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Sintel Sighting: NovaCut Video Editor


NovaCut video editor, a proposed open source, collaborative video editing platform, is currently looking for funding to finish development of the project. They used Sintel in part of the ad for their kickstarter page. Go and take a look and consider donating if you want to support developing a new open source video editor too!

NovaCut Video Editor on Kickstarter


  1. looks to me like another version of 'Kino.' I'm really digging the 'collaborative editing' feature. My vote is for NovaCut.

  2. @numarul - while i'm down with vlmc... blender is a better video editor than vlmc ever will be (or is trying to be). also there is already kdenlive if you want an amazing midgrade video editor (on linux). this novacut project is targeting professional grade editing like lightworks or final cut pro WITH collaborative features

    @differentsmoke - this is not aimed at being an online, featureless video editor. it's aimed at being a professional level editor (hdslr, multicam, advanced features and tweaking abilities) with collaborative features considered from start of the design

  3. @ike ahloe - it's aimed at professionals? You mean the way that Lightworks already is for Windows and soon will be for OS-X and Linux?

    - and they don't seem to need donations, either...

  4. @differentsmoke - oh ok cool, i always love more blender sightings

    @jwrl - believe me i'm super excited for future lightworks developement. i'm one of the many fidgeting in my seat for the linux port, but i fear it will be a while. :( I was using lightworks as an example of the kind of capabilities they're aiming for in later releases. it's just the two posts (only one post as it turns out) was comparing it to more light basic user focused editors and it's aiming at something different.

    i'm not saying anything about whether it's good or worthwhile or not... i'm always skeptical until I see something prove it's worth, but i see nothing wrong with trying to get a plan and donations together to further open source options. I'm happy with kdenlive.

  5. Thanks for noticing the little animation I did. The Sintel model is really nice, and it was a great chance to work with it and show the type of filmmaking Novacut hopes to foster. Now I'm just a gstreamer developer and blender user, but I've been keeping up with Novacut's development, and it seems to have a lot of the key pieces in place. The dmedia library in particular is pretty cool, and took Jason DeRose a lot of work to get right, and the HTML5 focus on the UI seems to be working out so far. It's a worthwhile project I think, and a lot of development and design research has take place already, which is why I spent a couple days on the animation this article is little contribution. A few artists have shared their thoughts on Novacut recently:

  6. Grandmaster B on

    Its a big list of promises that are hard to fulfill, with currently very less effort to do so. Instead there is advertising... i hope you guys do some research before donating to such projects. The video with the blinking card readers is a joke, at best.

    My money on VideoStudio Pro X4 was well spend. There are other great video editors that are cheap and do what they promise right away. The video editors from Magix, Nero and Adobe are also often recommended, do spend your money on something existing. I didn't find any reasonable, stable, professional free video editor and i'm pretty sure NovaCut is not going to cut it.

  7. I tried and struggled with Lightworks Beta. I found it utterly wacky and impossible to use, and unfortunately the beta releases were all laden with bugs that made it impossible to do anything useful. And I couldn't use it to render web videos of unusual sizes; it seems dedicated to broadcast standards only.

    Any open source video editor would be nice, but until then Blender remains the most reliable and flexible.

  8. Can't we just start by having an open-source NLE that actually works and is easy to use without going straight to hugely difficult and alternative ideas?

  9. Instead of criticizing others efforts better focus on ourselves. I think that in free software the most important thing is freedom. Ans what we see? We see that there is strong pressure to eliminate competitors, more prevalent than in commercial environment. This is smelling like hypocrisy isnt it? If someone do not want to donate, no one will insist, but please avoid monopolizing free software with "established players" because it will lead to dangerous monopoly!!!

    There is of course ongoling battle for money between open source projects. Do not forget it:P

  10. Why not to simply leave other open source projects for themselves? if they prove that they are worthy donations then all ok!
    I also do not think that donating to a nonexistent project before seeing it in action is a good move...

  11. That's why we don't have that many open source software. People always say "open source is better because it's open source". The problem is.... it's always yet-another-open-source-project.

    That is one reason Blender 3D is a pretty great program. Because people don't start yet-another-open-source-3d-suite.

    If people stopped making yet-another-open-source-project and worked on current open source projects, we'd have enough to build open source projects as good as commercial projects.

  12. I dont know about you, but i watched and read the kicker starter thing, and honestly it read like a marketing SCAM.

    Personally all of the nle's have been like this. Until there is an HONEST open-source nle, i'll have to stick with commercial.

  13. an "opensource" project should not need funding to survive. This sounds more like one mans dream, not a community project. I cant get the source code, hell, I cant even get a copy of the program, yet he tacks on open source and asks the "community" for 25K with NOTHING to show.

    Make at least a halfassed video editor before asking for donations. so far all I have seen of novacut is marketing. give me what you promise first. If its half of what you promise, then you can have my money. until I see some source code, novacut is a scam in my mind; abusing the opensource name.

  14. what the hell... stop saying there are no good open source nle's.... Kdenlive is already an amazing AND intuitive video editor that is free and open source. technically it's cross platform, but have fun installing on anything but linux. on linux it's just a click in the package manager. it has a great and customizable ui, great effects, some keyframeable effects, has proxy clips for HD video editing, great format support, stop motion utility, color and audio monitoring features, more... plus lightworks for windows right now is a pro level editor. openshot is an amazing easy editor for the home user... i think different projects with different goals need to work separately.

    people should support novacut if they hav a few dollars.. if you're strapped for cash only donate to projects you rely on but i don't see the harm in helping out a legit project. jason has already put in a lot of work in dmedia and it shows promise.

  15. Cinelarra works fine but does take a while to understand because of it's unusual interface(where have I heard that before)

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