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Blender 3.5 has just changed 3D forever


Genode writes:

I love Blender…

…and, no matter what anyone says, it constantly pushes forward the way we do 3D. A real-time render engine in a 3D package? Blender was first. A Non-linear editor built in? Blender. A built-in Compositor? Guess who?!

And to make this one better, Blender has added the biggest game changer of them all. I think this is going to change everything.

You can now do live compositing. Granted, it’s early days and you can’t do everything - no access to render layers…yet - but you can add effects over your live action, add filters, and accomplish colour corrections ON THE FLY!

You don't even need to render out a single frame. Not a single FRAME!

Giddy? I’m like a kitten who has fallen into a bag of wool!!

Take a look, and please have a play, it’s fabulous!

About the Author

Gary Noden

I am a Senior Creative over at Space Digital in the North West of England. I've been creating CG stuff for the TV and Corporate World for (mumble-mumble) years now and have been lucky to work on some amazing projects. I discovered Blender about 9 years ago, opened it and, like so many other, immediately shut it down, but several years ago I needed to so something simple and cost effective (ie. free) and Blender was the only way. I have never looked back and use it now all the time alongside Maya every working day. I also have a YouTube channel called GENVFX where I teach people how to use every modifier one by one and as deeply as I can as well as the occasional tutorial.


  1. Applebite Media on

    Blender intimidated the heck out of me when I first opened it. Not being a fan of "Rent Ware", it took a little to find something that would work for me. I did find software from Reallusion, and where good, it's a bit pricey by time you get plugins, add-ons and content.

    As my money out was more than my money in I needed to bite the bullet and learn Blender. I should have stuck with it from the beginning. I would be thousands richer if I did.

    Blender can do everything! Major software companies (the industry standard that wants your money every month) have to be scared. Why this does not become more of a standard is beyond me. Blender can produce the same high quality so why pay those high monthly prices. I guess people love to spend. LOL

    If you open Blender and get intimidated like I did... Watch a few beginner tutorials on YouTube. This program has a lot of menus but once you start getting familiar with them, this program is pretty straight forward. Don't give up as I did! ;)

    Happy Blending!

  2. i will just say.. i am in my early 40s.. when i was starting my career as a kid i taught myself on 3D Studio for DOS. It was mind blowing. Making my first animation with a Pixar like lamp that was jumping and shining the wall with text on it made me beyond excited.

    This is what got me into computer graphics and later even software engineering.

    As time was moving on, years and years later we got 3D Studio Max and i used it for smaller projects and after a while i felt that i lost that childlike excitement working in it as new versions came out it just for worse. Overbloated, overly complex it has lost my interest and dedicated myself more to programming and web and building apps.

    A few years later again i wanted to get back to 3D as technology evolved and being really good in coding i also wanted to get as good again in 3D as well.

    That’s when i saw a new kid in town Blender. Open source and free i installed it. Needless to say it was pretty bad. The UI was terrible, quality of output was nowhere close to these bigger packages, so once again i abandoned the idea of 3D.

    Fast forward another 7-8 years and with Unreal Engine becoming unbelievably good it gave me another jolt at 3D especially since now i had long experience as programmer.

    i saw so many people showcasing insanely good 3d renders and noting that it was made in Blender, so i reinstalled it.

    Needless to say, this time i was utterly blown away. This little amateurish like 3d software just a few years ago has transformed into an absolute joy to work with and produce results that are top notch.

    The ability to achieve everything in one package absolutely blew me away. Shading, composition, simulations, animations, hard surface modeling AND sculpting. The UI made sense, it took me only 2 weeks after 20+ years of not touching 3D to start making visuals, compositions, modeling with such joy, the feeling i felt as a kid and results are spectacular.

    People can have opinions but being on this planet for a while and with some experience, there is no doubt in my mind that Blender will easily overtake every other professional 3d package if it’s being improved this much over the course of just a few years.

    It is by far the easiest and amazing to use and i can’t wait to see where it goes from here.

  3. I started using Maya years ago and it was the first major 3d software I learned. I heard about Blender but didn't give it a chance untill I had a project that required me to use Blender. Once I learned Blender to the point I was comfortable with it I never used Maya again. I just didn't see the need to and I also wonder why more studios don't use it as well. Especially with every major update it just seems to keep improving.

  4. At the end of the day the end goal is to create something new and flashy in less time. I've always done everything by myself in my earlier career and it paid off and found a great set of tools to do so with. That being said, relying on a software to do everything (3d, compositing, motion graphics, ect) at least right now is not a viable option in almost every creative studio where we bounce between dozens. Yes it sounds better to stay within one piece of software and do it all there but if you're not a freelancer doing everything I'd say learn the industry standard tools. Props to blender tho!

  5. hi. I'm new to blender(started this month). I'd appreciate it if everyone can give me their tips and tricks for blender❤️

  6. ok guys Ive been using Maya and vray for 20 years (company pays for it) why should I change to Blender? I'm not against doing so!

    • Its not a thing of why you should use it but what software YOU feel comftable to use. When I first tried Blender in 1.7XX days it took only around 30 minutes till i looked forward to uninstalling it. I am not in the industry and it was my first touch to 3d software.I looked for a clean UI like Photoshop. But later I heard news about a UI and tried out an experimental version of Blender with the new UI. And after that I learned it (still doing it ;D) and stayed with it. I really like the Blender community and there are lots of tutorials around for everyone to learn from. I never tried Maya or Max or C4D - I do it as a hobby and Blender is great for what I do. I like Blender and if You try Blender and like it too, thats great. Of course it takes a bit of learning and getting used to. But if you dont like it thats okay too as you have already found what you like and have mastered it. But for me Bleder is more than a software. Its the Program, its the devs, its the community. And i love the fast development of Blender. If you are interested in Blender, try it and then decide. You will find a lot of tutorials online. Like this Pinterest page with a collection of Blender tutorials you havent seen before (well a lot of them:)

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