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Blender added to Ubuntu's 'Featured Apps'


Blender has reportedly been added to the list of 'Featured Apps' in Ubuntu 10.04's Software Center. I'm not an Ubuntu user so I can't confirm this - anyone? (via Kasper Holst)

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  1. I'm using Ubuntu 9.10, but I wouldn't be surprised if it they featured Blender in the upcoming 10.04 release. No big deal :) Ubuntu users are generally quite familiar with Blender. After all, it's the only serious 3D application for Linux.

  2. Well, I'm not at all surprised if Blender is part of a Linux distro. But seeing it on a 'featured apps' shelf with only three others is a bit of an honor, don't you think?

  3. I only forced myself to learn blender in order to switch to Ubuntu. Anyway, after a few years of failure with the most basic stuff and other limitations, I'm taking a break from it (been for months already actually). Linux so fails with 3d / video drivers so to say and I have a laptop and a tablet pc, so ati and intel video cards, which have issues on linux. I hope Ubuntu 10.10 will be the one for me.

  4. @Pawel: There is Maya for Linux as well...

    I'm on Ubuntu but used to go over Synaptics. It's great for people not familiar to Linux software for an overview, but soon the Software Cente will gain importance with Canonicals strategie. So the list contributes to spreading Blender.
    Good news.

  5. i still new to ubuntu myself but so far so good if Blender is a featured app I hope that means the will update the version you get when you use the synaptics package manager when I used it a month or so ago it only showed 2.48 and not 2.49b. For aLinux noob like me going through synaptics is what I am most likely to do first.

  6. Congratulations Blender !!!. I'm using Ubuntu for a half and a year and have no any problems with graphics nor any other hardware. It is getting better and better. I have NVIDIA card by the way.

  7. I dare to disagree that Blender is the only serious 3D app for Linux, Linux have Realsoft 3D, Light Wave, Houdini (really serious one), XSI, Maya.

    Anyway, congratulations!

    Blender is awesome! And deserve to be the number 1!

  8. I thought lets try Linux, and got Ubuntu 9.10 AMD64, I downloaded BF 2.5 alpha1 and downloaded

    Unfortunatly, as soon as I press (CTRL+)F12, Blender is completely gone...

    I then downloaded BF 2.5 alpha1 for Windows (Vista) 32-bit and tried the same file, it did render...
    I hope a bugreporter tries and tells... I'm not a blender-user since quit sometime...


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    The message keeps scrolling to the top, it seems to do so on-the-clock(-refresh)...

  10. i'm using alpha 2 of ubuntu lucid 10.04 and i can confirm this.

    ubuntu software center > get free software > featured > blender (windowed)

    the other 3 on my machine are abiword, gimp and scribus

    hooray for blender \o/

  11. This is a bad set up for Blender. The "featured apps" look to be trial-by-popularity driven. However, with Ubuntu only ever hosting outdated Blender versions, it's a no-brainer as to whether savvy Blender users would use the Ubuntu version or download their own from Thus, Blender is going to look unpopular based on the Ubuntu downloads and won't be taken seriously by the repo teams.

  12. @pawel... "After all, it’s the only serious 3D application for Linux."

    I take it you mean only serious 'open source' 3D application :)

    I would expect 2.49 to be in there since it's much more reliable, bear in mind 2.51 is still in alpha.

    Blender was always in the ubuntu repositories I thought, but not always was the latest version.

  13. Anyone mind to check what version it downloads? I know it has been in Synaptic for a while, but they never got past 2.6 or so..

  14. Hello everybody,

    Problemes :
    1 ) I use a ubuntu studio and Blender never work on ubuntu studio 10.04
    2) it's possible to make appear the blender SVN in this list, or alpha 0 or 1 or Beta 2 ect... ?

    Thank you for all

  15. Hmmm...I seem to remember Blender being on the featured programs list back when Ubuntu was in its 7.x stage a few years back and since I switched to Deb Lenny...guess I'm a bit behind the times, but this is really not surprising news (and if it was not the case even back in 7.x series, it still definitely should have been). Congrats to the best open source software on the 'net!

  16. Dread Knight
    "I only forced myself to learn blender in order to switch to Ubuntu. Anyway, after a few years of failure with the most basic stuff and other limitations, I’m taking a break from it (been for months already actually). Linux so fails with 3d / video drivers so to say and I have a laptop and a tablet pc, so ati and intel video cards, which have issues on linux. I hope Ubuntu 10.10 will be the one for me"

    I have the same issues, but it mainly causes problems with running Maya in Linux. So far blender 2.49 runs faithfully and 2.5 only gives me problems with certain features, which being in Alpha is to be expected. Try running blender on windows if you can. ATI's Windows drives seem to be maintained better than their Linux drivers. From what I've seen Nvidia is more up to date with their linux drivers. I'm not so sure that AMD/ATI cares that much about linux support.

  17. 3d apps for linux on

    Pawel, I must point out that Blender isn't the only 3d application for linux. You could use Softimage, Maya, 3d Coat, Houdini and more as they all run on Linux.

    ...........But why would you :-)

  18. From my POV, Ubuntu is good introducing linux to some sceptic people, but Ubuntu is going each time a less serious and reliable distro. In the meantime I can do with Debian anything that I could do with Ubuntu. Ubuntu is like a playground, fun, impressing, but no production ready beyond browsing web, writing text and other trivial things.

    I work on a cultural centre in Barcelona as a TD, and I've installed Ubuntu on many computers for the easiness not of the installation (is more or less as difficult to install Ubuntu or Debian) but for the readiness of the system to be used for a low-average user. I mean Flash, firefox with its own name (instead of the Iceweasel name in Debian). But I'm more and more disappointed by arbitraryness and lacking of reference of Ubuntu systems. Its development strategy is apparently pointless from the technical POV. It is switching continuously from one way "to-do-something" to another. This way is absolutely impossible to build a reliable bacgkground on how to do things in a particular environment.

    So compare the high degree of stability of Blender with some of bells, wristles, and cutting-edge "effects" and useless apps in Ubuntu and wonder why its default version of Blender in the repos is pretty outdated. If I find this in Debian i think it's normal, because it's expectable, Debian has a slow pace of development, and knowledge needed to install more advanced Blender versions in Debian (or any other distro) is easily handleable. In addition, current graphics drivers from Nvidia and Intel are just good or correct at least, so once you've learned the way installing drivers from the command line, this is not as painful as it was two years ago.

    So I only install Ubuntu from time to time to keep me connected with the buzz, but for serious work in digital creation I recommend to keep generally away from buzz. The same buzz that accompanies Blender 2.5 and people complaining that it crashes. What do you are expecting from an alpha release? Oh my good...

  19. i use ubuntu and have always found blender in graphic featured apps
    i am not a professionnal
    i can use blender 2.50 on ubuntu 9.10 too
    for those who cannot afford commercial os and apps and who are not willing to use "cracked" softs ubuntu is a good option (as for me)

  20. I'm a kubuntu userfor about 2 years. since version 8.04 but I knew blender since 3 years ago.

    I'm a 3DSMax expert, and I'm trying to learn blender or maya, because I really like linux plattform.

    kubuntu blender always been there in the repositories list, nice and easy to install... unfortunatelly, always in a previous version. and I feel impotent to be unable to update or upgrade it.

    but I'm really ok about it... so this news is not big deal for me. one thing I think me (and I believe a lot of computer-artists/usesr too) will love is going to be the day Kubuntu and Ubuntu have tablet devices such as Wacom WELL installed or embeded in the system


  21. I'm pretty confused. Have been Windows user for years. Switched to Ubuntu couple of weeks ago. Download Blendr 2.5.2 no problem.

    THEN, I go to graphicall and try to get latest build and cannot get it to load at all. Am I missing something? Do not know ubuntu or Linux very well, but fairly good with DOS.

    How do I update to the latest blender linux builds?

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