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Cycles is coming to Cinema4D


Insydium, a company that creates plugins for Cinema4D, has announced their work on integrating Cycles, and the C4D community is already raving about it:

  • "[...] I feel Cycles is way better at photorealism than C4D physical render and also much much faster. "
  • "Like others it's mostly updated way more frequently than C4D physical render. At the rate things progress in third party renderers right now MAXON should do the same to not finish completely behind one day."
  • "Cycles coming to C4D is a very interesting prospect as Cycles development continues at pace and who knows where MAXON intends to take the Physical renderer if anywhere?"

And what do you think about this one?

  • "The cool thing is we have made it so you can follow any Blender Cycles tutorials 1:1 in Cycles4D so if you see a cool set up you will be able to rebuild it."

I must say I'm pretty impressed by the reception of this news in the Cinema4D community. How do you feel about the adoption of Cycles by other 3D apps, and it becoming more and more of an industry standard?


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  1. Hopefully they will invest in further development of the open source render engine cycles. I like Cinema4D, but I do not use it because Blender has already everything you need, yes even more tutorials than C4D. One thing about C4D is very good: the automatic camera tracking.

      • I used to think so at first until I researched. There are tools and plugins in Blender that do just as good as MoGraph or even better. One major tool set is Animation Nodes - ( Another is Motion Tool -
        Simple Example is the Array Modifier - (an inbuilt tool), check out amazing projects done with Animation Nodes with amazing possibilities for motion graphics. The fascinating part is that these tools/plugins are constantly getting new updates and new features daily!

        • Sverchok or Animation Nodes do offer a lot extra from Blenders pathetic particle system, but they in no means can replace Thinking Particles or MoGraph. You would have to script a lot of own subprogram nodes to have what Cinema4D offers from the get go.

          • Jerry I've used C4D for a few years now and it's a bit inexcusable C4D has no node based materials, no fluid/smoke sim, and the Thinking Particles are absolutely prehistoric (most buy X-Particles for this reason). On top of all this Blender is free and includes everything, along with a renderer that can utilize either GPU or CPU, and in my opinion produces more photorealistic results than C4D. I'm currently using both, but they are different enough that moving between them hurt my brain.

    • Blender most definitely doesn't have everything I need, it has like 20% of it actually. Amount of tutorials is a bad metric, quality should be. So please don't extrapolate your own findings to others to make your statements sound more general. Maybe in time when you will do some advanced stuff you will find that Blender doesn't have the best tools you need.

  2. Great news that! I wanted to use Cinema 4D but started with Corel Draw 3D and had some fun using it. With Blender it's much better and, again, it showed its power.

  3. This is a major development bringing Cycles to C4D. Please go ahead! We cant wait to see this accomplished. Very good idea

  4. Not a good sign in my book. Cinema4D if I remember correctly has no materialnode system.
    My view on this.
    They improve Cinema4D on the cost of blender by "removing" blender parts.
    Less people go to blender.
    If they improve cycles in Cinema4D, this is not guaranteed to get to blender cycles.
    Blender has less of its own functions / ways of doing things.

    (I'm still learning english :) )

    • They actually recreated the node system, and even indicated you can use Blender Cycles tutorials to learn how to read the system (it's in the article).

  5. Aren't we missing something more obvious? I just checked and Cinema4D would cost me 3120 GBP (approx. =3500EUR / USD) then about 780GBP (900EUR/USD) for each new release! At those outrageous prices the ability to use Cycles in C4D is hardly going to take away any users from Blender is it?

    • It's not just the matter of price, with Cinema 4D it's extortionate though. Blender's strength is the community, add-ons and the fact it's open source. With paid alternatives you must hope the features you need are included in the next release and WAIT. Advantages? Maybe C4D and 3DS (Max) are 4K optimized and offer more automation. But automation without UNDERSTANDING...

      • 4k optimization, automation without understanding.. what are you blabing about..

        You don't need to wait for features in paid software, they are already there and worth the money. It's the same as with paid Blender addons..they offer features Blender does not have, they save time, they are convenient. And for money. Same with paid software.

      • Not sure what the big deal is. People make MONEY with C4D and other softwares. That's why they pay for them. It's what everyone uses in the motion design community and it's expanding into other areas.

        These are industry standard softwares. That's the advantage. Nobody uses blender in a professional environment outside of a few exceptions.

  6. Recreating doesn't mean creating, it is somehow mean copying. if they wanna take some functions from Blender, they should do something for Blender.

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