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BGE : Video Texture Player Integration

The original Video Texture Player has been around for a while as a plugin for Blender, Ashid has been developing it since mid 2006. But now, with a little attention from Ben, the player is being permanently built into the Blender game engine.

The name describes the new feature well enough, a texture which plays video. Dalai Felinto (aka dfelinto) has created a basic demonstration video of the Video Texture Player working in the BGE, playing multiple videos on a interesting animated 3D object.

You can see the video on Vimeo from this link.

There is a discussion thread over at as well, but note that the more recent integration discussions take place from page 26 onwards.

Ashid also has additional information on his Blog.

There are no official builds available yet, but some will probubly start appearing soon, once the code is finalized.


  • madnux

    @Alex, check the title: BGE : "Video Texture Player InteRgration"

    Great news for the BGE ;)

    I can't wait to work(play) with video texture player.

  • Bart

    Title updated, thanks!

  • Filipe Soares Dilly

    nice! :)

    In the Ash Blog say that it can be used to show 3d scenes... So, portals (like in the Portal game) can be made?

  • banor

    Cool! This will be useful for TVs to shoot on FPSers :)


  • banor

    Oh, wow... now that I've seen the video it's even more impressive. Cool!

  • banor

    Wait a sec - is this only available for the BGE?

  • Clean3d

    @Banor: This can already be achieved in the render-engine, so I would guess this announcement pertains only to the BGE.

    Very cool news :)

    I have to wonder along with Filipe Soares Dilly about the possibility or Portals/security cameras/etc, but this will be an awesome feature either way! :D

  • Dalai Felinto

    Hm I wasn't expecting that :) Next time I will wait before I have a final polished version (music, credits, ...) to put online :p

    Btw, Benoit put online a WIKI with the documentation:

    Thanks Ashid and Benoit for coding this

  • Olm-Z

    yeah ... and you can add this integration has been possible thanks to for commissioning Ben to code this...
    very thanks to him for his good work.

  • Dalai Felinto

    Ah, so Okno is the secret sponsor :)

    I knew it was a commissioned job, but I didn't know for who.

    Thanks Okno too.

  • BlenderLovingSquirrel

    yes thank yews!

  • mike pan

    Woohoo! I am most excited about "support for videoForWindows capture card" This means we can do a lot of fancy realtime stuff in the GE now!

  • OldJim

    WoW really cool news. By when will this be avaible in a official Blender release?
    Will that be 2.49? So when will 2.49 be out for download?

  • anubis4d

    how far we are from REALTIME LIVE STREAMS from IEEE1394 maped on polygons?
    that could be a cool way to have virtualsets.

  • ProbeDrone

    Th link is now broken :(
    I was hoping to use this on my game.

  • Alex Delderfield (AD-Edge)

    @ ProbeDrone

    The links to the thread still work, but yes the blog seems to be not working anymore. All the information you need, plus links to the download and a few tutorials are in the thread though. So id be looking there!

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  • Gordon Erlebacher

    I like your VideoTexture modules.

    I would like take video of the screen (which is possible), but save it to a buffer or on disk. Can this be done with your module? If yes, could somebody please provide a simple example? Thanks!


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