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Happy Birthday Ton!


Blender lead developer Ton Roosendaal turns 50 today! Even so, he's one of the freshest and most inspiring minds that I know, and his passion for Blender, art and everything 'Open' never ceases to amaze me. He just has a little less hair.

As a birthday gift, I'd like you to consider making a donation to the Blender Foundation. Let's make his mailbox explode with gifts today!

To donate, use the PayPal button below (donations go straight to the BF), or use the button on the Blender Foundation page. I'm convinced the money will be well spent.


About the Author

Avatar image for Bart Veldhuizen
Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. Awesome, my birthday was yesterday lol. Happy birthday Ton!

    And I suppose I am donating as for my birthday I got a training DVD ordered from the Blender Foundation. Hasn't come yet, but I'm waiting... :D

  2. Happy birthday Mr Roosendaal... Happy birthday to you...

    BTW I also got lots of passion for Blender, art and everything ‘Open’...

  3. Happy Birthday and best wishes Ton!

    Today is my birthday too lol. But there is a difference of 28 yrs between us :D


    May this year and many more be filled with joy and great things for you.

    I still have a couple more years until I match your age, but my achievements are nowhere near as great as yours :)

    Thank you (and the team) for bringing the World the Wonder that is Blender.

    All the Best

  5. Over doneren: Goed idee.
    Nederlanders kunnen natuurlijk ook gewoon via hun (online) bankrekening storten lijkt me.

    (ik heb geen paypal en creditcard)

  6. Happy Birthday!!! Thanks for Blender. Hope you always have a good health, become more intelligent and have many many many great ideas to for the future of Blender :).

  7. Happy birthday Ton !
    And i wish you health (very important ) , luck and the power for the next 50 years!!!!! ;)

  8. Tillykke med fodselsdagen fra Danmark!

    (Happy birthday from Denmark in danish)

    Thanks for opening my eyes to open software!

  9. yay! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TON!!! cheer
    hope you'll have a huge party weekend and that you will have beer and cake and lots of fun :)
    Hats off for TON!!!!

  10. I wonder what would happen to Blender if Ton suddenly disappeared or retired.
    Who is the second most involved person after Ton?
    Anyway, I like Ton very much, happy birthday! :)

  11. Grattis på födelsedagen!!
    It's my birhday too. I'm turning 25. Hopefully i will be as awesome a Ton when I turn 50.

  12. Unsettlingsilence on

    You have used your dream to give me the means to follow mine, and made me some cash along the way as well! You are an inspiration and deserve the best of Birthdays!

  13. Tillykke med fødselsdagen, Ton!
    (from Denmark)

    Everybody - don't forget Bart's excellent suggestion about donating a birthday present to the Blender foundation. I just did, it took less than 30 seconds.


  14. Sephiroth the Bimbo Master on

    Happy birthday Ton, many thanks for all the thinks you have done and shared with us, hope you have many many good years waiting for you

  15. Happy birthday Ton. Thank you for everything you have given us without expecting anything in return.

    Greetings from Colombia.

  16. thanks for the blender, because it helps me a lot in my works.

    A big happy Birthday

    I'm your big fan

    PS: sorry for bad vocabulary, I am using the google translator XP

  17. Happy Birthday Ton!!!!!!
    if this is what he gave us in that small amount of years....just think what the next lot will hold.
    *tears* thank you!!!




  19. ? Happy Birthday toooooo yooouuuuuuuu ?
    ? Happy Birthday toooooo yooouuuuuuuu ?
    ? Happy Birthday dear Toooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnn ?
    ? Happy Birthday toooooo yooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ?

    (and many more!!!!)
    ? ? ? ? ? ?
    ? ? ? ? ? ?

    We bought you a cake! It's Text flavored!


  20. Xronia polla Ton! Eytyxismena genethlia! from Greece

    May you live and prosper for many years to come.
    Thank you from all of us who enjoy the results of your labour. Blender really is a phenomenon.

  21. Van harte gefeliciteerd met je 50e verjaardag,
    Al een halve eeuw oud.
    Op naar op zn minst nog 50 jaar, toch?

    Fijne dag toegewenst, TON.



    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TON!!!!!!!!!!!!
    A fan

  23. To a man who had a vision to make Blender available to everyone,
    and who actually pulled it off!
    Happy Birthday, Ton!

    P.S. Your contributions to the world of art and media have
    made many things possible. Thank you for what you do!

  24. Happy birthday, Ton!

    Thank you for your years of dedication to Blender!
    You Rock.

    To show my appreciation I am going to go buy some things from the Blender e-shop.
    (OK, I probably would have done this eventually anyway - but better to do it now than later)

  25. yesterday i did not see it
    anyway, after celebrating the fathers we can do that foe our favourite software's father
    Happy Birthday, daddy!

  26. I have read all the comments (yup I did lol) and I gotta agree with all!!! Haha, so I'll let everybody do my saying, but this I will say,
    Happy birthday Dr. Ton! You're such an inspiring guy! Because of you, I'm reaching my dream too! Thank you for exposing me to the world of 3D in 1998 (yup), the knowledge and technical issues I have grown with, have been proved to help me a lot in the 2d world as an artist. Indeed, this physical interaction of lights and all were an unique way to learn, but was the best way for me. Visual interaction is what I learn the best and Blender had that.
    So hence, you have brought a balancing equation I needed in my dream career! Thank you soooo much! It's a real honor!
    The only thing I regret is that I can't do any donation at the moment (saving money for house.. expensive nowadays), but someday I will like I have did before! :) So yup, count on me, just not right now!
    Once again, Happy birthday! You roooooock!

  27. Alles gute zum Geburtstag und viel Glück auf deinem weitern Weg Ton.
    Happy Birthday and the Force is strong with you.


    we all coming from the stars.

  28. Happy Birthday, and thank you for all your passion for bringing everyone this great application... for free!

    I made my first donation to the BF today.


    The challenging times are behind you and the fun times have begun.

    You have done what few have - built a great application, nurtured a community around it, and an consequently opened a gateway for millions of people to enjoy 3D, find job opportunities, and share life experiences.

    What a HUGE personal achievement! What a HUGE social contribution! What a guy!

    CONGRATULATIONS, your belief in your vision and values has succeeded and can never be undone but only grow and grow...!!!

    I wish you the best in staying young in mind, body, and heart.

    We are only as old/young as we feel inside.

    I imagine you feel like you are somewhere between 20 and 30 years old depending on the social/work situation.

    You certainly do not look anywhere near 50 years old!

    Is the secret to youth making a good durian smoothie in Blender? The Dutch weather? ;-) Bicycles?

    Ah... it must be 'all the above' and the appreciation of an amazing community.

    As a wiser person than myself once said, "Stay hungry, stay foolish!"

    'Growing up' is for old people.

    Stay young!!!

  30. comeinandburn on

    Happy Birthday Ton!!!!!

    You've made the impossible possible thanks for giving us all the chance to dream in 3D!!

  31. Hi everyone,

    Thanks so much for all the good wishes and the stream of gifts! ABout a hundred in a day, very cool! Will use it for a coding holidays this fall. :)


  32. Manuela Pacheco on

    Never is too late to wish you all kind of happiness
    So, Happy Birthday Ton,
    I wish you live a lot o years more.

  33. Dicen que más vale tarde que nunca.

    ¡Feliz cumpleaños!, Ton

    Gracias por el esfuerzo y por brindar el primer paso para crear este mágnifico mundo de Blender

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