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Quiz: Eevee or Cycles in 2.80?


Gleb Alexandrov writes:

What render engine are you going to be using more often in Blender 2.80, Eevee or Cycles? And why?
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Gleb Alexandrov

An artist, founder of the Creative Shrimp blog.


  1. HI Gleb.
    I'm a hobbyist in 3D blender, Just to kill time or when I feel board from development, I open blender and make a box or material, or mixup multiple modifiers, and then play a little with materials...
    when I want to make night time effects, glares, glow, shine then , i use EEVEE, and while it is a day time effect, with HDRI, i go with Cycles...
    For a long time, I've never published or even rendered a complete model or envroinment but I play with these only...

    Oh yes, I just recalled.. a few months back, I started some youtube videos.. and then I got busy in other tasks... then I used EEVEE and found it the best for videos with no effects or slight but very quick renders.. Because those were simple animations like I used to do on cracked adobe flash in 2013.. i'm sorry but I admit it... Since I've a free version for animations so now everything is on blender.

    so EEVEE is what I'll be using more for quick effects while Cycles for PBRs..
    (btw.. I didn't watch your video.. I only typed answer... my apology)

  2. Fabio Coelho on

    I use Eevee for Preview and animation and cycles for stills. It would be great to see a comprehensive course on both Eevee and cycles like the one you and Andy made on hard surface modeling since the only one I can remember is Shader Forge by Cgcookie.

  3. I use EEVEE to quickly communicate set design development, set extensions, a bit of previz and explanatory animation of set function, for film and television.

    I use Blender and CAD software, about half-and-half.

  4. I use Eevee now primarily, if I can run away with the results I´m happy. But at times you need more presition and cycles is better My computer is slow, and render times can be huge. I like the almost realtime game of eevee, like to think of the viewport as a canvas where we work in real time and not a place where we have to wait for our render. Maybe to much photorealism is not so necesary, My 2 cents..

  5. Tom Moriarty on

    Eevee is the natural choice for animations. Am totally stoked by the speed increase in rendering, especially with the release candidates, which took rendering from 15 sec/frame in a complex scene on my limited hardware down to 2.5 sec/frame.

    What's up with your move to Warsaw? Hope you like it.

  6. At this point I mainly use EEVEE because I am doing 4 to 6 minute music video type animations, so I prefer the speed of EEVEE. If I were to render some of the things (and I have in the past) that I'm working on now in CYCLES, it would literally take weeks rendering 24/7 to complete sections of my animations, where with EEVEE it only takes 1 to 3 days. I know I could use a render farm but my work is generally spontaneous, fly by the seat of my pants, work since I do all the work and music myself. Well, I do the music with my brother. If I get back to rendering single, large scale, super accurate artwork, I would use CYCLES for its clean raytracing and polished look. Thanks for asking Gleb!

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