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Blender 2.62 Released


The Blender Foundation has released Blender 2.62!

From the announcement:

The Blender Foundation and online developer community is proud to present Blender 2.62. The 2.6x series is being targeted at including all work that happened in branches or patches past years.

The Cycles render engine now has layers/passes, you can track objects inside videos now, have much better and faster boolean intersections and use great new UV Tools.


About the Author

Avatar image for Bart Veldhuizen
Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. Yet another great milestone in the history of blender! Thank you, everyone who has put so much time, effort, and skill into this.

  2. Downloading... Thanx to all the hard working people who make Blender for us!
    Btw cool splashscreen. Or is it a hot one?
    Thanks BF!

  3. Thanks devs, amazing as always! blimey took a while to download, guess everyones at it! Don't usually get new versions till the next day. Pain when you need 32 and 64 bit versions at the same time.

    • Cycles works in OpenCL for my Radeon HD 6750M. At least it gives me the option to use it, I don't know how to check if it actually runs off my video card.

    • Kirill Poltavets on

      Hey, don't cry, please :) I'll tell you the story that possibly will encourage you.
      Few days ago I bought MSI GeForce GTS 450 2Gb just for 100$ (a bit cheaper actually). So I'm sure it's not a problem now! When I'll get more money I'll buy the new components for a new PC + (probably) another GTS450 for SLI regime. BTW - this card works very quiet even relatively to my previous (that was 8600GT).
      Just think about it: 2Gb of memory!!!! It was THAT card I wanted for :)))
      Sorry people, I'm an egoist sometimes but you really don't crave for use this great engine with AMD cards... Anyway I think that Cycles deserves all cards but it can be a headache for Brecht.

  4. A thousand thanks to all the blender crew! This release is a great stap in blender evolution. And the splash screen is one of the best ever plublished! o/

  5. The option to choose between CPU and GPU rendering in cycles seems to be gone. The UI becomes jerky with live cycles previews when I have GPU enabled, and my card is new enough to support it, but low end enough to not give any benefit, so I was hoping to switch it to CPU only like I could in previous builds.

    •  have not checked yet.  but I think I heard that you have to enable that in preferences somewhere.  there were complaints that in the RC it was hard to find.  That's the rumor anyway...  I haven't checked, yet.

      • I've found it. It was was moved to the preferences. And my card that was once supported is no longer, so it was already CPU-only and the UI jerkiness is being caused by something else.

  6. Blender powers AWAY!

    I'm pretty excited to see a continual progression of Blender. I may be in a minority, but I never really would have gotten into it if the UI never changed from 2.49 (sorry die hard fans). Ever since that change I've been an avid supporter of this Blender revolution and I'm excited to see it keep growing, improving and inspiring!

    Keep up the fantastic work!

    •  me too!  I knew about blender but wouldn't have switched from commercial software with the old UI. 

      I'm glad it was revamped

      • Yeah me too! My previous experience was with 3D Studio Max so when the UI was changed to something that felt more intuitive I felt so much more comfortable. Now I prefer modeling in Blender than any other package.

  7. Daryl Van Humbeck on

    Yay! Layers in Cycles!

    Um, is there any chance of getting the specular layer, or is that not how Cycles handles that?

    • Hey Daryl, Blender Guru has a new tutorial regarding Cycles and textures and such, which is a fantastic tutorial. I believe that is mentioned in this ... if you haven't watched it, it's a good 50 minute view. I watched/listened while coding at work and I learned a lot just listening and half-watching.

  8. Not Found

    The requested URL / was not found on this server.


    • Lawrence D’Oliveiro on

      Well, this version will fit onto a little USB key that can hang off your keychain and slide comfortably into your pocket without the danger of a medical mishap every time you try to sit down.

      Or you can put it on a micro-SD card so small you would have trouble finding it if you dropped it on a deep-pile carpet.

      Can you do that with your old 5¼-inch floppy?

  9. Installer question:  I typically just use the zipped archive.  If I use the Windows Installer, does that make it easier to access things like GPUs and other non-standard devices?

    • No; the installer unpacks the same files - the advantage with the installer is that it drops shortcuts into the right places and gives you a clean option to remove Blender

    • ??

      Windows 32 bits

      Blender 2.62 Installer (27 MB)

      Requires Windows XP/Vista/7, built with Python 3.2

      USA | Germany | NL 1 | NL 2

      Blender 2.62 Zip Archive (38 MB)

      Requires Windows XP/Vista/7, built with Python 3.2

      USA | Germany | NL 1 | NL 2

      Blender 2.62 7z Archive (22 MB)

      USA | Germany | NL 1 | NL 2

      Windows 64 bits

      Blender 2.62 Installer (32 MB)

      Requires Windows XP/Vista/7 64bit

      USA | Germany | NL 1 |  NL 2

      Blender 2.62 Zip Archive (44 MB)

      Requires Windows XP/Vista/7 64bit

      USA | Germany | NL 1 |  NL 2

      Blender 2.62 7z Archive (25 MB)
      USA | Germany | NL 1 |  NL 2

  10. Con una sonrisa entre los labios y la mirada incrustada en ese nuevo logo me digo a mi mismo

    Es hora de empezar de nuevo!

    Saludos, genial Logo!

  11. This is wonderful. And whoever selected the splash/ about screen is spot on.  That is a bad ass image for the splash!!! Good job bl3nd3rHEADS.  Thank you all (dev / testers) for your precious time.  Blender rawks!

  12. bummer, every time i hit the download i'm redirected to "page not found" could this be b/c so many are downloading at same time? i'm a newbie & i had the last version but while following a tutorial i lost the Default settings. so, i thought if i uninstalled and reinstalled i would be able to restore the default settings. arg. hope it works later or maybe i'll have better luck tomorrow. 

  13. To PamTango, when I posted, the windows versions where not in the release index; this prevented the link from being found, resulting in a 404 error. The files are now in the index and can be downloaded. (gonna check it out when I get home)

  14. thanks for this new version and nice developpements. However, I cannot manage now to put a simple, picture, as an image texture, on a rectangle as I did before with cycle. Can anybody help me to do this ? I am stuck righ in the middle of my project...
    I am probably asking something stupid, but I feel in the fog...

  15. Um, okay...I downloaded and installed for windows, and the first thing I notice is it doesn't have any options for cycles to use GPU. At all. Quite disappointing. so what's going on?? this seems like a step backwards...

        • I'm getting a black screen too. I enable GPU and tried to render under both experimental and supported, under openCL and  CUDA. I still get a black screen no matter what I do. Updated to Blender 2.62 and downloaded most recent graphics card driver for my Nvidia Geforce GTS 450 and still all I get is a black screen when I render. Am I missing a step? Does anyone else have this problem? Solution?

    • found the option in preferences and activated it, but when cycles renders, I just get black. kinda ticked...reinstalled 6.1 for now. 

    • Michael Dawkins on

       I don't think so. It means you can do compositing. (you can still do an ss layer with BI but I doubt it will fit, lighting would be inconsistent)

  16. I love blender to pieces, but hate that I'm using it on a Toshiba laptop...I've got a AMD/ATI ( or whatever they're calling themselves these days) Radeon Mobility HD 4250 video card, so I can't use Cycles....oh the agony!

      • You're right. I'm able to use my CPU, but my CPU is one of AMD's value-brand dual-core mobile CPU's. It's just that I would love to be able to make my cycles renders a bit faster. But I'll use it nevertheless.

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        Ludovic_L (unregistered) wrote, in response to professor0526:
        Hello. You should be able to use Cycles at least with your CPU.
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  17. thanks to everyone who contributes to the Blender Community, especially Ton and the Developers,.... yet another amazing Blender release!!

  18. Blender 2.62 menu item icon seems to flush to the left with no pixel room to breath.  Some developer should fix this.  For example if you click on the menu File, you will see all the icons (e.g. New, Open, Recover Last Session) flush right to the left.  There should be some room between the left and icon.

    • Same here. Even though i can't do much it is still how I can say thanks in a practical way which helps everyone. Great job guys!

  19. Between this official Blender 2.62 release and the fresh official release of Unity 3.5, and a few other good things working in my life right now, I'mma insanely happy dude!  Thank you so much, Blender Foundation!  

  20. Hello, Nice release. I just discover it and I went first to the main feature I was waiting for : Cycles. Unfortunately, since 2.61, there is still no full GPU selection : In user preferences you can select one of your Cuda GPUs, or all of them, but still not two of three for example. I have one GTX 260 for display on two screens, and two GTX 580 3GB for GPU computing, and Cycles can use only one these two GTX 580 currently. If I select all my GPU, the rendering time is slower than with only one GTX 580, and I think that I will not benefit from all my VRAM...

  21. @Philippe Roubal: cycles doesn't care about how much v-ram in sum you have. the scene has to fit into each cards memory. the card with the lowest ram is the bottleneck, if you want to use all of them. therefore using the 260 makes only sense for "small" scenes. 

  22. @Bashi Rothlisberger : It is exactly what I mean ! As currently Cycles doesn't allow to select my two GTX 580 3GB, selecting all cards gives only 896MB instead of 3GB. So, the setting allowing to select all cards is completely useless, while there is no possibility to select two cards at the same time ! The way the GPU selection is currently possible is not logic at all and is a waste of computing power when you have more than two cards.

  23. @Philip Roubal: i should read better... but this behavior in selection really does not make much sense, since you (probably) any way want to have one card dedicated to draw the ui, at least in preview mode. Besides i find it strange that using all three is slower than one 580. 

  24. @Bashi Rothlisberger : the GTX 260 has clocks frequencies, and maybe that all cards synchronize on the frequency of the slowest... or is it due to the fact that the GTX 260 is shared by computing and display...

  25. Best splash yet! Great job guys, we appreciate all your efforts! And to the Arch Linux maintainers as well for getting 2.62 into the Arch repo so quickly!

    • Kirill Poltavets on

      Hi Metpinarci! What this gives? Some cool possibilities for Python scripting? It's interesting, give me an URL if you have some, please.

  26. Having problems!  Too many to go into... mist fails, random fails on rendering with blender render, crashes, :(  maybe it's just my computer.

    •  For me it's Cycles rendering crashing immediately with access violation with scenes which rendered on the 2.61. Bringing in geometry from the old files and re-saving with 2.62 don't help. A new scene with few planes works fine. Saving a "complex" scene with 2.62 results a file which crashes the 2.61 on opening the file if the Cycles was selected as the rendering engine in the 2.62. (Tried installer and the 7z archive on Windows 7 x64)

  27. So, just wanted to point out something:

    I haven't updated to 2.62 on my own pc yet, but I just installed on another one - AMD A6 series processor and a Radeon video card.  With 2.61, if Radeon Dual Graphics was activated, then Blender wouldn't run.

    Anyway, the 2.62 install finishes, and I let it start Blender automatically without checking if Dual Graphics was on - hey, lookit that, it works!

    Dunno what got changed that fixed it, but awesome job guys :)

  28. Just got 2.62 for Windows 32-Bit, and went to install some add-ons, but the text in the Personal Preferences is all blocky and unreadable. Has this happened to anyone else?

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