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Blender 2.8 hybrid (CPU+GPU) rendering – speed and quality


BogdanRST writes:

The upcoming major release of Blender – version 2.8 – has a lot of buzz surrounding it. Aside from the new features introduced, there are notable performance improvements as well, including a hybrid (CPU+GPU) rendering mode. The RenderStreet team has put this new mode to the test. Read the article to see how fast it is, how it compares to the previous Blender version and how it fares against the 'regular' rendering modes - CPU only and GPU only. The official Blender benchmark suite was used for the tests.


  1. I rendered with the latest experimental 2.79 build and it showed both CPU and GPU in the CUDA list in the User Preferences. It was WAY faster to render with both (2x 8core xeon + Quadro K4200 4GB) than with only CPU or GPU. This is a GREAT feature.

  2. Though interesting, the lack of correct renders makes the article useless.

    Too bad they didn't just use the 2.79 latest builds, to show us same render results at improved times.

    • i dunno. the Pabellon Barcelona scene was pretty darn close. though its results showed that without optimizing to 32x32 tiles that 2.8 was actually slower than 2.79. even on cpu

      • "its results showed that without optimizing to 32x32 tiles that 2.8 was actually slower than 2.79. even on cpu" 2.8.3 is slower on CPU even with 32x32 tiles...

    • If you're interested in comparing just how the CPU+GPU feature works compared to only CPU rendering or only GPU rendering, you can simply look at the numbers for 2.8.3 in our benchmark results. The image result was consistent across all 2.8.3 tests, so you can get an accurate idea of the performance difference.

      Our intention was to compare 2.79 (the current official version) with the upcoming one, including all potential optimizations coded in it.

      • That I understand.. and somewhat promissing, but the fact that it didn't render the scene properly, is not a good comparison.

        And again the article is good. just the fact that 2.8.3 isn't rendering everything doesn't seem like a valid test.

  3. This is brilliant news, and something I've wanted for a long time. The overall speed-up of both CPU and GPU in 2.8.3 is very significant, and will take many hours off a long animation render.

  4. It's really great!! But when you use denoising and CPU/GPU it's slower than GPU allow. It seems like when it starts to render it gives the CPU and GPU even Tiles to render. But when it starts to denoising the CPU is slower on the denoising because its still bizzy with the tiles rendering.When you only use GPU (a render from above to below) when the first line of rendered tiles is done the CPU starts Denoising. And the CPU is one tile behind the Render from the GPU on the line below.

    My GPU (G-force 1080 ti 11G) only use 80% of the card, When the CPU (intel core 7i 3770, 32 ram win.10) only use 16-20%. So i don't understand why when I use CPU/GPU together it is slower? Oke denoising is only CPU but why can't blender then make up a better balance?

    I'm not that good in the code stuff and trying to understand blender from inside
    And 2.8, looks great but it just drops out every time I try to load a file up? I make sure all the installs are low and in 2.8 not to start up with eevee but?

    Would be nice if you can set the device on CPU - GPU - or CPU/GPU instead of changing it in the preferences tab. But that's more like a luxury problem :) Seen al the development and hard work of the people at blender!!!

    • We didn't do any tests with the denoise function in this setup. We may do it in the future, but at the moment I believe work is still being done on optimizing denoise.

      As for 2.8, it's alpha-stage software at the moment, crashes are to be expected :)

    • Hi. I've played around with 2.8 Beta. Love the overall feel, but for me, only the preview render has improved. My actual frame render times are much slower vs 2.79.6. I'm aware this is comparing official to unofficial releases, but just logging a note. My System: Win 10, TR 1950x, Quadro P2000, 32GB RAM if that matters. With my optimal settings (64x64/CPU+GPU/Hilbert Spiral), my personal 4K Test-frame renders around 7mins 30 secs. Render time is 12mins CPU only, and 13mins GPU only. But in 2.8, those times are 11mins/20mins/>20mins respectively. Not sure why the drastic difference. I know Blender isn't optimized for Quadro like Vega's architecture. Any chance that'll improve? Just contributing this info to increase sample size of different PC setups. Hope it helps.

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