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Open Source Anatomy


An effort to collect and optimize different open source resource anatomy resources has resulted in the first release of 'Z-Anatomy', a free and open source anatomy project. It comes with custom Blender keybindings to assist navigation.

Melodicpinpon writes:


The first open source Atlas of Human Anatomy is online.

Several very interesting models of human anatomy are available on the web for several years.
A Japanese team called 'BodyParts3D' created several years ago hundreds of .obj files.
I gathered, repaired, organize and complete step by step the best models, following the latest edition of the Terminologia Anatomica (TA2-2019) added labels with the 'MeasureIt' addon and many missing structures as the ligaments and the muscular insertions.

The project is still in development and will be updated regularly until February 2022.
I will try and find a doctor or another professional of reference to check if everything is right within a few months; several systems are still under development.

This project belongs to everyone; all contributions are welcome and I would be glad to explain the choices that I made to organize the file and to integrate the pertinent contribution into the file shared on the website.

To be kept informed of the updates, follow us on LinkedIn or Facebook.

Special thanks to 'BodyPart3D' for their amazing models, 'Ogbog' (Blendswap) that managed to lower the file size, to Sophia Lappe for the cranial nerves, Antonio Vazquez (Antonioya) for the 'MeasureIt' addon, and to all the people whose work has been and will be used to create this Atlas.

One or two python scripts would be needed, to be able to open the definitions with one shortcut, and to keep the light on all the time, for example.

Please let me know if you can help me on that.

All help to promote this tool in the medical/scientific community is welcome.

About the Author

Avatar image for Gauthier KERVYN
Gauthier KERVYN

Hi! My name is Gauthier KERVYN, I am graduate in Visual Arts (3 years-Brussels-2006) and in Orthesiology-Prothesiology (3 years-Brussels-2015). I have been employed during three years as a 2D/3D Graphist to create medical illustrations (human and veterinarian anatomy) in Montpellier. My use of Blender and my interest for the free flow of knowledge brought me to the idea that the existing open source 3D files of 'BodyParts3D' could become a great tool to study anatomy. Therefore, after the end of my contract in february 2021, I started to work on this project. ?


  1. Hey,

    interesting project. I wanted to download the zip file to have a look but I only get a white page saying "Forbidden" :-/

    • Hello !
      You have just to click on the orange button at the top left of the window. It is written DOWNLOAD ;-)
      Have a good day !

      • The link on the right side is still not working. I get a blank page that says 'forbidden' when I click on '4:Download the ''

        The download button is working though. Maybe you'd like to fix that to not confuse people. ^^

  2. Hey Gauthier,
    Which blender version runs your file?
    Seems that 2.73 is outdated. Thanks!
    And congrats for the great work.

    • Gauthier KERVYN on

      Hi Laurent,
      the short answer is 2.8 and above.
      The project uses a lot the collection system that appeared on the 2.8 version; I update Blender regularly but do not use any particular function apart from the collections. Although some installation operations could be eased exporting an .exe file though the BGE that was still running on the 2.7 versions, the collections are an enormous advantage for complex organizations like the anatomy and the eventual work of using the data to create an app will be let to others.

  3. Chih-Bin Tseng on

    I notice there is trouble of shortcut. After I activate shortcut py file, I couldnt edit anoter armature anymore...
    e.g. LMC on free space in window will result the 'reset-armature'...I think this py confused the system...
    How can I restore this?

    • Gauthier KERVYN on

      Hi Mr Tseng,

      You are right; some changes in the shortcuts have been used for experiments and forgotten; I restored the unnecessary changes as default and the file of the website has been updated.
      (Today's update has also much more detailed eyeballs.)

      The only important shortcut is the one that gives access to all the collections of the last selected object through a RMB.
      It is only a faster way to do a 'Shift+G'>Collections, or 'Shift+G+O'.

      The shortcuts can always be changed/restored through
      and saved/imported/exported through the buttons on the upper right corner of the preferences window.

      It is quite easy to see which changes have been made as the sections containing one or several modified shortcut(s) have a 'restore' button; and the particular icons of each modified shortcut allow to restore the default version in one clic.

      By the way, I have started a complex armature system but prefered to move on with the anatomical structures. I would be glad if somebody could add its contribution on this part, can send him the armature that I made; and would give him the attribution for it.

    • Gauthier KERVYN on

      Yes, the image is an export combining the 'MeasureIt' render image and the regular Render
      (The setup has been kept ready to use in the compositing editor).
      When the 'MeasureIt' addon is activated in
      the labels of the bones can be seen within the 3D view.
      I plan to differenciate the colours of the surfaces/borders/ridges and tubercules at some point.
      That is the main reason why I added a preferences file within the zipped file; it goes with a 'Quick preferences' that allows to show/hide the labels of the selected objects only with 'Q+H' (because the 'Q+S' is used to reset the view when the 'Stored view' addon is activated)

  4. Curious student on

    I have been using this system to take notes for anatomy class and I wish to complete by adding some objects. I have had no problem adding objects and adding pages in text editor, but I do not know how to connect the two so the page in text editor appears on its own when clicking on the object. Would someone know what to do? I'm guessing it's python, but i'm unsure which document i'm supposed to be looking at nor the code to use (although I could probably figure it out if I could compare it with what already exists from the other pages). Thank you in advance :)

  5. Hi,

    To display the definitions like the other objects, just rename the mesh/curve itself as the text.
    You can do it activating the 'object's content in the filter of the outliner, or in Properties>Mesh/Curve.

    If you create useful content, please consider sharing it through the forum or the linkedin page:
    Blenderian anatomists are needed.

  6. Hi,

    thank you for this amazing project. I wanted to know if it would be possible to modify the project source code to include custom text from a database I am creating for a project? If so, would I need to include a link to the file in
    Please advise.

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