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List of free texture sites

Here's an impressive list of 73(!) websites that offer free texture resources. More will be added in the future.

Daniel wrote:

I have created a blog with a list of websites that offer free textures. The list as of right now has 73 links. I will update the list whenever someone comments on the post. Hope this is helpful to the Blender community.

Cool stuff. Thanks Daniel!

PS: Remember to check the license before using a particular texture - some may only be free for personal use, not for professional use.


  • Photoguy

    Oh, I forgot to mention, my Blender Artists nick is "Photoguy"
    (Trying to make it confusing)


  • Malcolm Tredinnick

    Hopefully people remember to check (and record) the exact conditions when they're considering using these sites. It's a nice collection, but "free" means different things. A couple of random checks on those sites showed that they were often "free for non-commercial use" which, for example, restricts the license under which you can release the final work (and other uses you can make of it).

    Given that using Blender for personal fun is a big use-case, this isn't going to be a real restriction for a lot of people, but it does bear noting if you're thinking of doing bigger things with your image.

  • Photoguy

    @Malcom, ok I will add a disclaimer.

  • Bart

    @Malcolm: I added a note, thanks.

  • Kreon

    ok i know its shameless advertising but im using the site "CG textures" fairly often and i must say its my favorite photo texture site. Also the textures are used by professionals like Guerrilla Games (Killzone 2) and the license is very good (free for use in commercial and non-commercial use, no reselling of modified or unmodified textures).
    Only dissadvantege is that the site only allowes 15mb download per day for non members and the ultra-high quality textures (above 1600x1200) are also members only

    The site is also on the list but i think its one of the highest quality photo texture sites out there.
    They even recendly got red paint splashes, making it a great blood texture site *lol*

  • dusty

    Very handy list!!! Thanks a heap! :)

  • hacky

    Sorry, but most of them are not usable, because they are to small!!
    Before I will use such poor textures, I will buy some professional DVDs at 3dtotal or arroway!!!

  • Hessiess

    I know this is off topic. But is BA down again, or is it just me?

  • Joel

    @Hessiess: It's down for me too.

  • Filipe Soares Dilly

    Thank you! :D

  • roofoo

    Does anybody know whatever happened to It's like it disappeared. A shame, I liked it...

  • Alex

    Cool references, thanks.

    Yep, BA is down here too

  • untn

    wow, bookmarking... ;0

  • Agile

    Great! Many thanks!

  • Irene is another one online resource where you can find good collections of seamless textures

  • Textures

    I have a free texture site featuring a fast quick filter function to save you from endlessly browsing categories. Simply type in for example "wall -brick -wood" and it will return all wall textures that are NOT made out of bricks and wood. Have a look:

  • Tim

    Some great free textures here, especially for architectural visualization. Also, they're free to use on commercial projects! - Go here :)

  • lovetextures

    Great site with some large texture files visit, for creative textures visit

  • designer digging this one!

  • Matriax

    Another site to get free graphics (Textures, animations, sprites...) for your personal and commercial projects like games, web templates,etc...

  • Texture sites

    This one is another site for free texture and public domain textures that can be used for commercial use.

  • john

    A new one to be added to the list :
    Free highres textures for personnal or commercial projects. Royalty free.
    Freebies packs each month !
    Membership free but required. Each member can also contribute his own texture to the library !

    Give it a look ! :)

  • Peter Šmid

    good quality, but small, and not much textures...

  • Allan Otieno


    • Bart Veldhuizen

      Did you find it useful?

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