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Animation Nodes 2.0 released


Jacques Lucke writes:

I'm proud to present Animation Nodes 2.0. Previously my main focus was to achieve high flexibility. This allowed me build a very expressive general purpose node system. At this point, I can slowly start to focus on optimizing AN for common cases. This will result in an addon that is more user friendly. Features like falloff and vectorization (read the release notes to learn more about that) really aim at simplifying common tasks.

As a nice side effect this also allows for great performance optimizations from my side. Some nodes are up to 400 times faster now. Those high speedups are also possible due to the introduction of a new programming language called Cython. Unfortunately this also means that AN is not OS independent anymore. You will have to select the correct version for your operating system to make it work.

The manual improved at lot as well. This is all thanks to Omar Ahmad who spend many weeks to write an initial documentation for every single node. More help is always welcome though!

We worked hard on the release notes as well. They contain many examples, so wherever you want to begin, you can jump right in.

I have many more ideas that I will try to implement on in the upcoming months. Most notably I'm planning a new action socket which will be a huge deal for many motion graphics effects. Furthermore I finally want to have a good template system, a rewritten color system, an improved mesh data type and much more.

In a few weeks the current semester ends and the most productive time of the year starts. Then I have to decide whether to look for a summer job or to work on Animation Nodes as I did in recent years. To be able to afford the latter I need your support. Please checkout my Patreon page and consider to make a small monthly donation to help me to continue to amaze you.

Thanks to Thomas Beck who created the cover image for this post.


  1. great, thank you !
    do you think will that animation node system find its way to the offical blender release some when in the future?

    • To get the new version you have to download it, remove the old version and install the new one.
      All the necessary links are in the post.

      Where did you bought this addon? I don't sell it.

      • Martin Flodin on

        Trouble installing on osx 10.11.6 and blender 2.78c. I have downloaded the mac version. I install from file. Should I just go inside the folder and not choose a file, or should I choose a specific file in the folder? Nothing happens when I press install from file. I have tried both without choosing a file, or choosing some promising files. If I download the source code I find a setup file in the folder. If I choose that one i at least get a message from Blender that addons have been installed, but I can´t find them in the list, and nothing happens in the editor. Any good advise?

        • Hey,
          1. Remove any older version of AN you might have installed.
          2. Download the macos build from the release page. Do not unzip it.
          3. Open the user preferences in Blender.
          4. Click Install From File and choose the .zip file you downloaded.
          5. Enable the addon.

          If you still have problems, please create an Issue on github.

  2. Hi Jacques!

    I have just read that Version 2 is officially released (Thanks so much!) and I can't wait to download version 2, but when I follow your above link , Download Animation Nodes 2.0, I get this warning message when I click to download the MacOSX version:

    "Deceptive Site!
    This web page at has been reported as a deceptive site and has been blocked based on your security preferences"

    It goes on to talk about deceptive sites etc and warns against potential identity theft and fraud. I get the same warning when I looked at the Windows and Linux download links. I am using Firefox. Is there actually a problem with the download or can I safely ignore the warning?

    I am real impatient to try out the new version! Thanks again for all your work!

    • Thanks for the report. I get it as well for many projects on github in some browsers. Looks like a false positive detection.
      I hope they will fix it very soon.

      I think you can savely download the build. I just did it and it contains exactly what it is supposed to contain.

  3. Hi Jacques

    I am truly battling to have it work. After all the correct steps I have done in installing it, I then to go tick it "On" in "Add-On"s and then it pops up a message that I have attached. It does this on both my 32bit and 64bit machine. Please help.

  4. Marc Driftmeyer on

    Can you update this to 2.1 so it works with Trunk and thus post 2.79 which now uses Python 3.6.3?

    Blender 2.79 has a massive amount of bugs now squashed with Nightly.

  5. Hi Jacques!

    Thanks for the amazing plug-in. I am using 2.0 and am unable to find the templates that were available in previous versions. May I know where I can find them?

  6. What if you add layout design nodes, which can place input/output values, buttons or any other properties from the node tree to a specified tab or panel within blender, and add an option to export the node tree as a python script? This way animation nodes can be used as a visual addon designer.

  7. Hello All,

    Animation Nodes is wonderful. Trying to figure it all out still. Thank you!

    Is this a bug? When I use the Animation Nodes and "FreeStyle" the application crashes. After about the 2nd image "poof" Blender is gone.

    Any ideas?

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