorials cannot be a bad thing :-)

  • comeinandburn

    I for one thought it was amazing to see you on You compliment the other Blender Masters with your own skills.

    Personally I think Blender needs centralized learning.. we don't need another site to lose/misplace and really as far as presentation, "the Cookie" is about as polished as it gets.

    Don't add more noise into the disjointed world of Blender learning. What the Blender community needs is a one stop high quality source to get behind (and fund with the Citizen program).

    just my 2 cents,

    by the way everything you've shared with the community is amazing and I'm very thankful for it. I just don't think it's a good idea.

  • Patrick Boelens

    Thanks for the reply Dave. I'm not sure if this means you left the team of regulars or that you never really were one, but it's good to know you'll still be around on all fronts! =) I'm looking forward to your next tutorials!
    (A quick PS: Will you still answer questions on your BC tutorials? I was about to go post one xD)

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