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Free 3d Character Models

FreeModelss_Render_comp_v2Kurshad shares three great looking models.

kursad wrote:

I am releasing couple models(that are modeled and rigged in Blender) for free that are licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported” license, which means that you can use it freely in your personal and commercial work. The compressed files include the copy of the licenses.

These works are released as Blender files but you can export them to other formats easily.



  • Oveee

    Nice models!

  • muddymind

    Vampire suzane FTW! :D

  • horace

    very nice models! thanks!

  • saverio

    Thanks!!your models are very nice...

  • fdameronut

    Went to the site and two things annoyed me;

    1. Popups
    2. After about a minute I was redirected to a site that said my system was infected by malware

    I knew the second one was bogus because it listed D: as a local drive. It's a dvd rom on my system.

  • Greg M. Johsnon

    Thanks for putting the license up-front in the blendernation article. It helps. There are a few articles about models that don't have any mention of license in your article or on the artist's web site. I think we should either include the info or not publicize those at all.

  • Jordan Harris

    Great models. Love the scientist. Thanks for releasing these!

    ~ J

  • kursad

    I am glad that people are enjoying these models. DO something with them :)

    @fdameronut: Sorry about the pop up stuff. That was one of the sites with the least annoying download pages. If you know any sharing site that is better please let me know. I can always put on somewhere else too

    @Greg M. Johsnon: I have contemplated between GPL and CC and decided to go with the CC for now which is more adequate for artistic works(mainly because of the wording and emphasis) . But in general I believe that a simple text file with simple release form and copyright-author notice written by the artist himself or herself should be the way to go for free sharable creative content. CC offers very convenient method of sharing content which is great for many things but I think that the artist should take his/her time to create a personalized license in an ideal case :)

    The main benefit of CC or GPL is that they are translated to many languages.



    @kursad file share site? I personally love :)

  • kursad

    Here are the new upload pages

  • Jack RED

    thx for the models :)
    I think i'm gonna use your monkey model :D

  • pixnolve

    Well... I am glad that these are for free...

  • Lendrick


    Would it be cool with you if we archived those on

    Bart K.

  • banor

    nice :)

  • David Edwards

    How do you rotate the head on the monkey rig? cant seem to find a control for it.

  • kursad

    @David Edwards:
    The rig is not complete on the Monkey at all. But you should be able to turn the head. If you want to rotate the head you need to grab the head bone. The neck bones would only bend the neck and they only affect the position of the head not the rotation.

  • jitendra

    he neck bones would only bend the neck and they only affect the position of the head not the rotation.

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