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Animation Mentor Animals & Creatures Master Class


For those of you who are looking to take your existing animation skills to the next level, Animation Mentor is offering a master class in animals and creatures movement. Even if you are not , its well worth watching their demo video.

"A first of its kind in the industry, Animals & Creatures: Master Class is an advanced course that teaches students how to tell a different kind of story. Taught by leaders in the visual effects animation industry, the course focuses on animating quadrupeds, fantasy creatures, flying animals, as well as effectively integrating animation with live-action footage. Students use three new advanced rigs and match-move plates provided by Animation Mentor.

During two 12-week classes, students are introduced to the basics of locomotion, quadruped walks, weight and behavior in the first part of this series. In the second part of the series, these skills are further developed as students create believable animal and creature performance that’s integrated with live-action footage. In addition, the course includes workflow tips and tricks and best industry practices from industry professionals who are currently working on animating animals and creatures."

Animation Mentor is an online school taught by animation industry professionals. Click here for more information about the program and to view the two demo videos.