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BlenderArt Magazine Issue #13

blenderart13.jpgSandra Gilbert writes: Welcome to Issue #13, “Fantasy”. We have packed our 2nd Anniversary issue full of amazing articles and tutorials guaranteed to jump start your own fantasy project. Not only do we take an inside look into the minds of some very talented artists, we also showcase two new games created in blender and a python script sure to inspire a fantasy or two.

So grab your copy today.

Also be sure to check out our gallery of wonderful images submitted by very talented members of our community.

Table of Contents:

  • Making a Realistic Underwater Rift
  • “Deep Dreams” Caustics
  • Creating a Tree Character
  • Using Auto Masonry Script
  • Video Editing in Blenderart
  • Making of “Andy Tear Liquid Tubes”
  • Making of “Glass Girl”
  • Making of “Tripeace Animated”
  • Making of “The Dance of the Bashful Dwarf”
  • Making of Coffee Break Game “Dwarf Hunt”
  • Making of “Rusty's RPG” (a just finished demo)
  • And more . . .

Note: Due to the size of the file, this issue has a separate blend download for the Tree Character tutorial. All other required/needed blend files for this issue are in the main blend file download zip.

Available Blenderart Mag Mirrors:

Mirrors available shortly:


  • Brammie22

    The magazine is VERY usefull!

  • oto

    I keep repeating myself...
    This mag is great, lovely made, nice layout, and full of great quality
    useful stuff!
    And all this amount of work for...FREE!?
    Thank you, again!

  • BArrYZ

    Congratulation for the good job to Sandra and all the contributors, this Magazine always improve in quality, and now it's really impressive.


    Great mag happy birthdays :)

  • hitaro

    Thank you thank you so much for all your hard work.

  • Kernon

    Congratulations on a really great issue! Thanks!

  • Vassilios

    Thank you so much Sandra and all the contributors for this Magazine!
    Great Job!!

  • Sandra Gilbert

    And the staff of Blenderart Magazine thanks all for you for your continued support and interest in our magazine.


    One more time, thank you a lot for this very interesting magazine.

    Blenderart Magazine issue is always an happy event !


    poor gallery in comaprison to previosu releses... unfortunatly i was late to give them my artwork.. i am not pro too :)

  • neobloodline

    Thanks a lot! This is a very nice magazine that has helped me enormously over the last 13 issues. I finally figured out how to UV texture properly! Now to figure out how to rig and animate 8 )

  • DenDem

    Thanks for the great magazine! It's just super usefull.

  • david

    Thankyou, so much. I don't buy any mags from the Newsagent anymore, I just don't need anything else. Your Mag is the best and I really appreciate all the hard work and giving energy of the team.

  • noel mac aoidh

    Your magazine is a wonderful resource - as a teacher it is of great help to me and my students - thank you.

  • Sandra Gilbert

    noel mac aoidh: Glad we could help!

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