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5 Quick Tips in Blender


Daniel Vesterbæk Jensen writes:

Hello my fellow Blender users!

Do you know the struggle when you have to change one specific setting for a lot of objects? - Or when you need to render test animations and it takes forever because your CPU is so old its processing speed is calculated in Mhz and not Ghz?

Fear not! For I have made a video on how to overcome these - and some other - struggles.
I present to you: 5 Quick Tips in Blender in less than 5 Minutes!

About the Author

Daniel Jensen

Hey! I am a 3D artist and a Blender fanboy! Blender is like the Swiss Army Knife of editing software. Modeling, compositing, editing, sculpting, essay-writing - It does it all. Well, getting off track... I am mostly working with hard surface stuff like automotive rendering and product visualization, but I also do sculpts and environments from time to time.


  1. Great tips, thanks!

    The alt+click to apply settings to all selected object is such a typical example of the complete backwards, weird approach to UX by Blender. I'm sure there is technically a reason for this behavior to work like it does, but I'm fairly certain that the most common expectation for a change in the UI to apply to your entire selection instead of just one object (which, if you don't pay attention to or know about the active selected object, can seem random). I never even knew you could apply changes to all selected objects, so thanks for that especially (though, I'd prefer Blender to do it by default)

    • Glad you find them useful. :)

      Yeah, that's true - It's a bit weird it works like that in Blender. I remember when I started out I had that problem as well. I didn't understand the difference between selected and active. But I guess that's just how Blender works. A lot of features, but most of them are not very intuitive.

  2. Thanks :) Custom Transform orientation I didn't know that feature.
    Also I agree with Martin's post.

    Sadly ... Alt +click is not working for that on Mac. I can only use left click to choose "Copy to Selected".

  3. Alt+dragging a value field can also change the values relative to what they started with. Two objects with subdivision 1 and 2, dragging one could change those to 2 and 3. Right click -> copy to selected, or alt+clicking to change the value makes them the same.

    Hotkey for setting custom transform orientation is ctrl+alt+space. Enable overwrite previous from the operator panel if you use a lot of them and don't need to save each.

    • Yeah, I kinda wanted to go into the value fields with the alt-clicking and alt-dragging as well, but I also wanted to keep the video short. I also found out that you can type in a value and before pressing 'enter' then hold down 'alt' to change it for all selected objects. However this has some weird behavior when the objects don't have the same value to begin with. For instance if you have two cubes. Cube1 has 1 subLvl and Cube2 has 2 subLvl. Then you select both, with cube 1 as active and type in 2 for the subLvl (with 'alt'). Instead of setting both subLvl to 2, Blender adds 1 to both subLvl, which doesn't make any sense to me.
      Anyway. That was also kinda the reason I didn't talk about the fields.

      I didn't know about the overwrite previous thing though. That's really awesome! Thanks!

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