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Japanese Blender 2.5 Book released


Toudou+ announces his new Japanese Blender book.

Toudou+ writes:

This is Toudou+, Blender user in Japan. I wrote and published Blender 2.5 training book called "Blender 2.5 Master Book" in Japanese book stores and Amazon on June 2nd. This book covers almost all blender functions, and reader can learn such functions through many tutorials and explanations. And the book contains all blend files and data (e.g.textures) which are used in the tutorials. And I considered contents so that readers can find easily explanation that they want to know later as reference book.Of course, this book is written in Japanese. This book is not for non-Japanese speakers. Sorry. But I would like to know what happened in Japan. I think that this is good opportunity to increase
Japanese Blender user, since there is very few Blender book in Japanese which explains entire blender functions. And many Japanese hesitate to read English more than non-Japanese speakers imagin (Grammar is completely different, for example).

The followings is the content of table fo the book.

1. What is Blender
2. What can do in Blender
3. How to get Blender
3.1 System requirements
3.2 Get installer
3.3 Install Blender
4.Blender GUI
4.1 Screen layout
4.2 How to customize
4.3 Zoom in/out editor
5. Basic operations
5.1 Customize operations
5.2 Mouse operations
5.3 Changing view
5.4 Undo/ Redo
5.5 Input numeric value
5.6 Saving files
5.7 Import data
6. 3D View port
6.1 Shelf
6.2 What is in the 3D view port initially
6.3 Display mode
7. Workflow of creating 3DCG
8.  Modeling
8.1 Operation mode/Select mode
8.2 Modeling rocket
8.3 Wrap-up and explanation of modeling
(Contains 23 sub-paragraph to explain modeling functions)
9. Camera
9.1 Setting camera in Rocket scene
9.2 Wrap-up and explanation of camera
(Contains 2 sub-paragraphs)
10. Lighting
10.1 Setting light in Rocket scene
10.2 Wrap-up and explanation of lighting
(Contains 4 sub-paragraphs)
11. Rendering
11.1 Rendering Rocket scene
11.2 Rendering properties
11.3 Comparing rendered images
11.4 Partial rendring
11.5 Stamps
11.6 Optimizing rendering
12. Materials
12.1 Setting materials in Rocket scene
12.2 Wrap-up and explanation of materials
(Contains 11 sub-paragraphs)
13.1 Setting textures in Rocket scene
13.2 Wrap-up and explanation of texture
(Contains 8 sub-paragraphs)
14. World
14.1 Basic of world setting
14.2 Using texture in world setting
14.3 Ambient Occlusion
14.4 Environment lighting
14.5 Indirect lighting
14.6 Mist
14.7 Star
15. Particle
15.1 Create grass in Rocket scene
15.2 Wrap-up and explanation of Particle
(Contains 3 sub-paragraphs)
16. Basic Animation
16.1 Setting animation in Rocket scene
16.2 \Wrap-up and explanation of animation
(Contains 6 sub-paragraph)
17. Smoke
17.1 Setting smoke in Rocket scene
17.2 Wrap-up and explanation of smoke
(Contains 4 sub-paragraphs)
18. Node
18.1 Post production in Rocket scene
18.2 Wrap-up and explanation of Node
(Contains 5 sub-paragraphs)
19. Video Sequencer
19.1 Editing movies of Rocket scene
19.2 Wrap-up and explanation of video sequencer
(Contains 3 sub-paragraphs)
20. Sculpt
20.1 Creating complex ground
20.2 Wrap-up and explanation of sculpting
(Contain 2 sub-paragraphs)
21. Armature/Shape key
21.1 Creating Monkey animation
21.2 Wrap-up and explanation of Armature
(Contains 3 sub-paragraphs)
21.3 Shape key
21.4 DopeSheet editor
21.5 NLA editor
(Contains 3 sub-paragraphs)
22. Rigid body
22.1 Creating broken wall scene
22.2 Wrap-up and explanation of rigid body
(Contains 4 sub-paragraphs)
23. Cloth
23.1 Creating cloth simulation
23.2 Wrap-up and explanation of cloth
(Contains 4 sub-paragraphs)
24. Fluid
24.1 Creating fluid simulation
24.2 Wrap-up and explanation of fluid
(Contains 4 sub-paragraphs)
25. Boids
25.1 Creating flying bugs scene
25.2 wrap-up and explanation of boids
(Contains 2  sub-paragraphs)
26. Softbody
26.1 Applying softbody to the Monkey animation
26.2 Wrap-up and explanation of softbody
27. Hair
27.1 Creating hair on monkey
27.2 Wrap-up and explanation of hair
(Contains 4 sub-paragraphs)
28. Add-ons
28.1 Basic of Add-ons
28.2 Install Add-ons
28.3 Introducing Add-ons
29. References
29.1 How to get latest Blender before official relase version
29.2 Introducing Blender communities
29.3 Introducing Blender web sites

Thank you for your reading.



  1. Arigato ! even if I don't understand Jap, this book has an impressive index
    and looks very interesting, good work.

  2. この本かきましてくれたありがとうございました、今日からブランダーをつかってみたいですが、すこしむずかしいだとおもいますよ、とにかく、ありがとうございます、またね

  3. wow, that is quite a comprehensive list of topics covered- would love this to be translated into English as my Jap is about as bad as my elvish

  4. Thank you, everyone.

    I don't know that there is a plan to translate this book.
    But I informed that I put this articles to this web site to manager of publish company.
    If there are many requests to publish English version, the manager might think of it.


    難しかったですか?なるべく、Step by Stepでやっていけば出来るような形にしたつもりです。

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