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Dream Studio 11.04 Official Release


Dream Studio is an Ubuntu distribution that contains a wealth of Open Source media tools.

Dick MacInnis writes: is proud to announce the official release of Dream Studio 11.04. This exciting new version of Dream Studio ( has all the features that have made past releases one of the most successful multimedia software packages out there, including: multi-user, pulseaudio-integrated realtime audio via JACK, for use with programs like Ardour; the renowned Cinelerra video editor, a full graphic and web design suite; photography tools; and hundreds of assorted audio and video effects, fonts, and utilities for everything from multimedia file conversion to simple office work and web browsing. Not only that, but this latest version of Dream Studio also included hundreds of bug fixes and the following new features:

  • Blender has been upgraded to the new version 2.59, with the oceansim patch applied
  • Several new programs have been added, including MakeHuman (, Sonic Visualiser(, and Smasher(
  • A lowlatency kernel is installed by default, with automatic installation of the lowlatency-pae kernel for systems that have more than 3GB of RAM
  • Separate meta-packages have been created for graphic design and photography, as well as for software instruments and audio effects, for easy selection/removal of software you don't need
  • Dream Studio software sources automatically re-enable and update to newest distribution release on upgrade, to smooth transitions for less technically advanced users
  • All software has begun being moved from a personal repository to PPAs (personal package archives), to allow easier porting to different architectures and faster upgrades to new releases. This move will also enable easy backporting of newer software, so that users of LTS (long term support) releases will no longer need to upgrade to unstable releases to get the newest features of the software they use
  • KXStudio Team PPAs have been added by default, allowing users to easily install hundreds of additional multimedia applications
  • The unity desktop is now default (for users whose computers support 3d compositing). We realize, however, that many users find functionality missing in this controversial desktop, and as such have added useful packages to our repository for a smooth transition, such as a weather indicator (to replace the functionality lost in the new system clock), and a workspace indicator (for users who miss one-click workspace switching)
  • An all new look (screenshots -

As always, Dream Studio is based on Ubuntu, and as such is 100% compatible with ubuntu software, PPAs, and support forums and documents.



  1. Ardour and Blender together make a very potent mixture.

    Blender is a very high quality compositor. Dream studio added to that gives complete audio-visual production.

    Now we genuinely have production from modelling through animation to soundtrack and compositing all in the one package.

    All it needs is a cycles renderer and it is an integrated stand alone suite.

    Keep up the good work:)

  2. Nice :)

    Just one question: besides having many tools, related to media production, is there any difference in speed (between normal Ubuntu and this one)? I mean, does Blender run better on this one or it's exactly the same?

    Thank you!

  3. Oh, nvm to my last comment(if it got through). I've heard the desktop(Unity) is atrocious, so I got linux mint. Hmm....wonder if we can get all this on mint?

  4. I used Ubuntu Studio in the past but switched to gentoo when my focus switched to more programming.

    What are the differences between Ubuntu Studio and Dream Studio?

  5. @crusnik

    Information please, as I have just downloaded a copy of the Unity SDK, what specific problems will I encounter?

  6. Ubuntu's new desktop (Unity) is such a fail. I hope that this distro has the normal gnome desktop integrated. You know, "Ubuntu Classic"

  7. This looks cool. I'm going to have to play around with this. As for Unity I love it. It's a bit different and of course there will be people who hate it, but I think it's a good change. It does need a bit more work, but I think that will all come with future Ubuntu releases. Unity I feel is great for artists that like to make the most of desktop space. Dream studio looks great. :)

  8. Whats the Point on

    You get Ubuntu then download the software. Don't do realtime recording, you're fine with non realtime kernel, slightly less overhead. I just can't get jazzed up and dancing to the likes of Mint, Ubuntu Studio, Dream Studio, Sleepy Whatever or whatever. Just can't!

  9. CubOfJudahsLion on

    Wait, Ubuntu-based? Heck, their re-definition of scrollbars alone was enough to bump me back to Debian. And a low-latency kernel doesn't exactly maximize throughput in computing-intensive tasks such as rendering.

  10. To all that hate Unity like i do.
    In the system-settings for the Login-Screen you can switch to Ubuntu-Classic.
    Unfortunatly this dosn't get rid of the "crippled" scrollbars thou, but at least you
    have your top and bottom panels back, and the unusable sidebar is gone.

  11. @OboeNerd: Some differences between Dream Studio and Ubuntu Studio:
    -Dream Studio features Pulseaudio->JACK integration
    -Dream Studio uses Unity, and in fact attempts to remain as close to stock Ubuntu as possible, in every way but branding
    -Dream Studio comes with a lowlatency kernel by default, and automatically installs a PAE kernel for systems with more than 4GB of RAM
    -Dream Studio comes with many programs not available on Ubuntu Studio, like Cinelerra, Blender with the Oceansim patch, Sonic Visualiser, Luxrender, etc...
    -Dream Studio automatically adds all users to the Audio group (for realtime permissions) and the Video group (for Firewire access out of the box)
    -Dream Studio's install disc is a LiveDVD, allowing you to test it straight from the installation media.

    @smick: SlowMoVideo is definitely on the cue for inclusion. Looks like a great program

  12. @Matt: As mentioned, you can access up to 64GB of RAM with the current system, and a 64-bit variant is in the works. Not only that, but the 64-bit version (which will be in beta right away, and official for the 11.10 release), will come with a migration tool to upgrade from a 32-bit system with no loss of data.

  13. @Dick MacInnis: Thanks, I already installed it and I'm really enjoying the experience. It's been a while since I've been on Ubuntu.

    @Unity haters: Don't get what the fuss is about, I don't see much wrong with unity. But yes, Ubuntu (Classic) is still included in Dream Studio (shouldn't it be in mainstream Ubuntu as well?) and can be selected from the login screen.

  14. Unity is, as far as open-source game engines go, pretty decent, but still feature-poor compared with the SDK releases for the Unreal engine and the Cry-engine. It all just depends on how much you need it to do.

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