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"2042" Short Film


A short production by a team of 4 people.

Rainer Selvet writes:

I was recently a part of a 4 guy team to create a film called "2042" for a video contest. We decided to go for a little different approach for the theme, not just showing possible new technology, but also bring on some action!

Although there are many 2D effects not directly releated to Blender, there's a bunch of 3D shots such as the sattelite and the live action composite of a robot in the end of the short film. All these effects were created and composited 100% in Blender, rendered with internal renderer, also taking advantage of the new camera tracker.

You can view our film and also see the other entries here
(Estonian webpage).


        • Hey thanks! For the slowmotion I used After Effects and its time-remapping tools. I also checked pixel blending options for the composition and the video layer. That calculates the inbetween frames to get some nice slowmo. The clip itself was only 25fps and we we're all surprised how good it looked. And thanks alot for that link! That tool looks amazing!

  1. Was I the only one who thought the lower panel graphic which comes up at the bottom of the screen was a youtube advert but couldn't close it?

  2. Impressive technically but very confusing on the design and story parts.

    For example the Scorpion uses traditional projectiles but it obviously had no place to store or feed these projectiles which make this a bit less than believable on the science fiction part.

    So it felt very retro-futuristic on some parts and on other parts really not.

  3. Nice little showcase there of the Blender camera tracking features and nice usage of the Blender internal renderer.  And funny touch with the little dance to the theme music and the nonsensical Japanese audio on the non-Japanese news report.

  4. Interesting concept, all I'd add personally is a bit more shallow depth of field and perhaps some colour grading to make it more film-like. Over all tho, nice work!

  5. Okay, that was some time wasted, storywise.
    You wasted a lot of time, editing should have been much tighter.
    Rule of thumb: After the Viewer could understand all the info a shot has to convey, then cut to the next.

    Nice effects, but compositing of the robot wasn't very believable, especially the shadow.
    Slowmotion was used at moments that didn't make much sense.
    Very strange was the timing of the editing when the robot shoots two times and THEN you see the person getting up, and the audience can't see: Where have the laser blasts gone? Did the robot miss?

    • Hey thanks for criticism. I'll be sure to keep stuff like that in mind. But I'll have to disagree about the shadow, I just liked how it turned out x)

  6. I liked generally how this was going. I know, it's not necessarily meant to be a story/plot project, but I would have loved to see some resolution.  Such as, when he 'calls' someone, what's going on? He's getting killed, I'm guessing, but why and who is he? Who is the suited gent? Assassin? Secret Agent? Random guy with a gun? What's the purpose of the robo-scorpion? It's a mini-killer, ok. But why? Which circles back to who this guy is. 

    Just for story sake - a few small thoughts.
    When he walks in and turns on his computer, perhaps something like "Welcome, Agent Billy Bob" to at least give an indication of what his role is.
    When he calls his associate, who presumably dies, the communicator screen could change to say "Agent Smith, Deceased" to at least, again, give indications who he is. To further your story, you could also flow with the name being added to a list of "Deceased" agents with "Murdered" next to their names to show agents getting killed.

    Finally, when the scorpion goes in the toilet and he's looking - the slow mo tie is slick/pulp - but end it in black and a voice over "Now I'll never be able to use the toilet again .." just so there is at least SOMETHING for an ending then just "BLAM" done. 

    Just thoughts. The direction and everything looks real good. I loved the slow-mo on the briefcase at the beginning with the cast on it. Really nice, cinematic touch. The finger print reader is also nice. 

    All in all it was a decent showing. I'd love it if you could flesh it out a bit more, grow it a touch to give watchers more to grab onto. 

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