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  • Bernard

    How can you advertise "Hadley" saying war is beautiful on their page!

  • Bart

    @Bernard: good point, I hadn't read that page - just liked the font. I changed the pic :)

  • Freakydude

    nice and all that this stuff is free, but you can't see the properties of the font files.
    Do they support central europe? Do they support cyrillic? West europe, turkey, subscript, superscript etc etc....
    fonts with unclear specifications gave me loads of problems in the past. Once you make something everyone's accustomed to, and all of a sudden it needs to be translated to a language that isn't supportd by the font, you're screwed.
    It'd be nice if the site gave a little more info regarding the features of their fonts. Otherwise you're MUCH better off paying a little bit for one GOOD font than a dozen of bad ones...
    Not ment to flame, but... this stuff is just risky from a user point of view.

  • Lars

    Thanks for the link, however I often use for fonts the website:

  • rednelb
  • Kerl

    Here are some free high quality Fonts.

    Accents and central europe are supported by them. They are free of charge for commercial and privat use and are available in the TTF-format.
    They also must be well executed technically, because scribus (an open-source page-layout program) would not accept them otherwise - I tested it.


    Bitstream Vera





  • Serge Gielkens

    I agree with Freakydude and Kerl. Since I started to use Scribus I have become picky on which fonts I use. There is going on a lot behind the scenes in order to create a high quality font. It is not only about how nice it looks to the eye.

  • amoose136

    Um...while it is important to have resources, might I note that there are a lot of fonts already on the computer from things like open office and gimp. In Ubuntu you can have blender steal these fonts from this directory: "/usr/share/fonts/truetype" Hope you find that useful and thanks for the fonts!

  • John B

    Look at the serifs on the "i" in the Dustismo_Roman_Bold.ttf specimen here:

    Compared with the other letters, it looks like an error.

  • J

    They may be free, but can they be used for commercial use?

  • Freakydude

    the vollkorn may be a nice one. Can't type in sampletext anywhere to see if it supports CE to begin with.
    So far the liberation font also includes central europe, which seems to be rare. that's cool...

    Bitstream vera sans doesn't support it...

    Vademecum and vahika support CE, vandania supports it, velvenda, Vera humana, vibrocentric, Volan, acme secret agent.

    Gentium looks really good too, when it is finished, it states it is still a work in progress. Nevertheless, it looks promising.

    A lot of other fonts from some of these sites mentioned don't support more than the basic set.... that's why I stay away from these free fonts ussually....

    Once I get to redesign a few things around here, I might be authorised to change the default font as well..... Going to look into those open font licensed ones. I love open source and there seem to be at least a few of them with high quality, like gentium...

  • Diesel

    I have a free font available to download on my blog. Click the link.



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