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Elephants Dream: Alternate Soundtrack

Daniele Carli has taken his own approach to the open source project 'Elephants Dream', by redesigning the soundtrack/sfx and posting it on his site. Its a good demonstration of yet another interesting way to use an open source film like Elephants Dream.

The video is available for viewing on Daniele Carli's website, to find it go to the sound design section. Daniele has also released all the sound files he used to make his remix. They can also be found on his site.

Youtube version


  • Tadd

    Not too bad - added some nice sounds and a more atmospheric approach to the score.

  • sonofarrakis

    yes. it *really* adds some more atmosphere.
    fits the environment better imho.
    good work Daniele!
    i likes it :)


  • sebbon

    Not to be mean to the original SFX designer, but this rocks. I was really pulled into the story much more, and I really felt like I was a part of it, instead of being the mess of shots that ED usually seems like. Sound can do so much to pull a production together.

  • kernond

    Very nicely done! However, for the benefit of those that haven't seen the original film, it might be good to mention that this isn't the entire film.

  • apoth

    Great work.
    But I miss the music. I wonder why it wasn't added to the sound. That would have made it perfect.

  • IceWeasel

    Daniele! You have to finish your remix :)
    Great work!

    But, did you play with voices? Those voices look like to be speed up a bit.

  • banor

    Hmmm, that was an interesting experience. Thanks for the new outlook on the sound design, Daniele Carli!

    That must have been a good bit of work!

    God bless,

  • piX

    Nice work! Oh, and if you watch the YouTube version, don't forget to add "&fmt=18" to the end of the YouTube URL for better audio quality.

  • redbyte

    Acting still sucks... sorry, but it's true. Worst than the young Anikan Skywalker :(

    But yes, the audio in this rocks. I loved the soft humming and echoes. Really made it feel like it was in a much larger space. I particularly liked the robotic footsteps sounds ;)

    Keep it up!

  • pictorali

    I think ED is a mini masterpiece. The acting is what it is, and I think it fits very well into the movie as a whole. This soundtrack was interesting - I will say that the slight reverb on the voices really gave it an ambience that wasn't in the original.

  • Daniele Carli

    Thanks to everybody.
    I worked on this movie with the intent to give at the scenes my personal scenographic conception that can describe in a different way the atmosphere and, in general, the pathos; I believe that it is also possible only using the "sound".

    All the samplings derive from objects that it can be found in a studio or in a house:
    for example
    the explosion in the fourth scene comes from the processing of a bit of paper,
    the rotating platforms come out from my chair creak,
    all the winds and some ambient atmospheres come from my studio's dehumifier.

    In my website, in the english sound design section, there is a new video called "Ipazia, Invisible City" where only the sound, with a text, describe all the story based on the adventure of a yourneyman direct to the surreal and faraway city, Ipazia.

    Keep in touch.

    Thanks Alex Delderfield for the publication.

  • IceWeasel

    Unfortunetly, as good as you could be on sound design, your website is crap... flash crap especially! :/

    So, i can't browse because of my 64bits platform.
    too bad!

    Making simple website is easy, easier than using flash.

  • Hubert

    Looks good, takes too long to buffer.

  • Hubert

    Wow, amazing. Sounds good too.

  • Alex Blank

    Not being able to view the website sucks (my internet pc is a Win 95, so I can't view flash). So when I first read this, I thought that Daniele had composed new music for Elephants Dream, which would have been really cool. While I love the original music (and pretty much everything else Jan Morgenstern writes), it would be great to see that degree of creativity. If anyone else would be interested in doing that, perhaps a competition should be initiated. I'd join...

  • AD-Edge

    @ Alex Blank
    Did you see the youtube link? Daniel has uploaded it to youtube also, so you should be able to view it there?

  • jazzroy

    nice work Daniele, I think it catched ED's mood perfectly

  • Yosh Youtube

    Iceweasel: Strange, I'm on a 64bit platform (WinXP 64 Professional), and I CAN see the flash. Maybe you are just using the wrong OS ;)

  • NathanKP

    Its nice to see somebody doing something interesting with Elephants Dream. I had actually been expecting a lot more projects like this, and I'm surprised that there aren't that many others.

    NathanKP - Inkweaver Review

  • rüya tabirleri

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  • rüya

    where can I find it, anybody?

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