BlenderNation provides the most complete and up to date list of Blender tutorials and videotutorials on the web.

We also host the following tutorials:

A Pawn in a Hurry
Learn how to make keyframe animations in Blender.

Creating a Heart in 10 Steps
Learn basic modeling, vertex manipulation and working with the viewports.

The Blender Sequence Editor
Blender has a built-in video editor. Learn how to work with it and create a cool short videoclip.

Creating a logo
Learn how to import a logo as a bitmap, and convert it into a 3d model.

A Dolphin
NURBS Editing, lattice deforms

A ride in the Mines
This tutorial introduces object extrusion and procedural objects.

A Die
Introducing mesh-editing

Cutting through steel
Learn how to create animated texturemaps. A very cool tutorial but not for absolute beginners.

Hi-Tech Corridor
Achieving cool effects with simple mesh editing techniques. Creating halos and lensflares.

The cave of Torsan A
Learn how to work with skinning.