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Blender World Wide User Map


Where are the Blenderheads at? Check the Blender World Wide User Map!

p@ddy_anim writes:

The Worldwide Blender Users Map is available for population. The hope is that it will evolve into local user groups. There are three ways to enter your details (name_tag, town, country)

  1. You can enter your location and name tag here in this post, and i'll pop you up on the map.
  2. or you can head over to Blender artists thread at this Blender Artists thread
  3. or you can go directly to the map and enter your details as per the instructions below.

The instructions are

1) log in to gmail / google account / etc

2) view the map

3) a button will appear in the top right of the left info panel, above the list of names, labelled Edit.

4) after clicking that, three extra icons appear at the top left of the map window, click the blue place-mark tab - place it - enter details - click ok.

There is great response so far and would love to get all possible users involved in this map.

Hope to see you there.


  1. Tossed my name in the list! Unsurprisingly there is no one from my city on the list - closest people are at least an hour off. Ah well!

  2. Ok I'm new with the google maps. One thing i noticed that sucks is that it only shows the tags for one page. Is there any way to have it show all the tags in a given area instead of just one page worth?

  3. David Haymond on

    Great idea!

    Name: David Haymond
    Location: Columbia Falls, Montana, United States
    Using Blender since 2006

  4. Couldn't hurt to join in... Seems like a good thing...

    Tag:- Robco.

    City:- Raymond Terrace, NSW. (near Newcastle)

    Country:- Australia.

  5. The Blender 3D world user map is now by request only.

    This means a lot of admin work on my part and I need to go into deep geography mode as the pins have been moved and put in oceans etc. Please be patient. This is due to constant map vandalism.

    I'll keep updating.

    anyone who has only provided name, i am unable to replace your pin, so please make sure to provide location details along with your name. a link to a website is not going to work,

    Thank and look forward to receiving lots of requests.

    Need NAME, TOWN/CITY, Country.

  6. Chrome Monkey on

    @ pixelznbits
    @ paddy_admin,

    This answer seems to apply to both concerns -- I think an oversight in the way GoogleMaps was built is behind the problems we've seen here:

    1) I noticed that when logged onto Googlemaps, it is possible to accidentally move the location of placemarks just by normal mousedragging the map around in a densely populated region. This happens even without first selecting the "EDIT" button. If the mouse gets too close to a marker, the marker gets dragged instead of the map, and with so many markers on the map at once, the screen updating gets very laggy, which only contributes to making these kinds of errors. The only way the markers are safe is when one is not logged onto Googlemaps with an account... as I noticed, the EDIT button only prohibits changing the typed content when not selected, but does nothing to prohibit the moving of the markers.

    2) As for not all the markers showing up at once, this is also something that goes away when the user logs out of their GoogleMaps account sign-in. When logged onto ones Googlemaps account, markers become "filtered" so that only those listed on the current page of the results screen show up on the map. After logging out from your Googlemaps account, the filtering is removed, and all of the markers again become visible regardless of whether or not the entry is visible on the currently displayed results page.

    The crux of the problem appears to be some poorly thought-out interface rules on the part of the GoogleMaps team. While I wouldn't put it past some to do intentional vandalism, my gut instinct is that most of it has been unintentional, given how clunky the process can be when scaled up to hundreds of placetags.

    Making any sense at all?

  7. Nickname: EaglesNestOne
    Location: Logan City, QLD, Australia.

    It's nice to see there are so many blenderheads out there! Props to the OP over at Blender Artists.

  8. Much respect to p@ddy_anim. :)

    I noticed this map pretty early and thought it was a really good idea. :D

    It still is!!

    There has been some map vandalism. Most of it is probably unintentional due the unsurprising ease of editing pins and the confusing interface (it took me a few attempts to get my own pin right, check Chesterfield in the middle of the UK). I guess it takes a community the size of to really flush the bugs out of an application like this, and I seriously wonder whether it's been put under this much stress before.

    Because of the vandalism (intentional or unintentional is not relevant) it was a good decision imo to restrict editing access to the map. I've already found an active Blender user within 20 miles of me from this map and I'm sure that with time, this could really be a good networking tool.

    Submissions to the map are still possible via the blenderartists link in the main text of the article. I've offered my time as an additional map moderator and suggested a trackable (consequences!!) wiki of listed members if necessary.

    I seriously hope that the exponential growth of this map continues. I'm an amateur with limited time, but if many people each give a small amount of their time then great things can happen... This is the spirit of open source. :)

    All the best to all Blender users out there.


  9. I'm surprised:
    The map is almost empty for India and China.

    China could be understandable because of of a missing translation, but India?

  10. Hi again... yesterday my name was in the map, but someone should have deleted it... so here I am, again:

    Name: RedBaron85 (Francesco Milanese)
    Location: Catania, Italy
    Description: Blender Foundation Certified Trainer, Blender 3D user since 2007,

    Great idea, too bad there are so many "vandals" around... ;-)
    Thank you, bye!

  11. Aleksi Tuomela on

    Hey, great idea! I want to be there too =)

    Name: Aleksi Tuomela
    Location: Oulu (Tyrnävä, Murto), Finland

  12. Great idea. This is me:

    Name: Jeroen Mank
    (JeroenM, formarly known as hijothema @elysiun)
    Location: Nijmegen Centrum, the Netherlands
    Description: Eternal Newbie

  13. Name; Adam
    Location: north epping, sydney, australia (-33.762634,151.092602)
    Description: Blender hobby user, since 2003

  14. Name: Ian McGlasham
    Location: Stoke Newington, London, England
    Description: Head of Motion Graphics, Highflyer Productions

  15. Name:Marijn de Graaf
    Location:Bladel, The Netherlands

    Location:North Pole

    make sure this article gets changed if its by reques only now. It's very confusing right now.

  16. DskRbt
    northland shopping centre (sorry thats the closest i am going to give)
    heidelberg west 3084
    melbourne australia
    Cheers DskRbt

  17. why I'm still not on the map? Is this some issue for China's Google map I cannot find the edit button?

    Location again:

    name: congcong009 (Ethan Luo)
    Location: Pukou, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
    BlenderCN yeah!

  18. Great idea, and thanks for the effort for add one by one in order to prevent the 'vandalism' ;)

    Name: Víctor Hernández (victorhrz)
    City/Location: Valencia, Spain (Av de Vicente Blasco Ibáñez
    46022 Valencia)

    Cheers! :)

  19. Cool!
    Please add me in the map! My information is:

    name: Jose Roberto Navas
    Location: San Salvador, El Salvador
    Using Blender since 2011


  20. This is a great idea! It's pretty cool to see the random areas that people are taking advantage of the great open-source software.

  21. Yay I'm on it. And he put me right in the centre of the Kronenburger Park. For the dutch among us: Frank Boeijen any one? I actually live a two minutes walk from the park so it's close enough :-)

  22. Zain and Nils Austa - I can't add you. i don't know where you are. Simple - name, town, coutry. Prividing me with a link to a modified Blender map persents with the hundreds of place maps - which one are yours? Name, town, country. that's all i need. thanks

  23. Hello, tank you for putting me on the map, but my position is wrong there, can you fix by this position please:
    -8° 43? 12.61?, -63° 54? 6.37?

    These were my settings:

    "Name: Guaraci Lage
    Location: Porto Velho, Rondônia, Brazil
    -8° 43? 12.61?, -63° 54? 6.37?
    Description: Artista Gráfico 3d, freelancer e estudante de arte."


  24. (I tried to edit my previous post but not working)

    Just clarifying:

    The position what I want is not exactly my home cause I don't want my exact door on the map, and I don't want another place pointed like being mine.
    My home is near the airport and no one lives there, that is why I choose the landing runway of my town. It is not me joking with the Blender 3d World map, the position is merely my personal choice.

    The position is -8.720169, -63.901770

    My English is really bad, I hope to be understandable.

    Thank you again.

  25. Christian Hartung on

    really great idea!

    I'm using blender since 2006.
    I'm doing 3D-Visualizations and technical animations for machines with Blender. (Full-Time)

    would you please add me to the map?

    Christian Hartung

    Zürich, Switzerland

  26. ChameleonScales on

    This kind of map could be extended to free and open source graphics software in general, not just Blender. What do you think ?

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