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Facebook Joins the Blender Development Fund


Facebook has just joined the Blender Development Fund as a corporate level sponsor! Facebook was already developing tools to integrate Blender as a content creation tool in their Spark AR workflow. The addon allows for quick export of models made in Blender into their Spark AR platform via glTF.

Having Facebook on board as a top tier sponsor is a further signal that the creative industries are recognizing Blender as a crucial part of the content creation pipeline. The extra funding also means more developers/developer hours to keep making Blender more awesome by the day!

It is important to note that joining the Blender Development Fund does in no way, shape, or form grant control over Blender or the Blender Foundation. The Blender Development Fund is host to a multitude of corporate and individual donors, contributing to strengthening the open-source mission of Blender and allowing it to grow exponentially faster. The chairman himself couldn't have said it better:

About the Author

Mario Hawat

Mario Hawat is a Lebanese 3D artist, writer, and musician currently based in Paris. He is a generalist with a special focus on environments, procedural and generative artworks. Open to freelance work.


  1. You kiss the ass of the most bitchy business company !

    It's not you friend, it's a enemy of our freedom.

    If i see any facebook pattern or publicity of them in blender.

    I will stop to use blender asap

    • I think you don't really have anything to worry about. As the software is open source, you'll be able to verify every step of the way.

      You're not going to see a required Facebook login to use Blender. If BF were able to be purchased so blatantly, Autodesk would've snatched them up by now.

  2. Repugnant association. It bodes ill for Blender.
    It might shows a cultural shift within Blender highups when a company against free speech is allowed to attach itself to Blender.

    • It's worst than that, they got Blender all tied up with some obscure legal thing called GNU GPL version 2 which is basically some kind of communist conspiracy. Quotes from

      "You may copy and distribute (...) copies of the Program's
      source code (...) in any medium"

      "(...) any work that you distribute or publish (...) be licensed as a whole at no charge to all third
      parties (...)"

      "You should also get your employer (...) to sign a "copyright disclaimer" for the program (...)"

      And I kept the best for last:

      "(...) hereby disclaims all copyright interest (...)"

      Look it up, do your own research ppl, massive cover up going on.

      • Such ignorance about Communism: It is not Voluntary.

        The owners of Blender = Private Property , decided that their property follows that rules. It is voluntary. Freedom.

        PS1: unfortunately Karl Marx defeated Proudhon. Read about it.
        PS2: i have no problem with a Communist that makes a Commune with other Communists voluntarily but those are very rare . My problem with Communists and Socialists is that they want to force me to be a person i am not.

        • "The owners of Blender = Private Property", sorry but that's what you got wrong and that I was trying to point out (badly). Blender is not private property, the Blender Foundation is not the owner of Blender and therefore cannot sell it to anyone.
          As an analogy, BF is like a bunch of volunteers who decides to meet every week-end to clean up the public park. If a third party decides to put some coins in their donation box, it doesn't mean that that third party becomes the owner of the park, it's remains a public park.

          PS: not a big fan of communism myself, only made the reference to parody conspiracy theories, BUT to be fair, it's not like capitalism is voluntary either. Try not paying your rent for a few months...

          • "BUT to be fair, it's not like capitalism is voluntary either. Try not paying your rent for a few months..."

            Maybe you don't understand what means voluntary,

            The absence of agreement DO NOT means there is no voluntarism. That only happens if someone forces another to participate into something.

            Not paying the rent is a violence to the owner of property - if the owner does not agree -
            Look at this way, you saying is that if a women refusing sex to a man means she is not voluntary? No. Of course not.
            It is the act of forcing that negates the voluntarism.
            If there is no forcing there is voluntarism even if there is no agreement and nothing happens.
            If that man rapes her, it is like the tenant that refuses to pay. It is not voluntary.
            You can't go on street accusing people of not being voluntary if they don't follow your wishes. It is the inverse. You can go on street accusing people of not being voluntary if they force you to follow their wishes.
            I hope you can now understand what i mean.

  3. Boy! Should we be worried about about this? One of the most evil software company on this planet which snoops , now a sudden interest into blender :0 not forgetting countless startups they've finished, right wing ideologies they've let run amok. Rohingya genocide investigations for example.

  4. Claiming that Facebook somehow will take control over Blender is just as realistic as believing that Blender will take control over Facebook.

  5. This was a long time coming. Did you ever seriously think that the F in "BF" stood for "Foundation"? Before you know it every new Facebook account will start with a default cube that the user has to painstakingly delete and when you want to add a friend you'll have to right-click on a pie menu. Worst, once they have access to all the private info I've been voluntarily data-entering, Ton Roosendaal is gonna turn up uninvited at my birthday party with a rubbish gift, probably something I already have, and I'm gonna have to be all like "Oooh, thank you so much, that's so nice of you". Nightmare.

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