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Quick Particle Explosions - Mantaflow


mrcheebs writes:

Explosions can be set up way quicker if you use particles as a base, rather than a singe mesh object. This tutorial goes over how to set up explosions with particle systems!

About the Author

Chandler Eyre

I am a young artist from the United States. I've been actively using blender for about 2 years, but I had dabbled in it from a much earlier time. I love making tutorials to help other people learn this amazing software!


  1. Let be honest, the end result is not good. Why are You promoting weak tutorials? Simulation tutorials should aim for RESULT, not only to be.

    • Usually when making tutorials, I try to explain settings more than an end result, but this tutorial got somewhat stuck in the middle - not exactly focused on getting an amazing explosion or fully covering what the settings behind it are changing. Apologies that it doesn't fully cover what you were expecting.

      • It's not Your fault. It's Blender fault, that every feature is just a toy, and a very bad toy. We can't think of Blender as a production tool sadly, because when it goes to simulation, everything is just bad. Very bad. And I'm not saying that Blender needs to be Houdini, but simple stuff on a decent level, without cutting Yourself, should be possible. And thank You fanboys for Your bla bla bla. Try to make something good on Blender, and You will then KNOW why Blender is still not CHOSEN by even small animation studios. I'm with Blender for 13 years, and I know what I'm writing. Already learning Houdini, and Unreal, and Blender will be only for Modelling, and animation movement. Sadly, developers don't care. Bye.

    • Who made you the judge of the purpose of any tutorial? The creator decides the purpose. This tutorial aimed at showing a technique for particle rendering, not the way to improve the rendering quality. Besides, Blender is not a VFX package, it's a general DCC tool, and I haven't seen a single simulation in Blender that would come even close to photorealism.

      • It may help you to know that I am the creator.

        I started this tutorial with the purpose of showing how to generate smoke from particles, as I find it easier to control than generating smoke from a single flow object. I threw in the techniques to make smoke rendering faster because I thought it added to the tutorial, and would help out people trying to render the result.

        I don't know why you would bring up the goal of Blender as a program, as this tutorial isn't dedicated to extreme photorealism. If that's what you want to use Blender for, then go for it - but your not going to find techniques for that in a beginners smoke tutorial. ;)

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