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Why Are We Here


An interesting promotion for Wyoming by Houston Guy.

Houston Guy writes:

I just finished my animation debut using the Freestyle build of Blender. Freestyle is used for Non-Photorealistic Rendering(NPR). I recorded the interviews on location in Jackson Hole Wyoming. Then I recorded the body movement using NI Mate and a Kinect for XBox. I'm really happy with the results.

My film is currently open to public voting for the Wyoming Short Film contest.

I am hoping to win the contest to start a production company and bring in other Blender artists from the community. I am very determined to start a web series and show of similar design. You can follow more of my projects and behind the scenes info about this project on my blog.


  1. hi my friend, congratulations, i really like u´r freestyle clip/animation, hope u win ´cause u deserve it, Blessings

    • my friend, please tell me your email, becasue i would like to contact you for some specific reasons please, Hugs..

          • hi, mmmm people say " i love ", people say " i would love ", people say " hugs ", people say " anything " if they say that with RESPECT, i think could be necessary or appropiate or whatever ", hope that help you to understand if someone say to you something with respect, at least you agree or say something appropiate as wel, not hugs this time

          • My bad. Sorry. So many creepers around now. No disrespect. Just had some weird contacts lately. And I can't disrespect my girl. Kind Regards,

          • hi my friend Houston, Disregard, nothing happened here, i agree with you, there´re people weird and i know what you are saying, everything´s fine and nothing happened, if i say "hugs" this time, you´re not gonna think wrong ? hahahaha just a joke, God Bless You...

  2. I love your style, funny to see very human motion and body language from squiggle people, very fun!

    if anyone wants to see more about workflow he' s got it blogged AND on a short vid - I really like this approach - lets you get something done before its stale.

    This would also be a great tool for story boarding an idea for a big project - eg, you could cameramap a rough set into blender and run through camera angles, shot selection, lighting ideas and even dialog takes before committing.

  3. Thanks to both of you! Walshig, I'm glad you like the workflow vid and see the potentials in this setup. I am hoping to make a series called Man Comics and I'll be using more of a combination of 2D, 3D, and live footage. I'm currently looking for financing.
    Moolah, I agree! I can't wait to make more. You should check out Some really cool stuff.

  4. Wonderful work. I enjoyed the workflow notes, and software used list.
    Question: Are you visiting Wyoming, or setting up your company here?

  5. It's sort of a bummer I can't get Jot NPR renderer working on Mac. Wish it was mixed in with blender or freestyle. It would probably make Blender the most superior NPR renderer on the map.

    • It 'kind-of' works under WINE on Mac OS X. It takes a fair effort to get it running and some of the tool windows don't display fully all the time. If you can run windows under Bootcamp or VirtualBox I'd go for that option.

      Great animation by the way! I'd be interested to know which 'traditional' animators inspired you to go for the NPR look.

      • Yea, I tried Wine. I'll try bootcamp. Thanks. Honestly, I just think the Freestyle guys should take over the jot code. Wish my coding skills were better.
        I've acually been using a cleaner look until this project. I was experimenting with Freestyle and liked how some lines went over the eyes and looked like a hairdo. Plus, who doesn't like squiggly cartoons? Reminded me of the older 101 Dalmatians style and some Board of Canada cartoons. I do have traditional influences though. Ralph Bakshi, John Krisfalusi, Chuck Jones... Recently it's been Ben Gruber, Steve Warbrick, Aaron Augenblick. The South Park Documentary was a huge influence on my workflow. I actually made this in 6 days(with no sleep). Also check out my old friend Katie Rice.

        • Oh, and I use to have an underground copy of Spike and Mike's Sick and Twisted cartoons on VHS. It had the first South Park and some other classics. Shit, way too much info, but Bill Plympton and Don Hertzfeldt make the list for sure.

  6. TOP chardfwannabeartist on

    Great video, and shows the potential of what blender can do in not only in realistic style but in cartoon style also. Yes I am really interested in this style with blender and will be following up your links.

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