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Trim Brush in Blender (Like in ZBrush)


ee[post introduction here]

mifth writes:

Hello BlenderHeads!

It seems 99% of 3d artists does not know how to make a Trim Brush in blender. Blender has everything. You just need to know how to use it. :)
Just a simple video to show how you can get Trim Brush. Just like in Zbrush.


      • No explanations, UI is not in english nor in the default theme.
        I don't want to sound harsh but this is not what I call a tutorial, many begginers will have a hard time following it.

          • the animator on

            Appreciate your intentions sir, but it's just that its very difficult to follow.

          • I regret the tone of my first comment, so I posted the second comment to express my appreciation for mifth's good intentions to the blender community. However I do feel that the point that it is difficult to follow for those users who may not have as much experience with blender as some of you, is a valid criticism. I have been using blender avidly for 2 years, but have not really used sculpting much at all, and quite frankly I found the presentation very difficult to follow. I am truly sorry if I have offended mifth with my first comment!

          • comeinandburn on

            "then learn blender."

            "..than maybe you should not use Blender or polish up your analytical thinking."

            aahh, what a nice community.
            so much for there's no such thing as a stupid question (or clarification).

            lighten up guys, and get off your high horses!

          • comeinandburn, has nothing to do with high hoarse. You can ask valid questions if you do not understand something.

            How ever not using a moment of your own time to simply compare the screen interfaces with Blender for something as simple as he did, is pure laziness and rude when they even criticize him for this or telling him hardly anybody will get it.

          • comeinandburn on

            I get your point... however I have an issue with the tone... really not classy.

            "Appreciate your intentions sir, but it’s just that its very difficult to follow."

            the above comment was not disrespectful in any way, your reaction to it was.

          • You've got an issue with mifth and cekuhnen's tone but not with the animators or lionroots? Meh. Go and have a look at their earlier comments, arcto3D's too for that matter - classy they are not.

            mifth took the time to contribute something valuable back to the community and got a slap in the face for his efforts.

            Most support for Blender is community driven and it's not infinite so people should take responsibility to educate themselves. There are stupid questions and it's a waste of a scarce resource dealing with them. And honestly, if you were thinking about creating a guide and saw this kind of reaction, would you still bother?

          • First of all, apologies to mifth. My comment wasn't meant as an insult, it was merely a suggestion, that's all.

            @CorsairX's classy comment.
            So my comment wasn't "classy"? Should it have been, in your opinion? Don't tell me you're one of those who need to be brown-nosed (for no reason) first, and only then are questions/suggestions allowed? I see that a lot on different forums, and it really amuses me.

            @cekuhnen regarding his "visual 101"
            Since this wasn't really a tutorial, but rather simply a tip, I'm just gonna say that simply copying someone to a tee without no explanation as to why something is done one way instead of the other etc., (and then shouting to the world "Everyone look! I made this!") isn't really the best way to learn. At least for me, the why is a lot more important than the how.

            Take care y'all!

  1. Man it's cool! :) Thank you!
    But you'd better choose English for UI while recording tutorials.
    Even for me (I understand words there) is harder to get that.

  2. Here's a verbal breakdown of the video:

    1) Use a Multiresolution modifier on a cube and subdivided it 3 times.

    [They then proceeded to make a simple Quick Preferences change by choosing the Dark Gray color scheme for the object, just to make the sculpts easier to see. This is available via the QuickPrefs add-on, which is available here:

    2) Took the Scrape/Peak brush in Sculpt mode and under the Curve options, choose the Round brush shape.

    3) Then scale the brush up in size and increase the brush strength (to maximum strength, for best effect).

    4) Then Lock the brush's Area Plane (by hitting the lock icon next to Area Plane). This will give the desired trim cut look that produces clean sharp edges. That's the basics of it.

    5) And finally, you can make deeper cuts by increasing the Plane Off value.

    Hope this helps. Nice technique, mifth. Funny I didn't think of it before.

  3. Thanks! I've been studying hard-surface sculpting and have been struggling so far. This is gonna help a lot :D

  4. About bevelling:

    just have found it's OK to bevel by these settings... But isn't accurate:
    1st you get a kind of a stretched triangle if you starts from a corner (I'm working on a cube to try beveling). Any options?
    then you "push" it further and it forms a bevel. The start is that "not accurate" place. Can be sculpt-fixed manually but it's not speedy though.
    I've tried "Smooth stroke" (using my mouse for yet) - this not helps here.

    Any ideas, blenderheads?

  5. Hi Mifth! First of all I'de like to say thanks for the tip! That helped me a lot! And also, I noticed that you use the back to black theme on your blender, but with some tweakings. Would you share the configurations you used, in particular how you use the gradient background on 3d view and panels? Thanks once more!

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