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Norwegian Blender Group


The Norwegian Blender Group presents itself, along with the results of their most recent contest.

Morten Fjellheim writes:

We in the Norwegian blender group "Blender 3D Norge (Norway)" recently arranged a contest. The winner will get hers/his submission in the banner of the facebook site.

We are a small group with about 35 members, and there was four entries. The winner image was by Håkon Leinan. The rest of us came at second place.

We are currently looking for more members. If you are norwegian or live in Norway you can join the group. Go to this link and ask for membership.


  1. Alot of readers are asking for mebership in our group after this post was published. I stated spesifically that its a group for norwegian blender users or users living in Norway. Please stop asking for membership if you dont meet these criterias.

    • Francisco Ortiz on

      Hi Arev!

      Sorry to say that way, but don't you think that you have a criteria that can be a little elitist?

      This announcement is inside a portal that give entrance to a room where people who use Blender 3D come from all around the world.

      I didn't tried to join the group, as @Klutz I also don't have a Facebook page myself.
      But I'm a great admirer of Norway, it would be a incredible thing to know what you are trying to do with our beloved Blender over there.

      All the best for your group!



      From Brazil.

      • Morten Fjellheim on

        I do not understand, the tittle translates.....«Blender 3d Norway». I am trying to gather norwegian blender users. I am sorry you cant get into this particular group, but there is plenty of international groups you can join.

        • Francisco Ortiz on

          Dear Morten,

          I suspect that you did not read my post entirely.

          Above, I said that I did not tried to join the Norwegian group.

          In other hand, I'm pretty sure that other nationalities would be welcome inside the Brazilian group.

          If you want to try to gather only Norwegian users, maybe is a good idea if you stick only to Norwegian websites to disclose your group.
          It's kind of natural that other users, being Blendernation a well known international hub, would have users trying to interact with your group, even though, as you pointed out: "It is only for Norwegians". ;)



          • Morten Fjellheim on

            I could have continued this discusion but i wont, because its stupid! And because i dont understand your perspective.
            If any other ghroups would like to get something published here please do, i cant think of any reason why they shouldnt be allowed. It would probably be ineteresetd reading for the comunity.

          • Francisco Ortiz on

            Dear Morten,

            I'm sorry. I must confess that I also do not understand what your trying to say.
            Here is the why: How can you judge that something is "stupid" if you didn't understood my point of view, in other words: my perspective?

            So, please let me try to explain again.

            Allow me the use of a metaphor.

            Imagine your are inside a big airport. There is an international lobby inside of it, where many people, from many parts of the globe are waiting for the same flight.

            Then someone appears with a big box of cookies.

            This person has all the right to say:- "Free cookies! But only for people from Norway. Please, form a line here to receive your free cookie."

            This person has all the right to say this, but maybe this can be interpreted by someone else in the lobby as a bit impolite.

            And then maybe, three people decide to join the line: An old lady that don't hear well and is from Japan, an absent-minded guy (<---This one is probably related to me) and a guy that just want to ask you if he could have cookies, if he pays for it. Even if he is not from Norway, but from Saudi Arabia, let's say (<---just a random example, no second intentions I promise).

            Do you understand that if the cookies are denied again by the clerk to any one of them, this is going to be just a reaffirmation of an inelegant gesture?

            Sorry for the long story.

            That was just to say that I wish the best luck for your efforts.

            Being it international or local it doesn't matter.



          • Francesco, do you speak Norwegian? Seems to me that Morten has set up a local Blender group, and I honestly don't see why you're making such a stink of this.

          • Francisco Ortiz on

            Well, with google translate I can at least, read Norwegian.

            And one can always learn.

            But don't worry El Barto, I will not sign in for the group! :)

  2. Is there a way to get in touch with the group without going through Facebook, or is it just a Facebook group? If it's more than that, I'd like to join. (And yes, jeg er norsk!) You could PM me on Blenderartists, username Klutz. Cheers!

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