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Need bolt textures? 50 Free Custom Bolt Alphas


Metalliandy uploaded at textures for 50 bolts including alpha and normal maps.




  1. Thanks metalliandy for sharing, may be there are lots of users that need those textures. In 2010, I was needing something like this, and I did an entire set of bolts modeled in Blender to generate most of those textures ( I did my maps modeling in Blender and using Gimp normal map generators) The advantage of generating those maps from Blender models itself is the resolution control, we can have high resolution reference images not only for normal maps, but for layer painting of some rough bumps and colors for older bolts. Anyway, good work, good textures ! Thank you !

  2. I saw a copyright disclaimer in the file, (readme.txt). Isn't it better to give it as a creative commons instead of distributing it with a copyright disclaimer ? I already deleted it from my computer after reading the contents. To the extent of the copyright, there is no possibility to (re)sell the files, but when we do some works with embedded third part works like the ones inside the ZIP, isn't it an indirect sell ? Better safe than sorry, I'd prefer to use my work instead of being insecure... Thank you.  

  3. Thanks for the kind words everyone, I hope that you all get some really good use from them :)


    The license only restricts the redistribution of the files, not the content you create with them. So, you can use them for whatever you create (sculpts or textures etc.), as long as the original files are not included if you redistribute the models/textures.
    If people want the Alphas and normals, they are welcome to download them for free from Eat3d. :)

  4. metalliandy

    In the text file, you have:  "Copyright 2011 Eat 3d, LLC All Rights Reserved. The Alphas and Normals contained within this zip file are provided at no cost for the community to use in their projects, on the condition that they are not redistributed, sold or repackaged in any manner."

    Legally, this does not impart the right to use it in a rendering and publish that rendering.  "Any manner" is fairly explicit, and "redistributed" is the condition on that.  There is also no time limit to this.

    I agree with Greylica that this is too restrictive to be used.

  5. Delfeld,

    I think maybe you are looking into this a little too much. :(

    It's a standard license for things like this and only refers to the actual source alphas and normals. It simply means that you cant  repackage those source textures and then redistribute them. It has nothing to do with the content that they help create, with which you are free to do with as you wish.
    Using the alphas/normals in your project does not break the license terms as you are not redistributing or repackaging the source files.

    This file has been download thousands of times over the past few months and it is meant to be a gift for the community. We just don't want people redistributing the actual textures.

    • OK, but anyway, anyone here have to be carefull with those ''copyrights'', because I saw trolls acting here in Brazil with one of our beloved coleagues. It was a shame. Started posting pictures in sites and then, after a time, start sending e-mails saying that his copyright was void, and telling that our beloved coleague ''stole'' his image, only because she made a link to his image. (She didn't copy the image, she only bookmarked his image). Sorry, but I will pass by and won't use your textures in any of my projects, i'd prefer to make a good tutorial teaching our Blender-Head-Friends how to model those bolts and turn them into Alphas, Normals or Bump Maps, in the same spirit I did with my maps. Turn them GNU/GPL and I'm all for them and for everything you give to us as free.   

      • Thanks for your honesty.
        Eat3d is a well known and respected training provider and we would never dream of revoking peoples rights after the fact. We want everyone to be able to obtain these files at no cost, and we don't want to end up with a situation where they are sold in a texture pack for whatever reason. By retaining the copyright, we can ensure that they will always be free, unmodified and never sold or repackaged to end users, whilst always being available for free and direct from the source. :)

        • Can I ask you one thing ?
          A Better written EULA...
          With notices about what the users can do and cannot, possibly named EULA or COPYRIGHTS in TXT, PDF or possibly image file formats, that can't be changed.
          I doubt most people will read this, but for sure, conscious people will be carefull and will respect your rights and your job like I did. Also, thank you for being sincere and answer our questions, it's good to know that the users will be secure using your textures following your instructions.

  6. If you want to add some more you can add more hex head bolt styles- a plain head is grade 2, 2 slashes is stainless, 3 slashes is grade 5, 6 slashes is grade 8, metric usually have 8.8 or 10.9 stamped on top for hardness. This is pretty comprehensive as is though!

  7. sorry to ask but i tough there was a short video on how to use this
    i mean the texture painting part !

    if there is one can you re give the link please


  8. Konstantinos Kostovasilis on

    I know this might be a bit far fetched and the post is really old but is there anyway to get these alphas again?

    I believe there was also an update that brought the total to 110 Alphas.

    Does anyone have them in their archives?

    I understand from the comments that there might be an issue sharing them but is there another place we can get those Alphas? Would it be better to contact the creator?

    I am just late to the party :-).

    Thank you.

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