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Stormy afternoon by Enrico


Enrico writes:

Long time without posting, so here is a new image.
I tried to get a stormy atmosphere contrasting between a quiet place and an upcoming shaked moment.


  1. Nice rendering skills - lighting seems very inconsistent (bright sky in background, house lit from the right, rocks lit from the front, hard shadows on the grass at left) and the tone a bit too warm to convey the mood.

    Compositionally, you could afford to give more space to the sky - it might make it look a little less like an architectural model.

    Awesome textures, I love the water, and the house model is great.

  2. Wow! Looks realistic! First I thought "ugh.. I hope that nothing's happened.." Because it looks almost like a photograph.

  3. Dude, come on now! Stop trying to pass what is obviously a photograph off as a Blender render. Really, I mean, the nerve of some people...


    Haha, brilliant job!

  4. comeinandburn on

    So great to see some work from Enrico! He's one of the reason's I decided to dive into Blender... amazing artist, and this is no exception.

  5. great render!
    something about it makes me think it a miniature, but I'm not able to track down what it is... :/

  6. Grandmaster B on

    Its not news that people make good work with Blender... so whats the point of this?
    And who exactly is Enrico? I know a couple of Enricos. Or is he like Madonna?

    The image is good but not outstanding or interesting enough to post it here.

  7. Enrico (last name Cerica) is a bit of a celebrity among many Blenderheads. You usually just mention "Enrico" next to a photorealistic rendering modeled in Blender, and you know we're talking about Enrico Cerica. Though I must say, this picture is good and I esp. like the water, but I've seen much from him.

    Check out his gallery here: My favorite picture is the handcuffed hands playing the piano.

  8. i like the feel and the atmosphere (literally and figuratively). i wouldn't exactly say it looks realistic with the light modelling, however. but it's art, and shouldn't necessarily be. if i want realistic i'll grab a camera. i actually think if the scene was real and a photo was taken, a generous amount of post-processing would be required in order to MAKE it look interesting, whereas this scene takes that into account already.

    the only thing critical i could have to say about this image is the focus. i'm really not sure where i'm supposed to be looking as the artist hasn't led my eye to one particular subject. the treehouse/trendy-architecture is main character but the rocks are interesting enough to distract. there's a boat without a sailor added seemingly as an afterthought, there's no story there because how the heck did the sailor get off the boat? is she still swimming? why isn't it docked or dragged on shore? not problems when it comes to animating, but when you're painting with 3d objects with the intention of a still....

    very emotive, and i enjoy it. thanks for sharing.

  9. Clayton Walker on

    Thanks for the amazing compression, and the link to the source, I can REALLY pick out a lot of detail.

  10. A brilliant piece of work. Not that I'll get anywhere this good anytime soon, but it makes me glad I invested in Octane.

  11. First of all congratulations for a great transformation from an idea to the finished render, which is actually extraordinary. Second, I saw someones comment saying that the render looks a bit like a miniature; It is true, because of the camera focal length setting, the view cone is just too narrow (narrower than normal human eye would see). A bit of psychology: in moments just before a storm hits, the dynamic changes, which happen in front of a spectator, make him subconsciously (as a part of a natural instinct) look around, sharpen his senses, to prepare him self for what is coming. The down side of this image is that it doesn't allow us to look around, to believe it... I'm not saying that you don't know how to make an image believable, on the contrary, I am saying that you should make this "photo" larger, because if you had put in a lot of work to make this amazing center piece, you should put in just a bit more work (Use your great talent and knowledge :) ) to make it legendary! Don't accept 95%, go for the 100%!

    Best regards!

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