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Blender spotted in Autodesk Pier 9 Video


Autodesk's Pier 9 is a huge workshop in San Francisco where they work together with artists and makers to develop 'maker technology'. This includes 3D printing, CNC machines and other things.

Paolo Cappelletto spotted Blender in their latest promotional video - scroll to 0:44 to see it.

I imagine this is not surprising as Blender is a popular tool among makers, but it's interesting to see that the Autodesk marketing department left this in :)

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Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. Do not worry just the are going to discover it they will remove this part. Simply at the marketing department don't know distinguish a program form another.

  2. Contrary to popular belief around here, the guys at Autodesk aren't always Imperial Stormtroopers active on standing patrol, ready to shoot down any and all mention of Blender within their workshops, forums, or certified learning institutions, with orders from Lord Vader.

    Blender's a home-grown, grassroots kind of community, which tends to make many as very enthusiast, but some also as insecure (and a tad bit naive) as well. So much so, that some think this cameo was probably an accident. There's little chance this video left that Blender cameo by result of an oversight.

    It's probably to show (or, indicate) that they're not insecure about showing other products like Blender. This guy was probably someone invited, showing off his work, which uses Blender--and Autodesk probably wanted to show a bit of who all were there.

    Since Blender has a healthy presence among 3D-printing enthusiasts and small-business owners (as well as several medical, and scientific ventures), but big-scale 3D-printing, CNC machining, metal-working/wood-working aren't particularly in Blender's wheelhouse, they probably said in production, "Go ahead and show that guy who had Blender there."

    A bit winking, but it's no threat to Blender. And it's certainly no oversight.

    • I totally agree with Brian. As an architect, I know that Autodesk invites the top computational architects each year to discuss hot to push their tools further to meed the demands of the industry. For example, people from the advanced technology department at Zaha Hadid are in constant communication with Autodesk for helping them solve the workflow from Maya/Mel/Python/C# to Revit. So they do care and really want to innovate and push their tools further. That's the corporate approach.

      We have the same from a community based approach with Blender. As a user of both Maya and Blender, I must say though, that I am much happier modelling architectural design in Blender.

      • I have to agree too. I had the pleasure of doing a three-month project with the 3DS Max product team last year and I have nothing but good memories of that time. They're super passionate about their work and very knowledgeable. The size of the company sometimes slows things down, but then that's how these things go.

        They actually had many good things to say about Blender and it's community too. And like Dimitar said, they invite their top users over! I was at one of those events in Montréal where they spent four days with them, figuring out what to focus on during the next year. It was quite inspiring.

        Still, I find it funny to see Blender in their video :)

  3. Francisco Ortiz on

    You do not remember what is to don't have an option.

    Autodesk and Microsoft has a extensive curriculum of sabotaging Libre Software and sabotaging freedom.

    I will make things shorter just from the start by evocating the Godwin's law right now.


      • Bart,

        Grow up is not the proper word, at least to me as I am the one who experienced this.

        If this shot is there on purpose, honestly this is yuck to me... Auto**** can do this because it's a (n arrogant) big boy?
        What would happen if one of Auto**** product appeared in Blender video promo material as, let's say "supporting software"? Would it allow that to happen? Guess not! Because it's a big boy and a big boy has money and big boy would be able to do anything to sue Blender for using one of their software in Blender promo video. Auto**** SHOULD give credit to Blender also in the video description

        Let's put this back to the context... this is Auto**** promo video and this shot could be misleading.
        I'd prefer to be that this shot just accidentally "passed the inspection" and went public..

        Oh btw, I come from 3D software which is come to EOL by this Auto****, because of what? Purely business, nothing personal. Correct! But we, the long-time users, have been lied to by this Auto**** for about almost a decade about the "bright future" of 3D software we've been using and only to find out later that it has to face EOL!

        The reasons why I jumped ship to Blender are because it's quite powerful, promising and independent (not owned by greedy big corporation)

        I'd be grateful if I'd be able to read my comment later and it's not ended up being censored or deleted.

        • Ok, AD is a company like Adobe like MS like Apple like any company.
          Sorry dude but that is reality.

          There is also a lot of good AD does and obviously nothing is free so also the good has strings attached. But again that is live.

          Look at Linux - where is it today? It is still that nerd OS that hardly can compete with any serious OS like Win or OS X. Sad but a fact.

          Take a look at so many FOSS apps from Gimp to Inkscape and such - how do they compare to the professional tools 1:1 - badly. Again welcome to reality.

          I am somewhat tired of all this anti AD talk. Take it for what it is or leave it.

          Companies like AD also make CAD apps for free for the makers and trying to build a new market they can sell apps to. So be happy they do it. Google doesn't, MS doesn't, Apple doesn't.

          AD gave even their 3D printer specs out for free.

          Blender is a pretty fantastic app and fortunately so - in FOSS that hardly happens to that level.

          For OS X Affinity Designer came out with two products within 4 years that just beat Inkscape and Gimp instantly and show them how slow and pathetic their development actually is from both app performance and UI/UX.

          They really could have made something meaningful but did not.

          • Like bellybutton, everybody is entitled to his/her "opinion"

            To cut the story short:
            Should this thing happen vice versa, like I mentioned in my first paragraph, would Auto**** allow this? Would it be too much to ask for Auto**** to give credit to Blender in the video description?

            Fortunately, you're not the only one who's tired about this talk, but again.. fair play would be good, wouldn't it? Let's put aside the almost 10 years of lie.. it wouldn't hurt to credit Blender in this video, correct? Remember,.. this is promo material.

            I don't believe "free" stuff from big boys, btw..
            At the end of the day it will come up with price in "various color"

            Blender so far meets my requirement and that's sufficient to me. It's the fairest and promising independent 3D software, like I mentioned before.

            Ok, I'll end it here..

        • "Grow up is not the proper word, at least to me as I am the one who experienced this."

          Yes it was - the part of the comment that I deleted and referred to was disgusting and infantile.

  4. A typical corporate promotional video that will make many people put a brick through their screen. The stirring music, the beautiful world filled with smiling creative types enjoying Autodesk's wonderfulness. I assume all those shiny modern creative types were actually visitors from large corporations - apart from the token Blender user they had to show as a gesture towards 'inclusivity'? From the UK Autodesk site:

    Maya: £145 month ($223 / €197)
    3ds Max: £145 month ($223 / €197)
    AutoCAD: £185 month ($284 / €251)

    No problem, my family can easily give up eating. Long live Blender.

    • Hi Reaction. I made the video and work at Pier 9 full time making other videos. Sorry you found it dull. Truth is - almost all of those people you mention are from our Artist in Residence program. Definitely not corporate types. You should check out the Pier 9 AiR website - the artists are doing amazing and creative things. We give them access to the Pier 9 workshop to stretch our machines and software to the limits. And they can keep all of their work and IP when they leave.

      Anyways, it's good to have discussion. Wish you well.


    • Well, that's why I'm platinum supporter (50-90eur/month).
      So pity, that FreeCAD still does not have donation ability, just like Mypaint one.
      Inkscape have, GIMP have through Gnome only...

  5. i see alot of energy here, and as a user of both autodesk products and blender as well for about 2 years now, i have a question, what if Autodesk aquires blender and still makes it open source and free, what would anyone do about it ?.

    • I don't think you can 'acquire' an open source product. You might hire the key developers maybe, but a much more fruitful approach would be to contribute knowledge, patents or brain power.

  6. Hey folks. I'm the one who made this video and all the videos for Pier 9. Just to put this in context a bit, this person was artist in residence at Pier 9. Of course we encourage our artists in residence to use Autodesk software - so they can help improve it - but we never force them to. We also let them keep all of the work they complete and their intellectual property from their residency. It's a really cool program and we're all very passionate about it. Please check out the Pier 9 Artist in Residence video on vimeo too.

    Also, to be honest, there is no marketing department behind this video - just me and a couple people who run the P9 workshop and the artist program. I work at Pier 9 full time and just film cool things going on. Anyways, glad you got a kick out of this :)


  7. If only Great companies would make open source products with the same benefits they will share all stuff freely.
    What forbids sharing source is copyright and capitalism. In case of other social formation (not always socialism, but something similar) it can be done. open world without conflicts or with fair rewards. By ability from everybody and by needs to everybody. It sounds incredible. Isn't it? Yes it does.

    So my conclusion - we need to avoid denying only possibility to share all open source from almost every soft in the world as we don't with sharing standards and concepts and ideas. World has to be free (maybe less reach, but...)

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