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'Jacob on the Road' by Dave Interactive


Dave Interactive, a South Korean studio  is working on the animation called "Jacob on the Road". Blender is the main tool used to "spread the valuable christian message through our animations". They plan to make 2 episodes, 30 minutes each.

sean hwang writes:


This is  "Jacob on the Road" 3D animation by Dave Interactive animation studio.
Blender is main tools for it.

Dave Interactive is independent animation production studio, located in Seoul, Korea. Currently our company is in the process of producing projects targeting Christians, and they are called "Jacob on the Road". Come and see it at Dave Interactive if you need more information. Please let me know if you have any question and comment. Thanks.

Link: Jacob on the Road by Dave Interactive


  1. Not sure the religion bashing is appropriate for this website. Seeing as how this is blendernation, it probably would be best if we limited our discussion to the technical merits of how this team is utilizing Blender for their animation; rather than digressing to religious debate.

  2. HELLLOOOO! Blender is free to use, whether it is porn, arch-viz, evangelization or demonstrating molecules. Heck, none of the apps have content restriction, so don't start here. If you don't like it, change the channel.

    The animation looks good. Glad to see Blender being used to that extend.

  3. @Aukeran: there was ONE comment bashing religion, and ONE comment just saying it was sad, the fact that you start talking about pests of intolerant atheists[sic], speaks more about your own fanaticism. No one expects the Spanish Inquisition.

    It seems very nicely done, technically accomplished without attempting to push the boundaries. Just professionally done. How "main" is Blender's usage?

    On the religious issue, I think:

    a)It's super cool that Blender can be used for whatever you want. Having said that,

    b)You have to accept the fact that religion will rub some of us the wrong way, and this is an open site. Ultimately, BN's admins have the final word on what to allow and what to censor(no, that's not a dirty word). But to me, as long as it is said in a respectful way, people should be allowed to criticize religion as much as they want.

    c)I'm not clear whether it is trying to push notions of creationism or intelligent design, in which case it is sad that such an accomplish animations is being put to so nefarious uses IMHO, or if it is an attempt to reconcile scientific theories with religious belief, in which case I'm all for it.

    there's my 2 pesos.

  4. Just to make it sure:
    I am NOT bashing religion, nor their work.
    I just hate it when people want to convince others to believe something.
    Knowing the fact that this was made for children, this is mindwash for me.

    I really cant stand it when others want to force you into their believe!
    That already ruined cultures...

    Great animation by the way...

  5. Hey! what is the matter with you guys, why not stick to the feel of this movie trailer and the technical side of it?
    I´ve checked out on a regular basis for one year now, and how many animations of this "profesional" quality do you actually come across???
    As a matter of fact I am myself fighting the very difficult challange of making such a short, and it is extremely difficult.
    So why not in this forum treat this animation as any other animation and comment on it as that...

    So, well, here are my comments:

    1.I think the overall impression of it is that is´s professional, It is not groundbreaking, on the other hand it is better than many of the 3d toons shown on childrens channels.
    2.speech: I miss the speech? I suppose animation and sound is a unity and thus, speech is a necessity in order to evaluate the quality of any animation.
    3.I like the sequence with the dancing monkeys a lot - very cool
    4. I don´t like the "lamps" that are shown after approx 28 seconds, - there seems to be a problem with the 3d fell, it looks like 2d, a light/shading issue perhaps?

    Best, Jaqueline

  6. Nice animations! Lip synch was a little bit off. Really liked the camera motion following the coin.

    Please don't bash the content, if you knew how important and meaningful it is to know and talk to the creator of the universe you wouldn't feel such. I will pray for all of you, meanwhile, I love blender:)

  7. Great !

    I will do a series of short films like this to encourage the people to think for themselves and and read alot of history to understand how christianism is just a mix of older religions !

    I love religion , is the best thing man has aver invented !!!

    yay !

  8. I'm so glad they could use Blender to make this series. The animation and production quality looks wonderful. The website looks great too. Keep up the great work Dave Interactive!!! May God bless you and your ministry.

  9. I am Korean......

    This work
    10KM away from my room at the point was made.


    BlenderNation and for the first time I heard the news.

    I think
    the order
    was wrong.

  10. I'm biting my tongue very hard not to comment about the subject matter (or is that biting my fingers since I'm typing?); I think we need to stay away from insulting people's beliefs here.

    On a technical note, this is first rate animation. Go Blender!

  11. to all of you bashing religion and complaining that people will show this to their children and little kids, hear this:

    if you were to hear something about a political campaign, or even screw that, a campaign about protecting the environment, would you complain? my guess is, probably not. on that note, if these kids parents dont want them watching this show, then they can screw off and change the channel!!!! if you think its bad that these parents are showing their kids this, you're either too narrowminded to realize that your parents taught you parallel values such as political orientation and helping the environment, or you're just a grouch.

  12. @hey
    Yes of course I would. Do you have so little faith in your own opinions that you refuse to defend them? I think you have effectively answered that with your post.

    My own take: impressive animation dubious inspiration but obviously heartfelt.

  13. @hey: to some a religious message is just a matter of choice. To others, you might as well be proselytizing pedophilia. I'm closer to the second opinion, particularly with 2 of the major monotheistic religions. I don't think religion is EVIL per se(actually, I do think it is necessary), but I do think that its modern incarnation is a rather negative asset for society as a whole. That is MY point of view, and I think I'm free to express it as long as I am doing it in a respectful way. The trailer is not clear as to the message of the whole series, but it might be one promoting creationism, and that to me is a very dangerous idea. Very, very dangerous.

    I will not push for censorship, though, but I do feel a certain ethical obligation to express my disagreement.

  14. differentsmoke:

    It's funny you should feel an ethical obligation. If there is no moral standard higher than yourself then everyone acts on their feelings. Uh oh, I think that's what Hitler did... maybe the fact that there is morals proves they were created by someone higher than ourselves.

  15. Let's keep it technical, people. We're just here to observe the technical usage of Blender. I may or may not like a given instance of content that gets created with Blender itself, but I'm not here to judge that aspect of the Blender usage. We are all different people and are entitled to our personal usages of Blender freely. Part of the concept of "free and open-source" is that not only is the software free, but is free to be used for our own personal purposes. We're not here to judge each other's personal purposes--we're here to see how Blender got used.

    And Jimmyon, you are going to cause unnecessary debate with your comment.

    >>I am NOT bashing religion, nor their work.
    I just hate it when people want to convince others to believe something.
    Knowing the fact that this was made for children, this is mindwash for me.<<

    Whether you care to admit it or not, you are still getting your indirect form of "bashing" done, just by talking about something that is clearly not the feature of this article here. This video was posted up for its technical aspect, so let's talk about that aspect here.

    And the same goes with you religious. Please, not in any offensive way, but to keep from being offensive, please kindly refrain from the "God bless this ministry" lines and such, to keep from provoking unnecessary debate here. Please don't take this as a person trying to hush up Jesus" from being told to the world--take it as a person telling you to live peaceably among all men as much as possible. Blessed are the peacemakers, if I recall. I mean no disrespect, nor do I wish any discomfort--that's why I;m asking this of you, as a friend.

    My comments are sincere and I do not mean offense to anyone. Let's just enjoy ourselves some Blender here, huh? (and good on you 3DFan for basically making this same point!)

  16. Brian,

    Thank you, I tried at the beginning, but couldn't help myself as it started turning quite one sided. I do not want to devolve or cast any disparaty on blender which I love and am addicted to. My sincerest apologies and thank you for your input which I respect greatly. I am personally working on a christian film myself, and it's hard to listen to comments and not respond. Again I apologize.

  17. @NRK: I don't think your argument holds up very well. Morals are simply the baseline for common behavior traits it takes to form a lasting human community. Most people generally are born within a range that fits the majority's "morals" (and thus, we mostly get along). There are some people born with morals outside the normal range. Of course, culture has a huge impact on what's considered moral at any particular time and place (the Old Testament has much in it we consider immoral now) as does economics. People outside the normal range are generally considered "sociopaths" (and for good reason).

    Belief in God doesn't seem have much effect on whether someone is a sociopath or not, and certainly, neither does a lack of belief in a god. There is also no reason to believe that a god is necessary for morals, as people across the world and history share most morals despite widely varying religions. Other primates also have been shown to have a sense of morals, although, not nearly as sophisticated as humans.

    No, it's not feelings I think people who don't like this content are acting on, but rather, rational measured thought, especially in weighing the evidence of the ills of organized religion and theology (which in many, if not most cases, goes against humanity's instinctive "feelings"). It is the belief that there is "someone higher than ourselves" which disregards rational thought and all evidence to the contrary to be nothing more than acting on "feelings". Faith is no more than that.

  18. @Brian: I've notice that often, content is heavily debated in the comments. I've come to a conclusion that although it's an interesting concept to want to only consider the technical merits of work posted, it's unrealistic in a community such as Blender's to actually put that into practice. I'm not entirely sure it's even the right way to approach content as content created by the community is very much a part of the evolution of Blender (i.e., what people do with the tool is a valid and healthy area of debate.)

  19. Overall a fairly good trailer. The dialog at the beginning looked fine to me; although I think the entire piece could have used more dialog. The first bit a dialog implied something, and it would have been nice to see how that tied together with the rest of the animation.

    The animation was really good. Very professional looking and nicely done. The music reminded me a bit of a carnival and I think, based on the rest of the animation, that's the sound they wanted. That was probably the only bit that I found a little annoying.

    Nice use of blender.

  20. Wow great work. The design is really impressive!
    And what's with all this religion garbage. Its very ridiculous! As if religion is not an acceptable subject in animation.
    Aside from that very impressive work.

  21. nxain:

    It does hold up. Without an absolute UNCHANGING moral standard, how are your morals better than mine? Your definition of sociopath is not mine. Neither is the 'norm' a good way to go, a hundred years ago slavery was the 'norm'.

    P.S. Sorry Brian, I enjoy this, I'm not angry, I'm having a good time, bring it on :)

  22. @daniel

    I see you also want to spread your opinions about religion and science (like what you are doing here)? Would you criticise people spreading your message in a similar manner using blender? This isn't a debate about how they are using the video, it's really just about religion and belief itself, and that kind of discussion doesn't really belong here...

  23. Yeah, kellpossible, I agree. I know there are a lot of you who agree and I really don't want to offend you, so I will post on this thread no longer. It might kill me, but I'll do it and I apologize again. He's still working on me.

  24. If (as some commenters are saying) these comments are not the place for religious topics/discussion, and we are to supposed to speak only of the technical aspects of the work. Then BA itself should abide by this, and refrain from publishing the religious motives of the content creators in the article.

  25. To all those complaining about brainwashing kids:
    What about all the brainwashing of children that violent video games and horror movies do? Seems that most of 3D entertainment is put to those uses. At least this time it is a positive message, rather than something that conditions kids to be violent hate-mongers. It's a fact that even the militaries use violent video games to desensitive their troops to make real killing in battle easier.

  26. This is a fantastic looking animation. I mean really amazing!
    I'm not sure i want to see it though. Religion is the only thing that rubs me the wrong way. But i also don't like chick flicks lol. So don't read too much into that.

    Overall i think this is an amazing animation. i look forward to it's counterpart Darwinism series that you guys are talking about ;)
    I hope it at least measures up to the quality of this animation. Plus the gorilla and monkeys look so cute. :D

  27. @NRK: I feel an ethical obligation because it conforms with the kind of world I like to live in. It is not a matter of morals, it is a matter of choice. In fact that's why I used the world ethical instead of moral, because I was reading a philosophy treatise on Baruch Spinoza an according to it the distinction between moral and ethics was precisely that: morals refer to absolute concepts of good and evil while ethics are more about what I think is good for me, as an individual, and what I think is good for us, as a society.

    Second, everyone DOES act on their feelings. And that is not what Hitler did. I mean, that's part of what he did because, as I said, everyone does it, but that's not what set him apart... but for the sake of time, I'll just refer you to Goodwin's Law.

    Concession accepted.

    @Daniel Salazar:

    "Science" is not the answer. The answer is critical thinking, and that's not anathema to religion. As I said before, this looks like it might be a video advocating creationism, which is about as much damage as you can do to kids without physically hurting them, or it might be a video helping kids to reconcile religion and science, in which case I actually think its a good idea.

    But just being a science zealot solves very little, and would lead eventually to a scientific equivalent of religious bigotry. The problem with religion is not its existence, it is its devolving to a dogmatic and "answer based" belief system instead of an open and "question based" belief system.

    The answer is not telling people what to think, it is helping them think for themselves.

    @oofoor: You cannot just point at something you don't like and claim it is brainwashing. The difference between a proselytizing video and a violent one is that the latter doesn't urge you, directly, to be violent. The former does urge you, directly, to think a certain way. If you want to speak about other kinds of brainwashing you might as well point your anger towards commercials for kids products. Toy companies are streamlined and elegant propaganda machines. but some religious institutions are not so far behind, they just got a product that's a bit harder to sell.

    Also, how do you know that "at least this time it will be a positive message"? I don't know what the message is, no one knows besides the fact that it is, supposedly, christian. But it could be that Monkeys are agents of Satan, for all I know. My point being that, even if it is a christian message, there's no way of knowing how positive that is, unless you equate anything with a christian seal of approval as "positive", in which case you're not very objective about the whole matter.

  28. Awesome! The Animators really did a great job on this. Such an impressive animation and the story is inspiring as well. A good way of reaching out people from all ages. Youngsters and the not-so-young will definitely love this. Keep 'em coming guys!

  29. I liked the characters in this animation. The sets were well done, all though I had no sound on to be able to check the lip syncing. Well done. Must have taken a while to do. Hats off to you.

    I love these debates. I mean if this was about a fire breathing demonized dragon that kills and rips the flesh off innocent people most would not careless, they would probably applaud it.... interesting I think. But it is not my place to put the creators of those sort productions down for that is it?

    Any way, fact is, our children are continually force fed various teachings by those who are supposed to lead them in a direction that is supposed to be for their good. E.g. The flag. You probably all salute it and give your allegiance to it. Weird, it is a piece of cloth, even vow to surrender your life to it should some other country defame it...? Give your life...??? Nationalism, it is a religion in itself is it not? Just a thought.

    You send your children to school and regardless of their wishes they are force fed that we are evolved from monkeys and that everyone and everything we see here on earth is a mistake. A mistake which is so accurate and organized, that our beloved scientists can mathematically predict exactly, how things work and when we can expect things to happen, for example why we have our four seasons and that if the earth was just a minute fraction of a degree away from the sun we would freeze, if it were a fraction closer we would burn up. We humans replicate the things found in nature, and call it our designs, why don't we say, these are our mistakes but they work well don't they? And blender...

    Blender is great, it was developed by some very talented people who by their understanding of the sciences can program blender to mathematically 'CREATE' the realism of the world we see around us. It has 'EVOLVED' into an excellent piece of software that we can all, regardless of belief of disbelief use at our own free will.

    I thank you for sharing your hard work with us the community and ask that we stop that bashing and stay on topic. This has really spoiled the actual intent of having the post here, which is to show off what blender can do.

    And everyone else just stick to the topic at hand as these back and forth discussion get us no where.

    Sorry for the long rant.

  30. Pinaka maayu gyud ang mga animators ani.....nindut ang animation murag pang pixar......ang storya kay nindut pud...makahilak ko kay parti sa ginoo.

  31. The animation is really good, and it would be cool to see Blender used more often at this level of mastering.

    I'm not into those forms of religions, but what shows here is that faith and talent can bring up pretty nice things !

    Good work guys ! Keep the faith !

  32. Good animations.

    About the religious talk, we do that thing all times. Aren't we convicing some people to use Blender? Free software?
    Evertimes we are trying to make people believes something, and what kind of epistemology we have to assure that our opinion about anything is right?

    But I'm shure that this isn't the correct place to discuss this great subject.

  33. Sorry, religion + kids minds brainwashing is disgusting. People will use animation in anyway they want but would you post here about some racial hate oriented video? would you post here about child pornographic material made in Blender? Would you be interested in a blender video designed to make kids want to smoke?

  34. Sorry but I see no violence here (except yours maybe...), no child abuse and no pushing towards an addictive behaviour.
    You use strong images to try and make your point and give it more weight, but they are completely out of context here... you're getting dangerously close to the principle of Godwin.
    I don't know what your problem with religion is, but you should chill down a little and show a little respect to others, no matter how far from your own beliefs they are.

    We all have our beliefs, a lot of them having been passed to us by our parents. Is that brainwashing ?
    Maybe. Probably. But then we're all in the same case, aren't we ? Is your truth really better than theirs ?
    In any way, when we grow up, we make our own choices and take our own path.

    I'm no Christian but I respect their beliefs and their faith. Even if their ideas are eons away from my own.

  35. @MonkeyOnMyShoulder: Daniel (and others) may in fact very well see this as a form/ derivative of violence. Also, religion can definitely be seen as an addiction. However, like others have pointed out, this is not the place to go in-depth about it. If you're up for a friendly discussion, make your email address/ msn available and continue the conversation over there.

    As for the animation itself: I love the look and feel it has. This definitely shows that Blender can be used for professional productions.

  36. I...don't even know where to start.

    Jacob on the road. From the title alone, this is clearly the story of Jacob and Esau from Genesis. Whether you believe it's historical or not, it's a great story about rivalry and jealousy between two twin brothers, with a dramatic faceoff and reconciliation at the end. There's also travel, and a love story along the way. If using such a story to teach children about forgiving and reconciling constitutes "brainwashing", I was born on the wrong planet.

  37. Can we just chill with the religion debate and be proud and happy that studio like this uses Blender? Geez! Not so many studios uses Blender, yeah know. Let's just stick to the purpose of this community. To show how powerful Blender has become(and is improving). Let the industry know that Blender has the edge to compete with other 3d software( if not now, then anytime soon). Producing this high quality animation/project and the will to try to break-in to the industry will soon open the doors to other studios to use Blender software. By that would mean more jobs for Blender artist.

    As for the animators and blender artist who made this project, THUMBS UP to you guys! Continue using Blender and keep improving!

  38. This is exactly why blender is never seen as a tool for professionals, because all of this trashing someones work is based on personal opinions only (RELIGIOUS OR OTHERWISE)and to be honest truly unprofessional. I rarely show up and say something here and this is why.

    I am happy for the fact they used blender but maybe they should go to show this stuff off at a real professionals forum, not here. What a shame on all of you!

  39. I have plenty of questions!

    1. How many people are working on this project / how big is the studio?

    2. When do you expect to complete it?

    3. Blender is the main tool - what other softwares are being used. Especially what other open-source softwares?

    The "targeting every age" aspect reminds me of Phil Vischer's Veggietales, which was highly successful in the Christian market here in the U.S. I am guessing (as you mention making just 2 episodes) that this is intended to be sold as DVDs as opposed to being broadcast?

    I was just observing with curiosity - I appreciate the racial diversity of the characters - but I notice they look more American than Korean. Is this intended for just South Korea or for a broader market?

    Thanks! I hope that's not too many questions ;-)

  40. 1. Culture creates the demand.

    2. Demand creates supply.

    3. Supply and demand makes the market.

    4. Market
    Both supply and demand widens.

    Culture is the most basic variables.

    Animation is a simple mechanism of supply.

    South Korea
    Protestant population, 12 million people
    Catholic 5,146,000 people
    Buddhism 10,726,000 people

    Can supply a maximum size of the Christian Animation

    Christian Animation can supply a maximum size of 17,246,000 people.

    the social role of the supplier group (company)
    Satisfy the demand of the culture
    (Personal position should not be privately owned company!!!!)

    Developers (company member) is to participate in the market.
    The method proposed by the government equity participation (money)
    (This is called the state of the company's securities.) Is paid.

    The value of the total amount of money a country
    The amount of the value of a country is like.

    This being a Christian is like the size of the culture.
    The ability to create and expand a culture that is responsible for it is art.

    Art is the most fundamental variable in society has the capability to expand and collapse.

    Not indicating the art is not.
    The satisfaction of human nature
    Is reduced.

    Supply and technology based society
    Changes in basic parameters are tuned.

    Is there any way to shrink the Christian market
    Christian art is to stop.

    I do not want it.

    South Korea
    17,246,000 people should not stop the mouth of the play.

  41. I think that God would not indicating
    I deny creationism.

    God created time.

    God does not depend on time.

    Creationism is now
    God becoming dependent on time
    At some point I think everything is made
    Stupid way of thinking is the product of thought.

    I think Christian beliefs are wrong

    Cultural diversity should not be damaged, but
    Mistaken belief that the attack be condemned and
    Believes the change

    In order to receive criticism and attacks
    Mistaken belief that publicity is needed.

  42. This animation is exceptional.

    Conflating a religious message (particularly the one displayed here) with messages espousing hatred and other disgusting and offensive crimes against humanity is ludicrous. There are simply no similarities. Let them believe what they want to believe, and let them express it in any way they want.

  43. That's all we've done.

    I think the debate has gone to some very idiotic extremes: saying that this is the equivalent of pedophilia(it isn't) or that entertainment routinely encourages people to be violent(it doesn't), coupled with a few references to Hitler on both sides. There's also this zealot belief that any religious message is negative, and the counter zealot one that any religious message is positive. Both approaches show a reliance on prejudice over critical thinking. So let me put it another way:

    What if this was an animation donce by scientologists telling kids not to trust modern medicine and instead rely only on healthy food and exercise whenever they felt ill? We would say "great video, stupid, stupid message", as most of us "bashing religion"(I ain't doing that) are saying now.

    Creationism, as a concept, is not merely a case of forming an opinion, is not a case of mere subjectivity, because it ask of you that you believe a fable as if it was actual history. Judeo-Christian creation myths are just that: myths. The fact that they are myths doesn't mean God is a myth(Catholics and Jews, as far as I know, regard the book of genesis as allegory an poetry, not actual fact, and still believe in God). Trying to turn them into accurate history does damage to culture, it means negating a huge amount of sensible evidence and surrendering your intelligence to a spoon fed belief system. It is not healthy for the mind, nor for the soul.

    Having said that, I'll repeat that from the trailer, it isn't clear to me to what extent this is a Creationist video, an Intelligent Design video(Creationism light) or a video about reconciling science and religion.

    Going back to Blender, yes, I would also like to know how much it was used, and what other FLOSS was involved in the project.

  44. Nice idea, really well made animations, especially the facial animations, quality renders and scene setup was nice too. On the down side. The flow of the story is hidden a bit too well, it would be nice to see more than just seemingly random shots, except from the beginning which is a clear welcome scene. But I didn't really get the hang of it. would be nice to have some speak too, no matter if it wasn't in English. The gorilla looked a bit like donkey kong at some point. I think that's not really so nice, though I'm sure everyone will link any gorilla wearing a tie to donkey kong anyway, so... :/ But I guess that it fits into the scene, more or less. Also the eyelids looked a bit weird at some points, not too much though. Other than that, It's professionally made, not the best I've seen but still awesomely made. One of the best works I've seen done in Blender anyhow.

    I'd too would like to hear what other software was used besides Blender and how much. The renders look like blender internal so I guess that no much other software was used then.

  45. @Jimmyon "Let them believe what they WANT to!"

    I would've thought if you believed in letting people believe in what they want to, that you would let these people believe that it is right to do this. :\

  46. @serpent36
    "Letting them believe what they WANT to" means NOT influencing them!
    They are children, dont show them stuff which influences them that much!

    Apart from Christianity and Islam, every Religion accepts that not the whole world lives in their believe,
    so simply stop trying to convince others of your idea.
    Im so sick of that topic -___-

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