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Fracture script + tutorial


Pildanovak has created a great script that will create a fractured version of an object. Marcus shows how to use it together with game engine physics and a particle system.


Video Tutorial


  1. Hi, here is Marcus, I just wanted to say that I didn't make the tutorial, just provided the links!
    I hope this script will be developed further, because I waited so long for something like this!

  2. Thanks for this video! And of course - for this cool fracture script!

    It would be even more cool if to combine this script with some "damage detection" algorythm. Not realtime... Something that will create a group of shards from booleaned part of an object that was hit. I'm not a professional with these things but I think that almost everywhere (in isothropic conditions) damage area can be simplified to a rough "sphere". Not actually sphere - just some close to sphere body. It's to prevent dramatical calculations of a boolean body. And crackles - a simplified spider's net formula repeated in several planes by some "force conditions".

    I know that always is very simple to tell something but not to write a code :) Unfortunately I have no time to learn Python or any other programming languages. All that I can suggest is a testing and my ideas of realisation and optimisations.

    So if you will need somebody to do this, don't hesitate to write me: moolah_(d0g)_mail_ru

  3. As a little addition:
    Interaction between multiple fractured objects is a problem that comes up every once in a while but always without a solution, as this is not yet possible out of the box.
    Take a look here for a little example:

    For 2.5 there eventually will be a proper system to do things like this I suppose, but for the time being you can download a (pretty hacky) patch for 2.49 and a sample .blend here:
    (There's also a little more information on how it's done on that site.)

    The whole concept has its flaws and there are no automatic setup capabilities so you will have to choose wisely where to use it.

  4. When I try to follow the video tutorial, the cube breaks apart right when the simulation starts, long before it touches the plane surface. What am I doing wrong?

  5. Nein- das war keine Explosion... da bewegt sich lediglich ein unsichtbares Objekt von unten nach oben ... :) So kann man ne Menge cooler Effekte erziehlen ;)

  6. Sorry, to say, but I'm having problems using this on the mac version of blender 2.49b.

    Nothing happens when I run the script!

    Please reply if you know what I'm doing wrong!

  7. (sorry for the double post) Ok, i have found out what I'm doing wrong (i think) and i think i should share it with anyone else who's having the same problem. I'm working in 2.5 and the way i solved it was to turn the radius of my initial object (with convex hull collision bounds) down all the way in the game physics panel. i causes a few minor glitches but hey, it works.

    maybe the glitches could be eradicated by turning the radius up by a miniscule amount?

  8. I have a doubt. When I downloaded the zip file, t comes with 4 different scripts, and I tried them all without succeding....

    I use blender 2.49b. Any suggestions?

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