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Cycles Matlib Beta Release! Help Wanted!



Help build a materials library for Cycles.

meta-androcto writes:

Hi, for several weeks I have been collecting Cycles Node set ups & materials. The goal is to provide a fairly comprehensive Material Library for Cycles.

I'm currently seeking Materials & Textures (Cycles only, no images) to build upon this library to present the community with a .blend mat lib (availible on Blendswap) & a Python Addon Material Lib for Contrib addons.

You can read more, submit materials & download the beta version on the BlenderArtists thread here.

Thanks & enjoy Cycles.


  1. With an integrated UI for selection and submission? (skimmed this, but first thing that sprang to mind)

    • I think it's better that material library is not included in Blender by default. It has small compact size

      The best way would be to make on-line repository with 2 interfaces (Blender via addon and website - but that is not necessary). And user then downloads what is needed.

      • If all of the textures are just procedural node setups as indicated by the "no images", it shouldn't add noticeably to the overall size of blender.

    • I agree 100% about a material preset browser. It's a basic feature that's been sorely missing in Blender for way too long. A built-in material preset library with categories and ability to create categories/subcategories should of been implemented years back IMO. I suppose it's just not a priority. Would help tremendously for new comers and working professionals alike. Hoepfully by the end of the year there will be something available until it's added by the devs.

  2. Buena idea ;) Sometimes going back and forth from B3D to Google just to look for material settings and references hinders workflow. A material compendium would be a nice addon for Cycles.

  3. Brendon Murphy on

    thanks for all the kind comments.

    In a couple of weeks I'll be transfering the Cycles Materials library to an Addon.
    Please note, there'sa couple of test scenes in the ,blend file for testing materials.

  4. Arnaud Couturier on

    That would be useful, especially if it comes bundled with the official Blender.
    Keep it up Meta !

  5. I think this could certainly be useful to help get newcomers into node-based setups.

    Also, "WOOD cycles" is making my inner OCD twitch a bit. (Please capitalize "cycles" like all the others) :P

  6. Brendon Murphy on

    cdbfoster, nice find! man I must have looked right through it 100 times.

    Updates are already in First post on Blender Artists.
    Thanks for everyones support.

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