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Architecture Tutorials



Rob Tuytel (of 'Golden Age' fame) has a new series of architecture tutorials on his website.

Rob writes:

Hey all,

Last month I released all my architecture tutorials. There are different types of visualizations, kitchen, bathroom and exterior house modeling. I hope there is some interesting stuff for you.

The courses are available on Youtube, next winter there will be 3 more, so stay tuned.

Happy blending,



  1. Rob have good tutorials, but his speach is unbearable to listen after 10 minutes. Not voice itself, but manner of speach, stomach speaking on slowdowns

    • Rob, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the way you speak. I love the accent. It gives us a break from Australia and America! Thanks man!

    • Rob is not a native speaker, but he makes the effort to record his tutorials in english. Ofcourse it's not going to be perfect, but who cares.

      My wife cannot stand to listen to Jonathan Williamson and Andrew Price anymore, so she forces me to wear headphones when I listen to tutorials. She doesn't mind Rob's voice in the background, perhaps because she knows what a nice guy he is.

  2. Lawrence D’Oliveiro on

    Been going through the house modelling tute series. Some of the things I found irritating:

    * Not using window layouts. Instead of continually creating and removing a UV/Image Editor window, why not switch between preset layouts with CTRL-← and CTRL-→?
    * Not using a mirror modifier to save effort when modelling the door.
    * Not giving meaningful names to materials! (Or objects, for that matter.)

    All in all, though, a very useful set of tutorials. In particular, not hiding mistakes is good, because in real life you’re often going to have to go back and fix things anyway, so you might as well get familiar with the process. :)

  3. Rob Tuytel's tutorials are very good. We all learn in different ways and we all have our preferences on style and content. Rob's modeling and texturing is sometimes different than you might find in other tutorials. He uses a lot of Project from View UVs instead of marking seams. It's somewhat unconventional, but in a lot of cases the Project from View technique is faster and gives better results than marking seams.

    I think you will like his texturing. I learned many new techniques and got good ideas for my own textures from his tutorials.

    If you haven't seen his "Golden Age" work you should take the time to do so. It's stunning and he includes those same modeling and texturing techniques in his tutorials.

    Good job Rob. I've learned a great deal from you and I hope you continue to help me and others in the future with additional tutorials.

    BTW if you have never been to Europe, you would be surprised how many people understand and speak English reasonably well, how many speak grammatically correct English, and how many speak English with virtually no accent. Try making video tutorials in Dutch and see how well you do.

  4. Lawrence D’Oliveiro on

    Further note on the house tute: rather than painstakingly set up a complex node-based material and then duplicating it, why not create a node group and simply include a new instance of that in the second material? The advantage with the latter approach is that any subsequent changes to the node group definition are automatically reflected everywhere it is used.

  5. Lawrence D’Oliveiro on

    In the compositing phase of the house tute, he put in and then had to remove the glossiness on the leaves. It didn’t work right because he should have inserted it BEFORE the alpha-transparency stage with the transparent shader, not after.

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