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A Beginner's Guide to Digital Painting in Blender 2.8


Steve Lund writes:

Learn how to draw a fantasy forest in Blender 2.8 using the new grease pencil tools! This video is perfect for any beginner looking to try out some digital painting.

About the Author

Steve Lund

A geek to everything CG! A 3D instructor, and founder of CG Geek.


  1. You have nice mic and popup filter hanged on fancy stand so why the hell you're destroying your job not using normalize/compressor/limiter on your recording? You are barely audible. It is not about to pump audio like crazy. Create your own universal setup for all your tutorials. It is a few minutes and it's done. Even in Audacity or Garageband.

    • "You are barely audible"? Sound is perfect on my laptop + built-in HP Speakers + cheap headphones combo at 37 volume. Very clear, no bg noise/hum...

      • You know nothing. You've got used to low-qulity sounds like shit audio YouTube tutorials. Try to listen any good radio station and then switch to YouTube tutorial. To be honest this tutorial sounds not bad. Simply too quiet. A bit of compression and it should be great.

        • Again with your "it's too quiet", if this is too quiet then you need to go see a doctor. I think you're the one who's getting deaf from listening to too much shit music and radio. How can the sound i of this be too quiet... Plus no one mentions it in the comment section either. Go get your ears checked son!

          • Again you know nothing. 'Too quiet' does not mean I have hearing problem you asshole. 'Too quiet' means the sound does not take advantage of full dynamic range. The first and absolute mandatory step is normalising and then a bit of compression and perhaps gentle limiting. So it seems it is not me. It is you who's getting deaf listening 'HP Speakers + cheap headphones combo'.

    • First you say "barely audible", then you explain: "'too quiet' means the sound does not take advantage of full dynamic range". Sorry, that's two different things.

      When you say "barely audible" I'd say like others before, get your ears checked. I can clearly understand his words when watching this video at a low volume, with background noise from another room and although English is not my native language. So that's not barely audible to me.

      And when you say it's not taking advantage of the full dynamic range... OMG, it's a tutorial on Digital Painting with Blender, not an HD video of a concert gig or a blockbuster movie in Dolby Atmos.

      By the way, calling someone an a**hole just because he can't follow your explanations doesn't make it better.

      • Don't waste too much time with that guy, he clearly doesn't know what he is talking about. As you mentioned, he says it's too quiet and ask for more compression and then explains "'too quiet' means the sound does not take advantage of full dynamic range" when compression is the exact opposite, meaning reducing the dynamic range...

        Anyway thanks for the try.

          • If sound material uses e.g. 60dB instead of 90dB headroom than it does not use full dynamic range. Normalization increase signal range, Limiter crops peaks and can be helpful to increase it even more. Indeed compression overall decrease dynamics but can be use to make quieter parts louder. If you don't understand this I don't know how to describe it simplier.
            You both know nothing but for sure you can make a date.

          • "Dynamic range compression (DRC) or simply compression is an audio signal processing operation that reduces the volume of loud sounds or amplifies quiet sounds thus reducing or compressing an audio signal's dynamic range. "

            So compression might use the full dynamic range as an input, but the result is always a reduction of the full dynamic range. Your description is simple enough, it tells what compression is: a reduction of the dynamic range.

            But nevertheless, that doesn't keep me from wondering why you say "barely audible". Not using the full dynamic range doesn't mean that it's not audible. And since we all can hear it quite well, this leads us to the the conclusion that there is something wrong with your hearing.

  2. Great tutorial, thanks Steve for putting the effort in this'll be really useful for me.

    However it doesn't make full use of my multiple 120hz 3d screens, 7.1 surround sound speakers and gaming chair, please support these in your next video.

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