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3D camera mapping scenes for the documentary MOTALKO


Plain 3D camera animation with 2D actors can be so effective. This is probably the most stunning 2D actor animation I saw sofar. It is amazing how successful Miklós was in injecting live into those old images - of course the music fits perfectly. Camera mapping can really be amazing.

Watch and enjoy - this is truly stunning work.

Miklós Falvay writes:

Hello, my name is Miklós Falvay, I'm a freelance media design artist from Hungary.
Last year Attila Kékesi documentary director asked me, to work with him in his new movie Motalko.
I had to make "something interesting" with a lot of old photographs and documents. I found some camera mapping scenes on the internet, and finally we chosen this technique.
I never used any 3D software before, but I thought, this is a good time for learning Blender!


The whole process (modelling, texturing, compositing) was done with Blender 2.49.
Created by: Miklós Falvay
Layout artist: Domonkos Pinke

MOTALKO is a documentary about the first Hungarian petrol station.
Directed by Attila Kekesi, produced by Miklos Havas.
Released in 2011.