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Image: Calvin and Hobbes


sketch cat writes:

These are two images I made. I hope you can enjoy.

Cartoons can become much more than we’ve been seeing lately. How much more will depend on what newspaper readers will demand. One thing though is certain:Little boys,like tigers,will roam all the territory they can get.

-Bill Watterson


  1. I just love this! It has been my favorite comic strip ever since I was a kid. Seeing it rendered in 3D is amazing to see! It's like looking into an alternate history (that never would have happened) where they made a GOOD CGI animated film based on the strip. (Which again, never would have happened, because any movie made would have been terrible, and Bill Watterson knew that; that's why he wouldn't sell the rights.) Great work! I really appreciate the nostalgia trip! Thank you!

  2. I have the 3 volume complete set. Some days getting the schools news paper for calvin and hobbes was the only reason I would go to college in the morning.

    • I also had that set reading them in the winter made me go outside and play I am 14 and just love them thats why I made this.

    • I know this is just a 14 year olds fan art. I love Bill Wattersons great art so I wanted to show I am willing to take the time to make something for him.

    • You're confused about the difference between fan art and corporate-backed adaptations intended for profit. Bill Watterson was apposed to any adaptations, but I know for a fact that he had no problem with fan art not for profit. When I was a kid I drew (terrible) fan art of Calvin and Hobbes and my parents sent some of it to Bill Watterson. I got a very nice reply from him saying he liked it (even though I know it was terrible!). Please learn the legal difference between fan art not intended for profit, and for-profit adaptations before you start accusing fan artists of infringing on anyone's rights.

      • Okay, I have to agree that I have not very good knowledge of the therms of "fan art". So could I do some animations of Calvin and Hoppes to my youtube channel as fan art?

        I did read from wikipedia, that sometimes fan art is breaking the rights of the original author.

        • No prob I think that is a good point though but I have seen calvin and hobbes animations done in 3D before. Thats my goal it just makes me happy to make them. I may not post the animation though. Just in case Bill wont like it :) full respect for him.
          Thanks all of you.

        • I might have been a little harsh Heya; I'm sorry if I was too confrontational. I am not thoroughly informed on the subject either, just moderately informed. I believe a theoretical Youtube channel with Calvin and Hobbes animations would generally be allowed (if not completely safe from the threat of legal action) if they were not monetized. That is assuming that no commentary (literal or otherwise), or anything else that would make the videos qualify for Fair Use. Fair Use can definitely be used for profit, but if the other qualifications for Fair Use are not strong enough then it would probably come down to monetization or the lack thereof as I think it would here. (Fair Use on Youtube is a whole other debate though #WTFU) Again, I'm not an expert; I might be wrong, but it is my informed opinion that Scetch Cat is not infringing on any rights in this specific situation, and in cases like these the laws are considered on a case-by-case basis, so the exact situation is very relevant.

          • Astro1derboy on

            I do agree with the fact that a lot of 2D cartoons don't translate well into 3D. Another example that came to mind is the latest Spongebob Squarepants movie. The 3D characters just simply do not capture the same feel as the 2D animation IMO.

  3. I think this is a very nice effort, but IMHO most 2D comic artwork, like the amazing artwork by Bill Watterson, won't transfer very well to 3D. His style is very dynamic, sketchy and loose. For sure, the characters will be recognizable enough, but actually getting the same 'look & feel' (for lack of a better term) to come across in a 3D environment is very, very hard to do (I have some experience with this). One of the efforts that came close is the latest Peanuts movie. But even though a good movie, put together by hundreds of artists, it somehow didn't appeal to me as much as the scribbled perfection that Charles Schulz was able to achieve. Nice as fan art, but I personally hope that Calvin & Hobbes will never be forced into another form than the great ones they already have.

  4. Astro1derboy on

    This is superb! I love it! And do not be discouraged from continuing your fan-art work and making fantastic images. Creating fan-art is a great way to learn within a set of predefined parameters. This is a great way to increase your skill set. The ideal is that you take your skills into something of your own later. I love Watterson's work . . . but to simply not create fan-art based from his desire to not explore 3D options is kinda silly in my opinion.

    All that to say - keep up the great work!! :)

  5. I was always the weird kid. Still am today. Usually with just one friend that I relied on far too much. I connected with Calvin in ways I couldn't imagine.... my mother even started signing my birthday cards "Evil Mom Lady"

    Thank you so much for everything you've done for the loner, over-imaginative kids out there... AND THEIR CONFUSED PARENTS!

    Louis Eric Ljung, Jr.

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