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  1. If you look at the Mario Blender Galaxy, where the developer didn't have to worry about thinking up the game mechanics and storyline, you can see that his time is well spent making a visually stunning game. It's visually one of the best examples I've seen, and it's convinced me about the potential of the BGE too. Great work!

  2. My son and I have been playing with the game engine for a while. Bouncing back and forth between Unity and UDK. Blender, though, always offers a bit extra in flexibility since you can model stuff on the fly - and the python scripting and logic bricks are extremely easy to use compared to kismet or coding in Unity. When you can have a fully functioning character control system ready to rock in about five minutes - I call that power.

    Eventually we'll get deeper into the engine, learn more complex things (AI, health, scoring, levels, etc) but for now, we're happy just making a ball jump around the screen :)

    • Quote''...When you can have a fully functioning character control system ready to rock in about five minutes... end Quote

      I do hope that your not implying a bouncing ball as a fully functionnal character control system!! ;P

      • When you can do a full WSAD control, jump, camera movements ... doesn't shoot, but don't care. I guess I shouldn't have said FULLY functional because that all depends on your game type ...

    • I agree. So much docs but it's scattered everywhere. very unorganized. It doen't help that whenever you search you mostly get older deprecated docs first. and the docs I can find usually lack examples and links to related functions&variables that can be used with what you want.

      I want to try and learn BGE. but everything (docs, video tutorials, examples, pre 2.5 and 2.5+, ...) is scattered and a mess. makes learning very unwelcoming.
      And not to sound rude or ungrateful but, even the IRC channels didn't help much. everyone was repeating what I already had coded (they didn't bother to look at what I had) and gave generic remarks like "and then do some code to draw the text." (that was my question! how! on multiple objects)

    • Dalai Felinto and me are working on a Blender 2.6x book to cover all the BGE features. Hopefully it will be out soon and fill that knowledge gap!

  3. tyrant monkey on

    Wow I am floored. Some of these look really good. A demo reel of some of these games would really be good

  4. Is there a specific site for learning the BGE and tutorials? The blender homepage has all the technical stuff but if there isn't a dedicated site, lets start one! (at least a blog where we can all post whatever we have coded/created)

  5. Antakira Software on

    Some time ago I thought it would be a good idea making a really great game (AAA) for Ubuntu using the Blender Game Engine. The idea would be creating a flagship game (such as the "Resistance" or "Uncharted" saga for PS3) that would demostrate how great Linux can be for games and, at the same time, would foster the development of games for Linux by providing a base game that alowed modding, creating levels, etc. It would help boost both games for Linux and the BGE, which still needs a bit of tweaking. However, I guess that the budget required for this project possible is needed for other (probably) more important things! :-(

  6. Is there a way to make BGE projects commercially viable? How about the artist resources, can they be protected?

  7. RossBlenderArt on

    Haha, just got back from my holidays to see I'm on BlenderNation - kinda'. That's pretty cool, thank you. :)

    The thread was originally made for those who ask can blender make games that looks visually appealing etc.

  8. Is anyone making a big game in Blender or just a game I'd like to be apart of it...
    i have a great imagination and can model

  9. Me personally I think the best thing about Blender`s game engine is the fact that it does most things in Blender so you don't have to go back and forth to test things you could test it right then and there. The thing that convince me the most was the Blender Mario Galaxy it looked exactly like Super Mario Galaxy which showed me that you can get high-end quality game off of this free and open software and just how powerful it is or can be.

  10. The biggest problem I see (coming from a non programmer) with bge is there isn't enough documentation on how to use it.
    Take for example, On blender's site, they spit out the code for video texture. They don't tell you how to use it. Or how to relate logic brick with it. When you find scripts you can use, most lack information on how to use it too. These instructions should be included in the script right down to hooking up the logic bricks. Which I don't find very logical~!
    I messed around forever trying to get video texture to work in game with 4.9. Finally got it to work. Shortly there after, everything changed. I still can't get it to work in 2.6x.
    More tuts with better instructions will bring light to bge

  11. Richard Ellicott on

    something clicked in my brain and I think this can be the solution to my concerns about using the Unity 3d engine (lack of user control, lack of source control), the blender game engine has the potential to do anything really. This is most exceptional.

    while actually to be honest I think i will stick with unity for a bit I can promise that Maya is out, if autodesk think they can control me by not porting 3ds to other platforms, then they can stick maya where the sun don't go, and at the very least the exceptional program that is Blender is my new choice for model editing

  12. Underrated yes, free for comercial use? No!

    Read the license.

    Lets be honest you use a 3d animation package for one purpose to produce high quality production art, even if comercial use isn't on the table yet you will eventually consider it down the road. Blender's game engine in that department really should be a seperate plugin/download other than that Blender proper can be used anywhere really.

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