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Cycles Disney Shader Beta: Demo


onelvxe writes:


The coveted Disney Shader, in all of its glory!

This is an Uber Shader that can be used to craft nearly any material imaginable including: non-metals (dielectrics), metals with anisotropy, car-paint, glass/refractive materials, skin (SSS), emission type materials, and nature type materials.

Please download the .blend file for beta testing and to use the shader in your projects. This shader is part of a much larger Blender Cycles Material Addon that is currently in development. While it will be a paid addon, all Beta Testers will receive 50% off the price of the full addon!

To download the shader, go here.

Thank you for your support! Report any issues in the BlenderArtists thread here.

Here is a demo video for how the Disney Shader works and how you can control it:

About the Author

Jared Webber

ONELVXE Studios creates custom visuals, campaigns, music and artwork for brands, corporate clients, artists & musicians, as well as designers around the world.


  1. Is the name of this shader going to be changed? Perhaps I have misunderstood something, but I could imagine the Disney Corporation taking a very unhealthy interest in an animation based tool that purports to be replicating something made by Disney, especially as it will be sold for money....

    • #WhereTheFairUse... In all seriousness it doesn't infringe upon any copyrights, and for all intents and purposes, I'll eventually change the name. It's not actually the same tech, as this is cycles and not PrMan or their own proprietary software (Presto).

  2. I think Cynicat made a case against ubershaders in one of his videos and he explained that it's not ideal for performance reasons. I personally keep the custom fresnel node, a dielectric node and a metallic node groups around; for less common stuff like sss etc I build custom shaders.

    I don't mean to be negative and I see the advantages of a ubershader but wanted to put the info about performance out there. Thanks for the generous share tho. It seems you worked very hard on this baby :)

    • It makes sense. Blenders then trying to calculate all those shader type groups that aren't going anywhere, so taking up performance. You could still pull the node groups out that you actually want to use.

      • There's actually a native cycles disney brdf shader developed right now (not a node group, but directly in cycles code), I'm currently preparing a blendernation post about it.

        But I don't want to go offtopic here, since this nodegroup is still great and very helpful if you get pbr textures from Substance/Quixel and are looking for a solution on how tu use them with cycles!

      • For the native Cycles BRDF, that's great and all but I hope they get the Fresnel right. The whole concept of PBR is pretty useless without accuracy on that front. Its how renderers like Octane and Arnold work, it's built right into their shader.

        I see your point about the Uber Shader thing but in all honesty, most users aren't going to want to fiddle around with Cynicat's nodes, because they're relatively complicated and not artist friendly. It's actually not that much slower, especially on less complex items. SSS is an exception, but that's always an exception.

        The last thing I'll mention is that I wish I knew putting a new node into Cycles was possible. I had MULTIPLE, experienced devs tell me what I wanted to do was not possible, so I gave up and decided to make a group node. Turns out I was right.

        • afaik, you cannot add nodes to cycles via the python api. you can add them directly in C++, but then they are part of core blender (or a separate build), and not an addon.
          the brdf saphires mentioned is part of the core development (at least, i saw some mension of it on the developer notes).

  3. ME TEH CAMEL on

    where do people get that shader test scene, by the way that shader looks awsome looking forward to testing it out

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