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Malaysian Blenderians - Aspati Animation Open Project Reel 2010


Full Animation Production Pipeline using Blender 3D 2.5
Thank you Blender! ...

Community : Malaysian Blenderians
Location : IPOH, Perak MALAYSIA

Full 3D Production Pipeline using OSS ( Open Source Software )
Research Focus on :
Pre Productions - OSS Celtx,OpenOffice
Productions - OSS Blender3D,GIMP,Pencil
Post Productions - OSS Blender3D,Wax
Render - Special custom mini render farm system (GRID)


  1. So I think this is ok. I don't think they should have sped their scenes up though. It makes the animation look crappy. and if the animation was already not so good then it amplifies the bad. I think instead of speeding up the animation they should have put less in it and left the animations at normal speed. Some of the models and animation toward the end was kind of bad. like stuff they may have done as their first project or something. Some was good but they should have just left out the part with the "doll" computer. that whole sequence was bad.

    I think this reel shows people everything they did. They should put one together that shows people everything they did that was awesome!

  2. bravo great work man great work

    *your modeling skills are a pice of crap but than again unqiue so great work i like great concept good CARTOONY RENDER

  3. what is this for?? I agree with first two and add that this stuff is strange...maybe I'm 20 years too old to appreciate tho.

  4. wa,,,duh ! boleh pakai cantik kecuali si ulat dengan kerusi bermata tak nampak blend dari segi modelling skill dan projek kamu ... apo jadi ?

    kalau jual kat RTM/MP pasti dapat ... saya berbanding 3d animasi yang terdapat dalam siaran tempatan sekarang ini dimana ada segelintir animasi tempatan tanpa segan silu mempamirkan satu projek yang tidak boleh dipakai langsung. saya percaya projek kamu kalau diatur semula pasti memberi cabaran kepada yg lain

    Penilaiain saya satu projek yang cantik dan menepati inti pati sebagai 3D house of production kalau boleh menambah nilai dalam atur cara animasi yg lebih hebat dan cuba sync dengan audio - Malaysia BOLEH.

    gu caya lu BOLEH !

  5. Pep`s that crappy "looking" animation parts ar not crappy. Must focus on animation not on the way the persona looks and are rendered. An animation can be done with "game characters" with very low poly and still be an animation. This show reel it is a bout skills in animation not graphic expectation. But looks some of you don`t get the difference maybe you did not draw anything in your life time and complain.

    Get a pencil and animate , do it in 3D then redo it ... then ask for "graphics" and "quality". How about stop motion ? How about less frames better mesage ? An animation must not be always fluid ceck ANIME , STOP MOTION and inbetween of this too.

    Overall the rell it is good for what they made but they can revert some part that looks not so "perfect" to name them on character animation. So you get no motif then to critic badly.

    Try to do it yourself and then argue.

    This it is an example of animation that got someon working for The Matrix 2 look at it and compare.

    Then you will see why this reel it is good!

  6. Blender Nation is really not what is used to be...
    I cannot believe some of the above comments.
    This is one thing to give contructive critisism but
    that is another think to be very disrespectfull toward someone
    else work.
    People write in their native language.... pfff what is going on.
    Blender should really think about employing a moderator.
    Or create a blenderNation for mature people.

    Anyway, Thank you guys for sharing your work with the community,
    I hope to see a complete sequence of your project very soon.

  7. I agree totally with the user BLINK.
    Some comments are no constructive criticism, like his friend John that is too old to appreciate, but perhaps too young to have learned education?;)
    The level of Belndernation fell drastically as the value of its news, BlenderNation is a reference site for Blender, it is necessary that it should have a higher level, or lose credibility.
    A few interesting news and underdeveloped, in these pages all ends now .. no moderation, the level has dropped too.

  8. You must look at Killer Bean on the animation (movement) side, and idea presentation. Not on the modelling side. There is a lot of people got jobs just by animating the Animation Mentor main character inside a basic 3d world. That is to animation to turntables is to modelling.

    However, I will not comment Aspati animation due to certain reason.

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