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Beyond a dream


"How does the awakening of a dream exceeds the imaginary world and get into the real world.Beyond a dream tells the story of a young creative mind that dissatisfied with the current issues toughest problems the world, dreams of their solution.On any given night in his room, dissatisfied with the conduct and breach of human being with nature, dreaming of an imaginary world totally free from major problems. Fantastic machines are able to cleanse all the dirt on this earth."

Rafael Rodrigo Pereira Antonio wrote:

Hi, I and my group called LiveMind created a short Film for Imagine Cup competition. We want share with all of you our work and ask to help us, voting for the video.

Everything done in Blender!!!


About the Author

Avatar image for Bart Veldhuizen
Bart Veldhuizen

I have a LONG history with Blender - I wrote some of the earliest Blender tutorials, worked for Not a Number and helped run the crowdfunding campaign that open sourced Blender (the first one on the internet!). I founded BlenderNation in 2006 and have been editing it every single day since then ;-) I also run the Blender Artists forum and I'm Head of Community at Sketchfab.


  1. There's a law in filmmaking; If unnatural looks good and natural looks weird, choose A...
    This to say; It looks like the guy has broken legs...
    I didn't quite get the message behind the flic to be honest and no I'm not against environmental-care however cleaning it(earth) has alot todo with what we don't buy, in stead of the populair believe we('government-tax-fools') need to pay to clean 'something'...


    Besides, there should be an universal-law which states; Mankind may not create any product which cannot be offered (again) to the eco-system for disposal. If this law is ridiculous to uphold, then we should excuse ourselves to God and live with it. Don't let people pay for unrealistic dreams...

    Moderator: When I am in edit-mode, the message still scroll to the top every tick(second)....

  2. A great effort guys, I don't know quite how Nobody got the message, I did. I will say there is obviously a good message to get across and as such it can come under some rather flame like feedback but don't let that put you off! All in all it's a good effort and looks like a great little project to work on.

    Well done.

  3. Hi,

    I liked some effects, such the lens distortion and lighting at drawn sheets shot. But I agree against this kind of message about "politicians or wizards, please clean the world"

    It's our own responsibility to not promote an economic model that harms the Earth and human beings. There is no magic solution for this, and this kind of "dreams" leads to give away the faults from us. And, in the other hand, global warming and the human part on it isn't an absolut and clear truth, despite Al Gore's follies.

    And CO2 is indeed needed and "natural". The issue is not CO2, but what we burn or use in order to obtain energy and in which amount. Neither Amazonia isn't actually the pneuma of the world, because it generates almost the same CO2 than it absorbs. And this isn't by any means a reason to burn or kill it. But there are tons of disinformation about biological and climatic processes, and I think that all of them goes towards the goal to make people believe that environment has nothing to do with them, but with politicians and industries owners instead.

    And obviously this is a lie. And surprisingly, most interested people in make believe this lie are politicians and industries owners. So they can say: We are going to save the planet! Vote or buy us! And they do nothing special, of course, because the market doesn't force to do it.


  4. @txrx, I watched it again, I guess because of the 'strange' earth, I presumably missed the oil-spots in sea the first time... but All-and-all, the air-tube-props filtering stuff is to say at least 'strange' and the transportation-device collects the C's in tha balley, huh...


  5. Rafael Pereira on

    Hi everybody

    I appreciate who likes the film , but a need to explain that "Dream" is a point of view a little kid and shown like a illusion, nothing about a realistic look.

    Thanks for voting

    Group -> LiveMind
    Rafael Rodrigo Pereira Antonio

  6. CO2 a really important part of our Atmosphere, without it there could be no life on earth i guess...
    but it's a very nice animation :)

  7. Olá equipe do Live Mind, voçês fizeram um ótimo trabalho, eu também sou brasileiro , e participei do Suzanne Awards o ano passado. É bom ver que o Brazil tem muito bons usuários do Blender. As pessoas hoje levam tudo muito a sério quando não é pra levar e vice-versa, por isso alguns comentarios meio xiitas. Mas voçês estão de parabéns, eu já entrei no site e votei.

  8. Hi,
    Great animation!
    Vey nice style, camera movement, textures nad lightning (this was really done i Blender Internal?? AO? very interesting...shadows are so soft and some of the objects seams to emit some light)

  9. Rafael Pereira on

    Hi Etam ,

    Almost every render was done in internal , that´s about 80 % , the rest was done in Yafaray (room scene and desk) using AO and SSS.

    Thanks for help us!!!

    Group -> LiveMind
    Rafael Rodrigo Pereira Antonio

  10. Excuse me Bart. I'm brazilian like the guys of Live Mind, and I'm currently just a observer cause my english is poor. When i saw brazilians like me here i was caught "out of words ". I just say that is great to see how the brazilians loves Blender. And that some people make critics too serious like it was a BBC Documentary , and it's just a artistic vision . One more time excuse me Bart and congratulations Live Mind.

  11. That is a very good use of Blender,
    it is not professional like Houaouh!!!
    But it is very nice indeed.
    The could are cute and the little Co2 particle trapped in the ... in the...Balloon plane I guess
    are very cute as well like jumping around like made cause they want to get out
    and harm the planet.
    Very very nice indeed.

    Yafaray render!!!
    How long did you take to render the whole movie!?

  12. Hey,

    I'm aware that criticize is always so easy, and I really appreciate the amount of work behind this production. Although I see and appreciate visuals, if they are correct or even a little more, I don't care about them and I go to talk about concept or ideas.

    Comments, anyway... the important is your thing.

  13. Rafael Pereira on

    Some numbers about the Beyond a Dream!
    Yafaray Render = Aproximate 10 hours

    Internal Render = Aproximate 33 hours (With SSS; AO and Nodes effetcs)
    20 Pc´s CORE 2 QUAD 2.83 ; 8 Gb ram
    5 Mac Pro ; 4 Gb ram

    55 days -> pre-production until final Movie

    Creation of the Animation - 8 days

    Edition and Music creation - 1 day


    Group -> LiveMind
    Rafael Rodrigo Pereira Antonio

  14. I have some rather cynical critiques but I also have compliments! yeah
    If this is supposed to be a "dream" of a young child I doubt he'd understand the molecular composition of carbon dioxide or that separating it would result in two parts oxygen and one carbon. like wise the planet is backwards which I found off putting I can't quite say why but it was strange to say the least. And like many have said change starts with the people we can't expect change to start at the top and trickle down to us It is much harder than that.
    Now on to my compliments. I really liked the style of this and though your message is a little off It is heart felt and true so my hats off to you. Loved the music as well and Keep doing what your doing! Because your doing a great Job! I hope the next animation is one I will more readily agree with.

  15. @Raimon
    "And obviously this is a lie. And surprisingly, most interested people in make believe this lie are politicians and industries owners. So they can say: We are going to save the planet! Vote or buy us! And they do nothing special, of course, because the market doesn’t force to do it."

    I disagree. Increasing our taxes exponentially to look like heroes of the environment is quite an accomplishment! It's probably pretty hard to do, so I'd call it special :D

    Also, everyone want to hear a joke?
    Global warming!

    The animation was nicely done overall. The only thing the bothered me was the noodle legs!

  16. AllNamesAreRegistered on

    What is with all the spelling errors from everyone!? (OCD kicking in) D:

    I also agree, he looks like his legs are broken.

    Lol funny joke :D

  17. Rafael Pereira on

    Some images from production of short Film Beyond a dream (Blender Printscreen)
    Animatic (Storyboard sequence)
    Beyond a dream (vote, if you like) -> Link below


    "We will try fix the existing problems with some shots of the film , but haven´ t much time just 20 days"


    Group -> LiveMind
    Rafael Rodrigo Pereira Antonio

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