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Add-on: Wonder Mesh [$]


Wonder Mesh lets you edit parameters of primitives at any time after their creation.

WiresoulStudio writes:

You are probably aware, that when you create any mesh in Blender, you have options available only right after the creation. If you do anything else (even just deselect the object) the options are gone.
Well, this addon ties the settings with the mesh itself and you can edit them at any point.

  • This version is still under heavy development, so there are some limitations:
  • So far, there are only Plane, Box, Ring, Tube, Sphere and Screw objects available. More will come with future updates.
  • The values cannot be animated for now. (Also planned in future).
  • There shouldn't, but could be minor performance issues. Version 0.1 is proof of concept and test of stability. Optimisation is next step :)
    You have to convert the object to basic mesh before editing in Edit mode. All changes will be overwritten by the addon otherwise!!!

About Author

Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. I don't get the greediness with these addons.
    Yes, this solves a basic missing feature and I'd definitely use it, but still it's a relatively simple thing! And even the creator states it's in early development... You get complete small softwares in comparable price. Look, Procreate for ipad is only 10 dollars and that's a hell of a well made advanced app. Or look at hardops: it's 15 but it gives you a whole new simplified workflow and has huge amount of energy put into it.

    So let me politely (without any anger or dark emotions) ask the creator: why do you think your (unfinished) solution for parametric primitives worth 16 dollars in the free software Blender?

    • And let me mention: I actually waited for an addon like this to pop up. But its price is not justified at all so I won't buy it.

      • Did you watch video till the end? There is a link to free version in the description. If you waited for an addon like this just go and get it.

        • People need to live with something. Trust me. I have tried for so long to just give away stuff for free etc and I have many problems with my economy.

          If you do lots of work for something, you are also worthy of getting paid for it.

    • "So let me politely (without any anger or dark emotions) ask the creator: why do you think your (unfinished) solution for parametric primitives worth 16 dollars in the free software Blender?"

      Hey David, I assume many people may think the same as you. I'll try to make a global reply.

      How do you think Blender developers make a living working on a free software, while other big ones like Maya or 3dsMax are 240€ a month, 2900€ a year?

      Short answer: they rely on donations, Blender cloud, Blender Network subscriptions, shop...

      The author of this addon does not earn 100% royalties, he donates a part of each sale to the Blender foundation, another percentage goes to the Blender Market, and he may be charged for VAT and other local taxes.

      If you enjoy Blender and if you want it to continue to grow, consider giving something to them, as you would certainly pay to drink a coffee, a beer, buy a video game, whatever!

    • Hello, the developer here :-)
      You are absolutely right. The addon is not worth 16 dollars. That's the exact reason, why it is for free on github.
      The price is not for the addon, it is for supporting me and Blender market.

  2. Buy it or don`t

    thats the most basic lesson in live in general for everthing.
    There is allways a price to pay methaphorically for everything.

    There are a trillion of things where you don`t pay the price because you simple don`t want to live with the consequences.
    Being lazy comes at a price. Being productive comes at a price.
    Every freaking thing has a price

    Why don`t you go out an complain about everthing else on the planet and its "by your standarts" not ""justified"" price in a matter likewise your valuation of things is the one and only truth of existance.
    And everyone else has to agree with it.

    deal with it or don`t
    Why does it even matter if it is justified or not?
    Would a good justification motivate you to buy it?

    You already decided to don`t
    Why all this explanation stuff.

    I will never get people thinking in that kind of standarts.

    your justification is not justified.

    God Lord

    • Does anyone know why this feature is not standard in Blender anyway? What's the thinking behind not making it available - surely it can't be a patented thing or too complex to implement. Have always wondered about this.

  3. I've always thought the best approach to this is the one in 3ds max: When you create a primitive it's a modifier, with all the options to alter it's dimensions and/or complexity available at any time you want. When you want to edit it, you enter another modifier above that called "edit mesh." You can have as many "edit meshes" as you like, and they function like any other modifier, so you can enable/disable them, delete them, add new ones in between etc. It's like a custom save point for every object in your scene.

    • I think the main reason is Blender was first design for artistic purposes, while parametric objects are more useful in CAD, design and architecture maybe... I don't know the Blender code architecture enough, but it would certainly require to modify hundred (maybe thousand) of lines to support that.

  4. Max is an artistic 3D package, there are arch-vis features, but it's definitely not a CAD package.

    Having the ability to go back and remove layers of work from your models can be really useful. I've found myself in the position plenty of times where my model has gotten fubared and it's been handy to revert. It'd just be nice to be able to do so without reverting the entire scene.

    I don't think it would take too much work to rewrite, it would just mean moving the edit mesh functionality into a modifier.

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