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The return of BlenderCN & the first Blender Guidebook in Chinese


BlenderCN (a Chinese Blender blog) is back, and it's offering more interaction than ever. Want to launch or make some improvements to your local Blender community? You may want to check out what they have done.

Congcong009 writes:

Hi BN readers,

After a long time we will be happy to announce that the BlenderCN official Blog is now online!! And all the Blendercn web sites are back now too, with the new Q&A system. Blender users can now put the questions with blender usage online then wait for someone who can handle these questions. Now the Blender China site are more interaction than ever!! Yeah~ XD

Congcong009 continues:

We will appreciate Fox’s great job to bring our big blog return. He is now working on a full time support for our daily update and support! Thanks for DeathBlood’s web design, he have made the interface more convenience than before. Thanks for Kidux’s work on backend to fix the bugs and made the enhancement for the website. Thanks for noflower, fengzi, congcong009 and all the support from the community, our team will trying to make this site more great and more popular! Rock N Roll!!

Now I will be honored to introduce you what we have done via Blender Nation. The BlenderCN blog contains 5 great parts:

1. Blog

We will trying to collect all great news on Blender from all over the world, and filter the best part to translate them into Chinese. In order to share with everyone around this big country as soon as the news incoming, Fox and Kidux have estimated our own automatic blender specialized vocabulary data base. It will help us to convert the news very fast to update them into the page. Also we will put some big news here from China’s community. This could be the best and the fast way for you to keep in touch with Blender if you can read Chinese. =)

2. Manual Translation

In order to help new learner to learn or assist older user to update the work behavior into Blender’s new version 2.5X serious. The site is now working on the manual translation based on Joaclint Istgud’s “Blender2.5 Getting Started”. The project is almost done and we are doing the function update with the software development progress.

3. Magazine Translation

One of the most important source for Blender world are those great magazines, which all of the issues are generated using English. The duty of our Blog is trying to translate them into our own language and share them with everyone to understand and make good use of the topics. Due to the priority of this assignment, we will plan to complete it after we finish other modules.

4. Authentication for Blender Certificate of Proficiency

This is one of the core part for our Blog. Thanks for Fox and Kidux’s design in this BCP project. Although this system is still in prototype phase as we are designing the authentication sessions for each modules in Blender, but we could already be able to provide sort of basic exam to test user’s blender proficiency. The subject design concept and difficulty will based on the official WIKI manual. All the test now contain 5(+) parts:

  • M stands for Modeling
  • T stands for Texture
  • A stands for Animation
  • L stands for Lighting
  • PY stands for Script Python
  • Etc…..

Each course will test the user’s ability to use and skill in Blender’s respective function. The test will under a remote control by examiner with specific limit time. The candidate need to finish the test on time and correctly. There will be 99 levels for each course. So if you can pass specify test. You will be marked with M04/T09 follow your name in the community, which means you are a 4 level modeling and 9 level texture blender user! Just imagine you are a L#87 knight in Diablo world, it will also make you proud as a *M67/T77/A88/PY70* Blender Master in our community!

The project will try to encourage people to learn and skill in blender use. And this could be also considered as a authentication for your blender proficiency if you want to be a freelancer using Blender. We already have designed the data base to save the test records and build the entire course education system. One new session will be designed for each day, so this will be a hard long project to complete all 99level test. =D

5. The Competition

We will hold some competitions like speed modeling or short topic animation frequently. The new challenge for everyone is to remake the classical PIXAR desk lamp animation . Anyone who could create it using Blender will have a big surprise from us. =P

I hope this could provide you’re a brief impression for our blog. And we will be happy to receive your feedback and criticism to help us improving the Blog better and better in the future!

Thanks for Jollin providing us the server spaces.

PS: We're also planing to translate blender 2.5 manual on when it's all ready too =) And I was just informed by Fox, the translate for "Blender 2.5 Getting Started" is already done. XD yeah!


In the other news, Congcong009 (Ethan Luo) is working on the first Blender Guidebook in Chinese.

Mr Ethan is extremely generous. He plans to donate all the royalty incomes from this book to the website to support its improvement and future plans. So this book will also be considered the first official production from BlenderCN.



  1. nice and bad
    nice for the return and the new incoming book
    bad for the book is waiting for blender 2.6. However the 2.54 is not released yet. Hi, Ton, can you claim 2.54 to be 2.6? great thanks ;)

  2. China is developing very quickly and everything
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