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GSoC Carrot Branch: Dynamic Wave Simulation


CGEffex writes:

As much as Tomato has become to camera tracking,  Carrot has to Dynamic Paint. Since Miika first posted a demonstration video of dynamic paint working with iWave in early February, some major improvements have been made and we finally have something to play with!

Miika writes:

Last week I was checking my iWave implementation from February. As you may remember it had quite strange issues: it kept emitting waves way too long after the obstacle had moved away, and sometimes waves seemed to move in wrong direction.

Finally I decided to implement another 2D wave algorithm instead. This time it's based on "Height Field Fluids" slides by Matthias Müller-Fischer. With some modifications it now works on mesh objects and is even compatible with new vertex surfaces.

He has a demonstration video, and a sample .blend file too, although it's really not hard at all to set it up yourself. The moment I first tried it out myself, I was absolutely overwhelmed with it's simplicity, and yet fantastic results, so go grab a carrot built over at graphicall, and have fun!

NOTE: You will need a build after revision 38044 of the Carrot branch. You can download one from



  1. I genuinely wish I could contribute to the discussion, but these developments are so cool I just want to tell the world about this wonderful program that has grown so much since I started using it. *Wells up and cries with joy*

    @Martin - looks like it's baked (red timeline).

  2. Looks nice...
    Though not physically correct, waves doesn't interact each other. But very useful than heavy fluid sim.
    Thanks, for your hard work.

  3. beta-tester on

    very awesome...!!!

    @gag: funny idea to simulate a slowmo of a facepunch...
    or better a fat-man-stomach-punch in slowmo... more mass, more waves, more motion... :D

    oh, sorry that was too much...
    I apologize me, for my lack of respect

  4. Yes nice...

    But I'll consider its use will be quite as marginal, right ?
    What about kind of unlimited clay from farsthary integration ?

  5. Is there any place where I can find explanation on what Carrot, Salad, Redish and other vegetable branch means?
    thanks in advance.

  6. Now officially more excited for this summers implementations, than I was for the initial 2.5 restructure.

    Thanks for constantly upping the awesome!

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