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Wind Waker Style Animation using Blender's New Camera Tracking


This one is especially for Ton ;-)

Mikhail Schalk writes:

Strider Moore (aka stridermax) of CoolDude Productions just posted this fantastic Wind Waker style animation that uses Blender's new camera tracking feature -Zelda Lost House Adventure Part One.



  1. Haha... Guy, you´ve fallen in love with the Zelda-series... Everything fits: the rigging, sound, enemies and even the stupid chests. Congrats!

  2. A lot of effort was put into this using a rather new blender technique. (Aside from zelda being awesome, I know)
    There is a lot of work to be done still, there is no directing, camera is a little too shaky (probably just from showing off the tracking skills), animation needs a lot more work, there is hardly a storyline.

    IMHO, wait with part 2, finish part 1 first...

  3. Wondefull! I really like the concept. I found the camera was sometime a bit shaky but that didn't embarrassed me. It made me want to play Zelda again :-)

  4. Hah, amazing.
    Now THAT was a reality bending mashup :D
    The characters are animated a little stiffly, but the tracking job was really well done :)

  5. From "Wind Waker style" I thought this would be about toon rendering, but it's not. (Most of the props, Zant, etc, are from Twilight Princess.) Only the Link model and one boss was from WW.
    But, it's a nice (odd!) idea, and well done - a bit rough around the edges - could do with better centering in places and less shake

  6. That was kind of a fun project to watch. No idea what was actually going on - part a "game" set in a real world and all that jazz. Pretty interesting concept.

    I have to admit, I'm slightly impressed at just the amount of work for this. Like everyone else, the camera shake was a bit distracting, but not too terribly. Nothing I can't ignore at least.

    Over all, not bad. I can see you taking this and adding a touch of a story to it and put your camera on a tripod of other stationary objects to clean up that shake ... could be that much better.

    I'd watch the next one no matter what though. Well done.

  7. I'd just like to say that this work is awesome, you have captured the fun of Zelda brilliantly and this made me want to dig out my SNES and play link to the past.

  8. He was probably going for the shaky camera thing on purpose.  I think I could tell he did this on purpose.  Makes it look just like how I think he wanted it to look--like someone just saw this thing happening and went and grabbed their camcorder to record it.  I've got a feeling that this fellow knows what a tripod is, but it doesn't seem that he was after keeping a perfectly still camera here.

    Anyways, great job, man!  I loved this work (and I love Zelda--my favorite game series), and this made me want to delve more into the camera tracking feature even more.  I look forward to the next part.

  9. Fantastic work! Though I agree with Jeroen, it kinda lacked direction and the animation needs a little work but wow a lot of work must have been put into this! So many different Zelda references, not just WW =) 

  10. The only issues I have were the footstep sound was too loud and the walk cycle was rubbish. It's a shame considering they featured so heavily because the rest of the soundscape and animation was spot on.

    Great achievement over all, lots of charm.

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