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LuxRender Material Database

luxrend-material-46LuxRender has started a Materials Database from which you can download materials as well as upload you own content to it.  It looks pretty impressive so far. While you are at the LuxRender site check out the gallery too. There are some wonderful Blender LuxRenders  in the exhibit.


  • luke


  • jazzroy

    FOREWORD: i love and use luxrender and top kudos to the developers!

    it's a few months this material library is online, it's growing slowly and half of the shaders are really poor on unrealistic, and that's a big problem for an unbiased rendering engine.

    so, a report like: "let's help the luxrender material library because it's starving!" would be more appropriate...

    obviously i'll upload some materials soon, this library needs the help of all of us.

    i suggest to che maxwell's excellent library for great inspiration.

    i would also mention that Luxrender RC4 is out.

  • hitechboy722

    the road cone probably shouldn't be in the stone section, just the plastics.
    and may I say, The website looks so uber professional I'm struglling to belive it's free!

  • Shiretoko

    Great Database!
    To all LuxRender users, please upload your materials to the site :)
    let's make it a great database !

  • NeptuneKid

    Old news I got to say, and very limited materials.

  • young_voter

    Hope LuxRender is still free after it hits version 1.

  • Shadowbane

    I hate it when people talk about how they hope gpl apps won't go commercial...

    They are GPL, they can charge money only for distribution and support, and can't restrict how you redistribute it with or without changes.
    Honestly people, read the thing

  • noodlesgcx


    Not exactly true. Yes, what is GPL now will always be GPL, but the authors of the code (who are the copyright holders), may at any point change their license (provided any contributors agree to it.).

    For an example of this, look at Nessus. -
    Nessus was originally GPL, and with 3.0, was change to a proprietary license.

    What happened, (and what will happen if LuxRender were to do so), is a GPL fork of the last open-source release.
    (see OpenVAS, the GPL fork of Nessus).

  • Alex Blank

    And let's not forget aboutIndigo...But if a project is a fork of another project (in this case Luxrender being a fork of PBRT), how far could the luxrender team really get towards commercialization since the parent code is (and most likely will ALWAYS) be gpl. And Luxrender 0.6 is already much better (imo) than Indigo 1.09 (the last one I have)...
    Congrats on a great OSS app.

  • FishB8

    @noodlesgcx: That's not really an issue in this case. The code base is a fork of PBRT. Neither the original authors of PBRT or LuxRender have expressed any interest in trying to develop a closed source rendering engine. It would totally kill the development since the whole reason many of the developers contribute is that it is GPLed code.

    Furthermore I think the devs would probably be a little offended since they take great pride in LuxRender being opensource.

  • Minifig

    This is just what I was looking for!

  • ysvry

    if this is all open sourse cant some code wizard produce a blender version with this render included? I hate exporting to other apps.

  • shul

    maybe here I'll get an answer.. where is the scene the material database is based on ?

  • Shiretoko
  • apple fans

    that's great! cool!
    thanks.I searching it by google,just now!

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